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xld: name, age location?
Corbalt: ok
Corbalt: Andrew Hough, 16, New York
xld: pronounced huff?
Corbalt: yeah
Corbalt: ^ ^
xld: shkoon
Corbalt: spooge
xld: how long have you been playing bw?
Corbalt: hmm maybe 1 year
xld: hm
Corbalt: i dont remember exactly
xld: interesting
xld: hrm
xld: whos the most famous player yuove ever played?
Corbalt: hmmmm
Corbalt: SKELTON probably
xld: ;]
xld: howd the games with him go?
Corbalt: i played [NC}...Marine who i thought was themarine but later found out it wasnt =\
xld: :[
Corbalt: they went pretty well
xld: PvPs?
Corbalt: yeah
Corbalt: his main race
Corbalt: is z though
xld: oh
xld: i see
Corbalt: usually korean pros dont use their best race
xld: heh
Corbalt: when playing random ppl like me
Corbalt: =[
xld: :[
xld: who are the best players from each race youve ever played?
Corbalt: gah =[
xld: :[
xld: be a man corb
Corbalt: probably all korean players i met on gamei =[
xld: :|
xld: thatll do i guess
Corbalt: yay
xld: *cough*boring*cough*
xld: :[
Corbalt: bleh
xld: k
xld: youre stranded on an island with 3 ppl
xld: who would they be?
Corbalt: hmmm
Corbalt: probably 3 hot girls from school
xld: hm
xld: ok
xld: youre a fly on the wall, where would you want to be?
xld: one past and one present
Corbalt: this question is gay =\
xld: :|
xld: omitted then
Corbalt: i guess past i'd be
xld: so corb
Corbalt: hahahaha
Corbalt: question = owned
xld: yesh
Corbalt: btw this interview will suck
Corbalt: if we keep using inside jokes
Corbalt: =[
xld: yeah
Corbalt: spooge
xld: :]
xld: ok
xld: how bout this
xld: what's your most interesting bnet/gamei experience?
Corbalt: hmmm
Corbalt: i guess just cool games ive had
Corbalt: actually
Corbalt: the first time i got gamei
Corbalt: it was really really cool
Corbalt: the games there are so incredibly good
xld: elaborate?
Corbalt: and the manner is insane too
xld: :[
Corbalt: doh
Corbalt: well i think i like stayed up all night on a tuesday
Corbalt: playing koreans
Corbalt: it was a lot of fun
xld: haha
xld: sounds good
xld: on a scale of 1 to 10
xld: how korean are you?
Corbalt: in bw or in real life?
xld: bw -_-
Corbalt: 7.5
Corbalt: :|
xld: thats a good number
xld: er yeah
Corbalt: yeah
xld: :|
Corbalt: u got that right my friend
xld: k
xld: lightning round
Corbalt: ok!
xld: favorite ice cream
Corbalt: err im panicking
Corbalt: vanilla!
xld: hhaha
xld: favorite pizza topping
Corbalt: sausage
xld: coke or pepsi
Corbalt: neither
Corbalt: but if i had to choose
xld: :|
Corbalt: pepsi
xld: good answer
xld: pink or yellow lemonade?
Corbalt: yellow
Corbalt: pink scares me
Corbalt: ive never tried it
xld: :[
xld: hah
Corbalt: i dont get it
Corbalt: i mean wtf is the point
xld: m&ms
Corbalt: of making it pink
xld: with or without peanuts
Corbalt: WITHOUT
Corbalt: omg i hate the peanut ones
xld: theyre so nutty though
Corbalt: just like your mom
xld: you might even say
xld: theyre nutilicious
xld: fu
Corbalt: haha
Corbalt: i like peanuts on their own
Corbalt: and i love m&ms
Corbalt: but the two dont mix
xld: i will take that last sentence out of context
xld: ok!
Corbalt: sounds good to me
xld: moving on
xld: that one too
xld: :|
Corbalt: doh
Corbalt: =[
xld: youre walking down an alley
xld: late at night
xld: no one around
xld: some guy grabs you and instructs you to bend over
xld: you turn around and see it's X'Ds~Grrrr...
xld: what do you do
Corbalt: bend over
Corbalt: grrr is god =[
xld: simple enough
xld: i think that's everything
Corbalt: okay!
xld: any shoutouts g dawg
Corbalt: ooh
Corbalt: lots of people
xld: ill give u 20 seconds
Corbalt: myst, london, tsunami, mcnasty
xld: go
xld: 15
Corbalt: liquid`nazgul and liquid`drone
xld: 10
Corbalt: kmsfjsdffhs no time!
Corbalt: wargod-x17
Corbalt: tmac
xld: !!!
Corbalt: basic
Corbalt: rekrul
xld: 5
xld: 3
Corbalt: hmmm
xld: 2
Corbalt: rain-vii
xld: 1
xld: DONE!
Corbalt: =[
Corbalt: dude
xld: GG
Corbalt: mad ppl just IMed me
Corbalt: not fair
xld: :[
xld: fine
xld: finish
Corbalt: hmm
Corbalt: i guess thats it
Corbalt: :|
xld: rofl
xld: k
Corbalt: damn
xld: im sure federal agent billings will enjoy reading this
Corbalt: its so much pressure
Corbalt: during an interview
xld: :[
Corbalt: im glad its over
xld: haha
Corbalt: hul hul
xld: ill mail this to jv as soon as i doctor it
xld: :]
Corbalt: haha
Corbalt: k