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"man, he dances around storm like he actually knows what he's doing"

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Drefsab: Start with the simple stuff, age, sex, location?

Jamellan: 19, male, Colorado

Drefsab: What's your full name?

Jamellan: full name, pleh, John Philip Duke Jr... I go by Phil although some ppl have called me John Jr... kinda annoying :D

Drefsab: Impressive, Royalty?

Jamellan: No, parents not being creative when naming me. "Gee, your name sounds good hubby!"

Drefsab: hehe, sux...

Jamellan: heh, no real worries :D

Drefsab: What do you do for fun out there in Colorado? Any skiing?

Jamellan: I ski occasionally, usually once a year or so

Drefsab: haha, once a year... so you probably don't do those black diamond slopes?

Jamellan: I actually did a black diamond slope when I was 9 yrs old by accident. Took up this girl I met and my dad. I made it down the hill falling quite a bit, but my dad and the girl decided to walk down. It was near closing time too so the ski patrol brought them down :D

Drefsab: Any severe head injuries during the fall?

Jamellan: no, everytime I fell it was on purpose :P Kinda my braking device. Actually, if u wanna know about head injuries, when I was 2 yrs old my mom accidentally threw me against the bedpost.

Drefsab: Accidentally? Where was she trying to throw you?

Jamellan: She was aiming for the bed, but she had lousy aim i guess.

Drefsab: She didnt't think it would be better to just set you down?

Jamellan: nah, throwing me onto the bed was part of the game we were playing :P

Drefsab: haha, I see, well, we'll leave it at that... ;-)


Drefsab: Still in high school?

Jamellan: No, graduated in 99

Drefsab: College?

Jamellan: Ya, Still kinda in freshman year at UCCS.

Drefsab: Which stands for?

Jamellan: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Drefsab: Any idea what you're going to major in yet?

Jamellan: I started going to their college in Boulder majoring in computer science but i realized after a semester that I didn't like taking a bunch of math 'n shit. Now I'm trying out a major in communication (recording arts). It's ok, dunno if i like it yet

Drefsab: Hmmm, so will you be one of those MCI operators?

Jamellan: No, i was thinking of trying to get into creative script writing or something. So far I haven't done any creative writing though. Just regular essay paper writing assignments... yehaw...

Drefsab: Hmmm, sounds like fun, but enough idle chit chat, let's talk about your game with The..Scarab.

Jamellan: Heh, i actually won a 1v1 versus a NoHunter person :P

Drefsab: Yup, how did it feel to lay the smack down like that?

Jamellan: It was good after losing to +anathema+ earlier for the second time!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!! (FU Ana :D). And its espeically fun to win a TvP... Me = Terran.

Drefsab: What made you decide to go with the two early bunkers at his choke?

Jamellan: So i could have more rines that were protected from psi storm if he chose to do that and he had a good amount of zealots to possibly run me over.

Drefsab: Let's talk about that shuttle that you shot down. Did you know it contained two reavers?

Jamellan: I knew it prolly contained at least one, or some dt's. Glad I blew it outta the sky :D

Drefsab: Yeah, that turret on the middle island was a stroke of genius. Have you used that trick before?

Jamellan: Hmmm, i don't think so. I haven't played on rivalry in ages. I just kinda decided to put it there for warning :P

Drefsab: Well, in my opinion, that was what won you the game :-)

Jamellan: Yes, i'm certain it did considering i only had 2 rines and 2 firebats at my base for defense

Drefsab: Hehe, well it was a good game for you. How long have you been playing Starcraft?

Jamellan: Since it came out and I still suck :P

Drefsab: Wow, that's a long time. How did you find Nohunters and

Jamellan: Hmmmm, someone left a link to one of YRM's BR's on the forums, the one about canadians.

Drefsab: I see, so you found first?

Jamellan: Yea, but i didn't really remember the site after i read the br

Drefsab: What made you decide to visit the site on a regular basis?

Jamellan: I started frequenting the site when someone told me to go to and read Heartcutter's br's since I wanted to improve my terran. I refuse to play zerg or toss unless it's on a ffa or bgh :D

Drefsab: Hehe, well I guess that's a great way to lead into your first trilogy of BRs, "Journey to planet TOW" I believe?

Jamellan: Yea, it was after i kinda read Praetor's Legion Chronicle thing and one of Heartcutter's 1st person br's

Drefsab: A parody of sorts?

Jamellan: Yea, just the 1st person thing with attempts at humor :P

Drefsab: Your commanding officer had me rolling, "You depart immediatly. You will be stationed on the planet TOW which we like to cleverly refer to as THE THEATRE OF WAR!!!! BOOGA BOOGA!"

Jamellan: Hehe, the game i was talking about was real though.

Drefsab: Even though it was funny, it got low ratings and few commennts, did that bother you?

Jamellan: i just remember the 1st one getting the worst feedback out of all the stuff i ever did. But I decided to do another since like two people said they liked it. Back then i was thrilled to get just 2 ppl that said it was funny. I didn't know the thrill of double digit comments :D

Drefsab: Hehe, well of course we have to talk about Evil Eye Laser Man. Where in the hell did you come up with that idea?

Jamellan: Hehe, it was some time after my last all text br. I was just walking to class and thought about learning to link pics to br's and i thought it would be pretty funny to draw over starcraft screenshots with MS Paint. Actually tho, that's not where i got EELM from. I wanted to do a test to see if i could link a pic in the forum, so i just drew some crap pic of a guy saying "Muhaha, I am Evil Eye Laser Man!" It was Bob and WilliamWC3's forum replies that made me put him in the first MS Paint BR. Bob said he should get his own motion pic and i think William said he'd buy that char pic from me :)

Drefsab: And the rest is history?

Jamellan: Yup, all uphill from there. I used to crank EELM reports out daily. Now it takes months :P

Drefsab: Well, I must say, "bitch ass squirrel" has to be one of my most favorite villians ever introduced in this site's history. What made you decide to incorporate this character into your storyline?

Jamellan: In one of the college classrooms, I saw a pic of the squirrel posted on the wall. I thought it would be damn funny to have that guy running around on starcraft screen shots with EELM so i went to a random website and found him.

Drefsab: Well, you were right, it was damn funny... I think that is one of the few times that I was in mortal danger of hurting myself while reading a report :-)

Jamellan: hehe, cool :)

Drefsab: You had great success with those reports, then you disappeared for like four months, were you locked in a mental institution?

Jamellan: Nah, I just couldn't get myself motivated enough to work on the next EELM. Finally, somehow, I started working on it in august. I just feel that each EELM has to have something new and cool about it. Maybe that's why it kept taking longer and longer to do one :P

Drefsab: Well, its good to have you back. Any hints on when episode II will come out?

Jamellan: Episode II's storyline and extra characters are all done. So are two of the pics. I just gotta sit my ass down sometime and finish it.

Drefsab: You going for your first across the board 10 rating?

Jamellan: Heh, that would be cool.

Drefsab: Finally, I think we need to talk about your "Whar's me brain dude" strip. I read that strip every morning at work. Is this guy representative of anyone you know?

Jamellan: heh, nope. just a stupid stick person. I'm sure it's prolly symbolic and I just don't realize it... maybe beyond my mental knowledge....... OOOOOOOOOOO :)

Drefsab: Hahahaha, what made you decide to start this series?

Jamellan: I was bored so I just decided to make a little comic strip and put it in the forum to see how people liked it and, of course, it got plenty of WTF's at first. Even had to explain some of the jokes to a few people :P

Drefsab: Hehe, well its got a lot of regular readers now. Do you plan on doing anything with it besides the forum?

Jamellan: Yesterday, someone (lariel i think) suggested I get a small website over at where a bunch of ppl post their comics. It's not up though, since they're having problems. Also Johnny_Vegas mentioned giving the strip it's own place on

Drefsab: Cool, any hints on future plot twists? Is there marriage in the future or even getting laid?

Jamellan: Hehe, couldn't tell you. I just make 'em up around 12:30am each night.

Drefsab: Hehe, that's cool. Well, that's all I've got. Anything you want to say to your loyal fans out there before we sign off?

Jamellan: uhhhh. Gimmie money so I don't have to go to college no more!!!!!!!!! :D j/k for ppl that might take that seriously :P

Drefsab: Haha, there's probably a few that would ... :P

Jamellan: Hehe

Drefsab: Well, thanks for taking the time to do the interview, it's been very enlightening.

Jamellan: Hehe, you're welcome.

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