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"At this point, I remembered I had not built an academy yet, so after I whacked myself in the head a few times, I built one"

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[Crazy] Hihi

[Mark4] Hiya

[Mark4] Haha

[Mark4] gosu small txt

[Crazy] your writing owns as much as my colors

[Mark4] hehe

[Crazy] =(

[Crazy] interveiw gogo

[Mark4] k

[Mark4] Name?

[Crazy] Dan

[Mark4] Last name for stalkers plz

[Crazy] =(

[Crazy] talon will rape me

[Crazy] Maunder

[Mark4] It will build character

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] As Bob once said to me "Use losta of Ky"

[Mark4] Age?

[Crazy] 13

[Mark4] Sex?

[Mark4] Wait

[Mark4] Your underage

[Crazy] not with you

[Crazy] I only get hand sorry

[Mark4] Ahem

[Mark4] M/F?

[Crazy] M

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] Location?

[Crazy] saskatoon canada

[Crazy] I live in same city as addity-x

[Mark4] Have you ever seen a yeti?

[Crazy] only the one that posts on

[Crazy] :\

[Mark4] doh

[Crazy] pls unban me since Iím doin this interview for you ^^

[Mark4] Hmmm

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] I think it's a good lesson to all the little kiddies out there

[Mark4] That if I accidentally ban you

[Crazy] boooo

[Mark4] You shouldnít write emails to me saying "unban me you fucker"

[Mark4] ^^

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] ok, ok

[Crazy] your fault!

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] =[

[Mark4] Be nicer now plz

[Crazy] ok ok

[Mark4] Only unbanning cuz you carried me through 2:2 tourney

[Crazy] good

[Mark4] anyway

[Crazy] 2 in a row owns you

[Crazy] =(

[Crazy] might wanna edit that

[Mark4] Who did you beat to get to 1:1 tourney finals?

[Crazy] mmm

[Crazy] hawk!

[Crazy] I think

[Crazy] ya hawk

[Mark4] I heard he won your game

[Crazy] he lies =(

[Mark4] =]

[Crazy] I go afk he comes out quicker and says he won it!@(!*@

[Crazy] Mr.tourney belives me more tho :]

[Mark4] He told me to sub for him =]

[Crazy] mmm

[Mark4] Who else?

[Crazy] mmm

[Crazy] myst

[Crazy] I beat first round zvz

[Crazy] then b.o.b.~fruitfly tvz on dire

[Crazy] I won on dire go me :\

[Mark4] Wooo!

[Crazy] I win one out of 100

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] Was BoB the guy I played last night?

[Crazy] prolly

[Mark4] You watched that game right?

[Mark4] fading realm?

[Crazy] mmm no

[Mark4] ah

[Crazy] I didnít obs that

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] I'll edit my inane questions out

[Crazy] ok good

[Mark4] =]

[Crazy] might wanna get rid of me

[Crazy] spoling br too

[Mark4] People read interview after br

[Crazy] whatever

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] So, what was the turning point in your game vs jester?

[Crazy] mmm

[Crazy] when I flanked his natural and kill his 12 and 12 natural on hunters

[Crazy] gee my spelling owns killed*

[Mark4] Did you think you lost control of the game at any point?

[Crazy] mmm

[Crazy] if he woulda

[Crazy] kept the presure when i dbl hatched before pool

[Crazy] he woulda won

[Crazy] and maybe got like more temps

[Mark4] I think he got ahead a few times in mid game

[Crazy] his storm control roxors

[Mark4] But low temps sorta owned him

[Crazy] keeping like 10 hatchs whole game

[Crazy] won it

[Crazy] he owns me with upgrades tho

[Crazy] 3-3-3 vs 0-0

[Mark4] Yeah

[Mark4] hehhee

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] I got SS of that for BR

[Crazy] one of his zeals took like half the hits out of my hydra

[Crazy] =(

[Crazy] with 1 swipe

[Crazy] =o

[Mark4] Was that the toughest game of the tourney for you?

[Crazy] last game vs jester

[Crazy] everyone else sucked! (you too myst )

[Mark4] Hhaha

[Mark4] Owned

[Crazy] he'll get mad at me for that ^^

[Mark4] =]


[Crazy] he still owns more 24/6 tho =(

[Crazy] I beat him sundays GOD is with me :p

[Mark4] Since we are on the subject

[Mark4] give me your top five asskickers for BW

[Crazy] mark4

[Mark4] *this is the part where I edit out #5 and put my name*

[Crazy] ok lets see

[Crazy] myst

[Crazy] mmm

[Crazy] jester

[Mark4] People you play a lot

[Mark4] not just big reps

[Crazy] Im thinking

[Crazy] I played jester 3 times ^^

[Crazy] rekrul

[Crazy] mage

[Crazy] shudder

[Mark4] mage?

[Mark4] Really?

[Crazy] yes

[Crazy] Iím like 7-2 vs him

[Crazy] he sucks =(

[Mark4] haha

[Crazy] nice tho

[Crazy] he got to obs poa beating the shit out of me


[Mark4] POA beat you?

[Mark4] The shame!

[Crazy] oh and the rest of ..().. are gosu

[Crazy] asdf

[Crazy] he is

[Crazy] like 4-3

[Crazy] vs me

[Crazy] I can never get ahead =(

[Crazy] his toss owns my ter so hard

[Crazy] he offensive cannoned me and won@(#&*(

[Mark4] Hhehee

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] owned

[Crazy] fox beats me regularly =(

[Crazy] Iíve lost my last 5 or so games vs him

[Crazy] he improved to much =(

[Mark4] He's actually ok now

[Crazy] his zerg roxors my toss

[Crazy] and my nexi on 14 < his toss

[Mark4] I always get suspicious about skill jumps like his

[Crazy] fox you hacker!

[Mark4] AHA!

[Crazy] (only reason he beats me )

[Mark4] Must be

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] Who's your favorite battle reporter?

[Crazy] mmm

[Crazy] breeze

[Mark4] Lewis is mine right now

[Crazy] yaya

[Mark4] Lewis is godly

[Crazy] if you laddered again

[Crazy] yours would be good

[Crazy] oh ya

[Mark4] I try!

[Crazy] that frenchy owns so hard

[Crazy] your gosu 1062 owns me

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] But I see like 2 ladder games in join screem

[Mark4] serious

[Crazy] ya I know

[Crazy] I win the first game then theres no more =(

[Crazy] I want new kbk season

[Mark4] I donít know if ladder dies now or what =[

[Crazy] I sign up and make top 32

[Crazy] :\

[Mark4] Yeah

[Crazy] I heard about xgames ladders

[Crazy] are being built

[Mark4] I'll play kbk too

[Crazy] I cant wait

[Crazy] :\

[Mark4] I hear Monty has a ladder system he's working on

[Crazy] ya

[Mark4] which I trust more than xgames

[Crazy] you can join foxes league too

[Crazy] ya

[Crazy] xgames has soooo many staff tho

[Crazy] they actully started updating again

[Mark4] Yeah, but they have bad legacy with tao ladder

[Crazy] ya =(

[Crazy] dont matter to me I got elimated second round

[Crazy] =(

[Crazy] the guy was all luck

[Mark4] me too

[Crazy] =o

[Mark4] =[

[Crazy] he beat me tvt twice =(

[Mark4] My guy was some german asskicker

[Mark4] 1-2

[Crazy] boooo

[Mark4] Do you go zerg for your important games?

[Mark4] Or you play all 3?

[Crazy] I random

[Crazy] I play everything

[Mark4] Any thoughts on imbalance?

[Crazy] your first person that thought my zerg was strongest =(

[Crazy] mmm

[Crazy] games fine to me

[Mark4] I didnít see anything else =[

[Crazy] randoming to zerg rocks

[Crazy] you beat my ter on fading before =(

[Crazy] but that doesnít count =o

[Mark4] Yeah

[Mark4] it's a hack

[Crazy] =9

[Crazy] =(

[Mark4] o loss on fading as toss vs terran hack

[Crazy] its like me playing islands

[Crazy] (*shudder*)

[Mark4] Hhehe

[Mark4] I used to be good at that

[Crazy] islands bad

[Mark4] Back when you could get a ladder game on islands

[Crazy] no 4 pool

[Crazy] only reason I knew who liked islands was talon

[Crazy] before he went to d2 =(

[Mark4] Hehe

[Mark4] D2 is evil

[Crazy] and mantra/ss =(

[Crazy] but they donít count

[Mark4] You play it at all?

[Crazy] I played it for a week

[Crazy] and got bored of it

[Crazy] I only made act 2 =(

[Mark4] Me and Mantra took Elitie and SS on Dire for import civil war

[Crazy] haha

[Mark4] And they picked the teams

[Mark4] =]

[Crazy] ss is one dirty ho =(

[Mark4] I love that guy

[Crazy] did he offensive rax you by any chance?

[Mark4] Nah

[Crazy] doh

[Mark4] I had ling patrol

[Mark4] ^^

[Crazy] ^^

[Crazy] I beat him and mantra 1v2 on islands before

[Crazy] when my ally sucked and mantra had to leave part way thru ^^

[Mark4] Well, any last shouts out? Web pages to plug? Friends to say hi to?

[Crazy] ok ok

[Crazy] long list of friends

[Crazy] a-x

[Crazy] ..()..

[Crazy] mmm

[Crazy] nm

[Crazy] thats about it =(

[Mark4] No love for \"/

[Crazy] + anyone else i know!

[Astic-X] =o

[Astic-X] oh ya

[Mark4] =[

[Astic-X] the dirty ho clan

[Astic-X] =(

[Astic-X] shout outs to them too!

[Mark4] Yay!

[Astic-X] + is godly =(

[Mark4] I go unban you now then =]

[Astic-X] too!

[Astic-X] =o =o

[Astic-X] ok bye

[Astic-X] bed time =(

[Mark4] Hhehe

[Mark4] thx for interview

[Mark4] cya!

[Astic-X] np

[Astic-X] bye!

You can find a battle report of the Jester vs Crazy game here.