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"Cheers, ~Cattle-Spread'nLov'nInTheWorld-Bruiser~"

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Mark4 Let's start

Mr.Mediocre yup

Mark4 What's your real name?

Mr.Mediocre (Removed per Mr. Mediocre's request on June 20, 2011)

Mark4 Where do you live?

Mr.Mediocre (Removed per Mr. Mediocre's request on June 20, 2011)

Mr.Mediocre yee haw!

Mark4 How old are you?

Mr.Mediocre 16

Mr.Mediocre 17 in a month

Mark4 Height/weight?

Mr.Mediocre 6'2 about 130

Mr.Mediocre skinny ass

Mark4 jeesh

Mark4 You're a scrawny little bastard

Mr.Mediocre but i could still whoop you

Mr.Mediocre :)

Mark4 Yeah yeah

Mr.Mediocre plus my (censored cuz Praetor tells me this is a family site) is very large

Mark4 OMFG

Mr.Mediocre eh?

Mark4 Tell it to T_Mac

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mr.Mediocre already have

Mr.Mediocre ;)

Mark4 I'm not interested

Mr.Mediocre fine

Mr.Mediocre it was a good time let me tell ya

Mr.Mediocre he had on this nice purple robe

Mark4 !@#$#@!$

Mark4 No more

Mr.Mediocre doh

Mark4 sicko

Mr.Mediocre you just need to open your horizons military man

Mark4 Do you have a pic online I can link for all your adoring fans?

Mr.Mediocre hmmmm, I can get one

Mr.Mediocre but i dont have one now

Mr.Mediocre go to

Mark4 mail me the url when you get a chance

Mark4 OMFG

Mr.Mediocre they have one there i think

Mark4 Settle down

Mr.Mediocre yessir

Mark4 Or the Report is going to be worse than you think it will

Mark4 =]

Mr.Mediocre ok

Mr.Mediocre sorry massa

Mark4 So, what other stuff do you don in the SC world

Mr.Mediocre hmm, hoping to be an editorialist at scnation

Mr.Mediocre other than that, waiting for

Mr.Mediocre wc3

Mark4 Yeah, me too =]

Mr.Mediocre ill be better than you

Mr.Mediocre :D

Mark4 What do you think about D2?

Mr.Mediocre hmm

Mr.Mediocre d2, i dont know, never got into diablo much

Mr.Mediocre but my friends are

Mr.Mediocre they got really upset when they didnt get beta

Mark4 I never did it online...I think it'll be interesting

Mr.Mediocre yeah, one more thing for blizz to screw up bnet with

Mr.Mediocre : )

Mark4 Doh!

Mark4 So why did you take a few months break from battle reporting?

Mr.Mediocre i was putting so much into it, like 2 brs a week, and i wasnt really please with the brs, so i took a week break, and then just took a looong break

Mr.Mediocre i feel sad for leaving

Mark4 Yeah, I know that feeling

Mr.Mediocre I'm planning to take over the world with my next BR though

Mark4 I took about a month off from reporting myself recently

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mr.Mediocre of course

Mr.Mediocre noone will forget about you

Mark4 So you do plan on releasing a new one?

Mr.Mediocre yeah

Mark4 Nice

Mr.Mediocre one thats not my style

Mr.Mediocre a *gasp* 'professional' one

Mark4 =]

Mr.Mediocre with no lame themes

Mark4 Don't sell out!

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mark4 Fight the power!

Mr.Mediocre i also have a book of poems

Mr.Mediocre called lookin in the grass

Mark4 Reap the Corn of Destiny!

Mr.Mediocre haha

Mark4 =]

Mr.Mediocre ill put up my book of poems this week i think

Mark4 Cool

Mark4 Always good to get something a little different

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mark4 Although this one guy put up his book report on vietnamese history the other day

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mark4 All in one big paragraph

Mr.Mediocre my first br you know was a risk br

Mark4 I couldn't let that slide

Mr.Mediocre it got like a 9 or someting

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mark4 =]

Mr.Mediocre you delete it?

Mr.Mediocre shame on you

Mark4 So, who's the best person you've played in SC?

Mr.Mediocre hmmm

Mr.Mediocre youre pretty good, seeing as how Iíve never beat you

Mark4 I'm editing that part out

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mark4 Cuz people will think I put it in

Mr.Mediocre bastard

Mr.Mediocre down with censorhisp!

Mark4 Doh

Mark4 =[

Mark4 C'mon

Mr.Mediocre hmmm

Mark4 Name your list of best players!

Mr.Mediocre tmac is good

Mr.Mediocre he owns me sooo ohard

Mr.Mediocre i played him once

Mr.Mediocre when i first got into sc

Mr.Mediocre i thought a 4 pool owned toss

Mr.Mediocre he taught me otherwise

Mark4 heh

Mr.Mediocre never played grrr... but im sure hes good

Mr.Mediocre hes done like, some stuff with SC, or someting

Mr.Mediocre like he won a tourney

Mr.Mediocre or something

Mark4 I reported it remember? =]

Mr.Mediocre yup

Mark4 Anyone else from the community?

Mr.Mediocre krebsters good

Mr.Mediocre hes was really cool

Mr.Mediocre one of the few who liked my brs

Mark4 Bah! We all liked your BRs

Mark4 Sorta

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mr.Mediocre i got a 5 dammit

Mr.Mediocre no a 3

Mark4 =]

Mr.Mediocre on the first corn of dest

Mr.Mediocre from you i suspect

Mr.Mediocre :D

Mark4 Nah

Mark4 I was going to give it a 1

Mr.Mediocre ahhh

Mark4 But it had already been rated 5 times

Mark4 =]

Mr.Mediocre bob gave me a 10 on one so ha

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mark4 Hehehe

Mr.Mediocre talon hated me you know

Mark4 So, lets talk about the game

Mr.Mediocre ok

Mark4 How much did you think Silent's advice helped?

Mr.Mediocre what advice?

Mr.Mediocre silent?

Mr.Mediocre who?

Mark4 #$#@$#

Mr.Mediocre alot, i sux at SC

Mark4 Hehe

Mr.Mediocre i understand it and all

Mr.Mediocre i just dont want to try and get good

Mr.Mediocre im good in my community and thats enough for me

Mr.Mediocre i whoop at the local lan

Mr.Mediocre but thats all

Mark4 =]

Mark4 When you did the lurker rush

Mark4 Did you think you pretty much had him?

Mr.Mediocre yeah

Mr.Mediocre i was happy inside my tummy

Mark4 He held pretty well with all tanks and turrets for a while

Mr.Mediocre yeah

Mr.Mediocre then i went mutas

Mr.Mediocre thinking it was just a clean up job

Mark4 Right

Mark4 You must have thought you won when you broke his terran base, didn't you?

Mr.Mediocre yes

Mr.Mediocre i did

Mr.Mediocre i won

Mark4 and then 8 control groups of random zerg stuff comes running in your back door......

Mr.Mediocre yeah

Mr.Mediocre he cheated

Mark4 So, how loud did you curse at the screen when you saw that? =]

Mr.Mediocre as loud as my parents let me

Mr.Mediocre :(

Mark4 Heheheh

Mr.Mediocre (censored)

Mark4 Mantra is the master of the mind job

Mr.Mediocre hehe

Mark4 That was some quality stuff

Mr.Mediocre i was actually gonna scout down

Mr.Mediocre but silent said the starting were at the top, so i dont know

Mr.Mediocre i just didnt take the time

Mark4 I mean, he could have stopped you at any time

Mr.Mediocre yeah

Mr.Mediocre thats what makes it cool

Mark4 but he let you take his base to make it that much sweeter =]

Mr.Mediocre he knew what he was doing unlike me

Mr.Mediocre bah

Mr.Mediocre i won

Mark4 Hmmm

Mark4 Must be some other game I watched then =]

Mr.Mediocre must be

Mr.Mediocre : )

Mr.Mediocre you smoke too much army crack Mark4

Mark4 Yeah

Mr.Mediocre like helicopter fuel or something

Mark4 Just like you can take me

Mark4 uh huh

Mark4 =]

Mark4 Anyway

Mr.Mediocre thats the truth

Mr.Mediocre ill take you any day bitch

Mr.Mediocre just come to TN

Mark4 yeah yeah

Mr.Mediocre and face the man of the east

Mr.Mediocre huzzah!

Mark4 I'll remind you of that when you start begging for mercy

Mark4 "Say uncle man of the east"

Mr.Mediocre lol

Mark4 Any last shouts out you want to give?

Mr.Mediocre that would be funny, but it wont happen

Mr.Mediocre ummm

Mr.Mediocre id like to plug a site

Mark4 K


Mr.Mediocre and krebster

Mr.Mediocre cuz hes cool

Mr.Mediocre and bob cuz hes sexy

Mark4 Great, everyone go visit Mediocre's home page there.

Mr.Mediocre yessir

Mr.Mediocre ok, buh bye

Mark4 Thanks for the interview

Mr.Mediocre :D

Mr.Mediocre np

Mr.Mediocre laters

Mark4 and for getting your ass kicked so convincingly by Mantra!

Mr.Mediocre shut up

Mr.Mediocre :D

Mr.Mediocre see ya

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