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"I may be in the minority here but the thought of Heartcutter in a tub of chlorinated water splashing about with some moistened tarts trying to (apparentely) gain some sort of sexual favor in order to procreate truly frightens me. Little Heartcutters....((shivers)) makes Blair witch look like disney."

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Fran: Hi

Fran: Ready to start?

RubberDucky: yeah

Fran: Name?

RubberDucky: n/a

Fran: Damnit

Fran: Give me your name!

RubberDucky: I already told you...

RubberDucky: n/a

Fran: Oh man

RubberDucky: ?

Fran: PLZ do the interview =[

RubberDucky: C.B

Fran: Cmon man

Fran: Everyone else gave thier names

RubberDucky: You won't want to put it in once I tell you.

Fran: You are making this soooooo painfull

Fran: Just spit it out

RubberDucky: Let's just leave it at "Chris"

RubberDucky: Chris B. if you need a last name

Fran: So you're a privacy nut?

RubberDucky: I suppose.

Fran: =p

Fran: Ok

Fran: Age?

RubberDucky: 26

Fran: Sex?

RubberDucky: And ruin the mystery of the internet?

Fran: Height/Weight?

Fran: Ducky

Fran: You are my problem child

RubberDucky: Riiiiiight

Fran: Second page of the interview

Fran: and so far I've gotten your name

RubberDucky: 5'4"

RubberDucky: /overwieght

Fran: $#!@$%#$@^@#^

Fran: put down a number

Fran: bath toy

RubberDucky: Bathtoy's are pretty light.


RubberDucky: female/145/5'4"

Fran: At least when people picture you as having gay sex it'll be good gay sex from now on

RubberDucky: Your funny mark

Fran: How long have you been playing Brood War?

RubberDucky: Sometime in april/may 1998

RubberDucky: Like beginning of may

Fran: Who is the best player you've played?

RubberDucky: yavoon'

RubberDucky: But that was a 2on1 so i don't think it counts.

Fran: How'd that turn out?

RubberDucky: yav beat me and krebster on Polaris Prime

RubberDucky: YRM was gonna report it

RubberDucky: but he didn't

Fran: Just out of curiousity, did Yavoon use templar at all? =]

RubberDucky: No.

RubberDucky: I lost 11 lurkers to about 10 goons and a dt once!

Fran: Darn imbalance

RubberDucky: Yup

Fran: So tell me about "z" clan

< RubberDucky: clan zero


Fran: Are you the best member?

RubberDucky: Not even close

Fran: Heh =]

RubberDucky: Well maybe close

RubberDucky: but I wouldn't bet on it

RubberDucky: SG beats me w/ cheese strats

Fran: Oh my, do tell

RubberDucky: like o-cannon

RubberDucky: and floating a fac up on a toss in showdown

Fran: =]

Fran: So what happened in that game with Whoop?

RubberDucky: I messed up

RubberDucky: I expanded too late

Fran: It seemed like your first attack was going pretty good....

RubberDucky: i didn't keep up marine production

RubberDucky: my recon was horrible

RubberDucky: and i let him get an exp

RubberDucky: let him get 3 hatch before pool

Fran: Two actually

RubberDucky: stfu

Fran: He expanded twice before you hit him

RubberDucky: !$!@#$@#$!

RubberDucky: twice????

Fran: Yup

RubberDucky: God I suck

Fran: Anything you could have done to come out better?

RubberDucky: attack earlier

RubberDucky: w/ more marines

RubberDucky: get upgrade

RubberDucky: make tanks

RubberDucky: expand earlier than i did

RubberDucky: better recon

Fran: I did hear that little comsat quite a bit

RubberDucky: bah

RubberDucky: I had 200 energy whenever I clicked on it

Fran: heh

RubberDucky: and i needed some sv

Fran: It did tend to come in groups of four =]

RubberDucky: to irradiate them damn muta

Fran: You had some succes with your firebats

RubberDucky: Yeah

RubberDucky: even I can't mess up with those.

Fran: Seems like three is the magic number for some reason

Fran: must be the fields of fire

RubberDucky: Yeah

RubberDucky: it covers it so you can be hitting any ling infront of them

Fran: What's your favorite strat in tvz?

RubberDucky: As terran or zerg?

Fran: terran

RubberDucky: mass marines and firebats

RubberDucky: But I don't play bw as much so i don't make meds enuf =p

Fran: It did seem like BW units were underused that game

RubberDucky: well

RubberDucky: I should have just made more barracks

RubberDucky: I had like 11k at one point =[

Fran: Ah

RubberDucky: That's 220 marines I didn't have.

Fran: So the four rax just weren't enough, even with only one expansion?

RubberDucky: shuttup

RubberDucky: You know very well terran can support 6 rax yeah

RubberDucky: terran can support 6 rax w/ no exp

RubberDucky: Until they run out of minerals at least

RubberDucky: I beat confessor with 2 rax m&m the other day

RubberDucky: And he used lurkers!

Fran: Who's your favorite people to play with/against?

RubberDucky: Mogalin, Iced-Tree, GameOverZ, Jim-The-Car-, SuperGeneral, Probe

RubberDucky: and the people in clan zero

Fran: So, anyone you want to give a shout out to?

RubberDucky: Clanzero

Fran: Any closing thoughts?

RubberDucky: Icefire w/ Blizzard Addicts (I designed the not-so-fancy intro they have right now)

RubberDucky: Not really

Fran: Hmmm, well you realize I'm so not believing you're a chick =p

RubberDucky: Yeah I kinda figured you be that way

Fran: Heh

RubberDucky: Talk to mog

RubberDucky: He knows, or at least i think he does

Fran: I wonder what people's reaction will be to that

RubberDucky: I'm pretty sure they'd not beleive it and call me gay.

Fran: Heh

RubberDucky: Even though the RubberDucky is the fake thing =p

Fran: They would have a point

RubberDucky: Yeah

RubberDucky: I'm only really insane on bnet

Fran: My impression=14 year old boy

RubberDucky: any other place im just normal =\

RubberDucky: Yeah well you've only talked to me on bnet until now

Fran: 26 year chick.....not thinking it's possible =]

Fran: bleh

Fran: Anyway

RubberDucky: And on bnet I'd rather be a 14 yr old boy than a 26 yr old girl

Fran: Thanks for the interview

Fran: Finally the Rook's Corner person loses!

Fran: Woooo haaaa!

Fran: =]

Fran: :

RubberDucky: T_Mac lost.

Fran: No he didn't

RubberDucky: Disconnect = Lost

Fran: Well

RubberDucky: Rook was to afraid to play

Fran: You do have a point

Fran: Rook won

RubberDucky: rook hacks.

Fran: He beat the hell out of other critters

Fran: Oh, one questions

RubberDucky: Did you not see me kill all the bengalass I saw?

Fran: Why did you target critters in the game on your weay in?

RubberDucky: They made me go around them

RubberDucky: So I felt they needed to be made an example of

Fran: Psycho

RubberDucky: uh huh

Fran: what is your job?

RubberDucky: *ignores mark4*

Fran: =[

Fran: Cmon!

RubberDucky: You'd hunt me down just to see it, and so would anyone else that knew.


Fran: Just tell me your job

Fran: I'm starting to believe your a chick

Fran: Cuz talking to you is as frustrating

RubberDucky: okay

Fran: as talking to the ditziest chicks I know

RubberDucky: it's not frustrating

Fran: =]

Fran: I'd tell you my job =[

RubberDucky: I've pretty much figured out that your a professional killer by now.

Fran: Am not

RubberDucky: Are too

Fran: I'm a logistician

RubberDucky: That's not right

Fran: Haven't been a killer for three years

RubberDucky: That's okay

RubberDucky: I'm sure that with a little therepy it'll be all better.

RubberDucky: The devil is my pimp

RubberDucky: Just put that down.

Fran: =[

Fran: for the love of god, just tell me your job

RubberDucky: Liar

RubberDucky: I don't really have a real job

RubberDucky: I just clean tables at chili's

Fran: Did you go to college?

RubberDucky: I'm working on it

RubberDucky: Not yet, unfortunately

Fran: married, kids?

RubberDucky: single

RubberDucky: well not single, but not married

Fran: Well, Thanks for the interview! Check out the report HERE.