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"baby jesus cries every time someone uses templar"

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This week's Rook corner interview is with the gayest starcraft player of all time T_Mac. Known for being "gay" in every since of the word, he's created quite a reputation for himself with his frequent disconnections and cheese tactics. To see a report written by Mark4, starring T_mac go here!.

Mark4: Name?

T_Mac: Michael Ium

Mark4: Nationality?

T_Mac: korean-canadian

Mark4: Really?

T_Mac: yup

Mark4: No wonder you disc so much.

T_Mac: err

Mark4: Ahem

T_Mac: oops

Mark4: Age?

T_Mac: it was my birthday two3 days ago :P

T_Mac: im 16

T_Mac: ;-M

Mark4: Height/weight?

T_Mac: wtf!

T_Mac: i cant type

T_Mac: ;-<

T_Mac: omni will love that smilie

Mark4: I'm deleting all the gay smileys you do, so enjoy yourself.

T_Mac: 5'11, around 165 lbs

T_Mac: ack

T_Mac: ;(

Mark4: Sex?

T_Mac: umm

T_Mac: im not that kinda guy mark

T_Mac: ^^


T_Mac: DUH

Mark4: Can't hurt to ask

Mark4: I mean...

Mark4: Uhm...

Mark4: Right.

Mark4: Moving along

T_Mac: dont you want to know about my new fan club?

Mark4: When was your first homosexual experience?

T_Mac: about two minutes ago

T_Mac: when u msged me

Mark4: Heheehehehe

Mark4: =]

Mark4: You're widely renowned as one of the gayest players on, tell me the gayest tactic you ever used.

T_Mac: hmm

T_Mac: Ok

T_Mac: gayest strat ever

T_Mac: That would have to be

T_Mac: after i stopped playing bgh

T_Mac: cuz back then my favourite strat was offensive cannoning

T_Mac: :/

T_Mac: since then

T_Mac: I enjoy arbiter rushing

T_Mac: and doing a bc/carrier rush in a 2on2 with orc my **********(censored for public decency)

Mark4: You tech straight to arbiters?

T_Mac: oops, did i type that ***********(censored for public decency) part? crap

T_Mac: yup

Mark4: Nice

T_Mac: in a 2on2 with bob

T_Mac: i did that

Mark4: Heh

T_Mac: and the entire time i thought it would cloak his zerglings :(

Mark4: Who's the best player you've gone 1v1 with?

T_Mac: hmm

Mark4: lol

T_Mac: zileas is the most "famous"

T_Mac: and i beat him btw ;)

Mark4: But he isn't what he once was

T_Mac: true

Mark4: (Welcome to the

Mark4: "I beat Zileas"

Mark4: club)

T_Mac: :D

T_Mac: but the player who i've played multiple times who i think is the most skilled

T_Mac: would have to be ahscar


T_Mac: :)

Mark4: Truly!

Mark4: Ahscar is pretty damn scary

T_Mac: although i've never 1on1'd people like yav, or apex

T_Mac: but i hear they're decent ;)

Mark4: I went 1-0 with Apex

Mark4: And refused a rematch =]

T_Mac: rofl

T_Mac: i did same with zileas :)

Mark4: Hehe

Mark4: I gave Zileas his rematch


T_Mac: !

Mark4: His goon reaver is strong

T_Mac: yeah

Mark4: But leaves you enough time with the ramp

Mark4: To tech to other things to defeat that

T_Mac: When I played Zileas

T_Mac: I randomed, got my natural as zerg, and ran him over in end

T_Mac: tough to stop on temple :(

Mark4: Yeah

T_Mac: he was toss btw

Mark4: Another other notable players you've played?

T_Mac: crazy jim raped me crazy hard

T_Mac: ;(

Mark4: =]

T_Mac: i think thats it

T_Mac: i would play grrrr, but going to quebec scares me deeply

Mark4: ?

T_Mac: thats where lewis and orc live

T_Mac: *shudder*

Mark4: Oh

Mark4: I see

Mark4: In your game with Elm

Mark4: What do you think the turning point was?

T_Mac: keeping my expand at 9 all game

T_Mac: that allowed my chobo zerg skills

T_Mac: to withstand his gosu toss ones

T_Mac: by outresourcing him

Mark4: He sure did spend a lot of speed zealots on that expansion

T_Mac: I really didn't build a lot of drones that game

Mark4: If he threw down three nexus instead of one of those waves...

T_Mac: well

T_Mac: I had pretty good scouting that game

Mark4: The muta thing

Mark4: You had some real trouble with dark templar.

T_Mac: i had some crappy dance moves that game

T_Mac: oh yeah

T_Mac: elm=dt bitch

Mark4: =]

T_Mac: Those ol's always got killed at the wrong time

Mark4: Anything that died to storm...did.

T_Mac: err

T_Mac: hehe

Mark4: You should have gone ultralisks

T_Mac: i got really sloppy at the end

T_Mac: yeah

T_Mac: and he made me cancel 10 guards :(

Mark4: So why did you feel Elm had you enough on the ropes that you had to disconnect?


T_Mac: i checked resources

T_Mac: he would have trouble affording scarabs ;)

Mark4: You had no expansions left

Mark4: and just lost your last one

T_Mac: true

Mark4: is that why you disconnected?

T_Mac: but neither did he

T_Mac: and i was on my way to his main

T_Mac: where he had nothing left

T_Mac: cuz his 2reaver/shuttle was gonna go POP

T_Mac: and i had 2000k in minerals left to make enough hatches :/

Mark4: We'll never know, will we?

T_Mac: die mark

T_Mac: i won and u know it

T_Mac: didnt i?

Mark4: *cough* Disconnector *cough*

Mark4: =]

T_Mac: jeez

T_Mac: where did i get stuck with that label?

T_Mac: i never dis!

Mark4: I dunno


Mark4: When you disced more than you stayed in in all the games I played with you?

Mark4: Heh

T_Mac: That's unfortunate

T_Mac: :(

Mark4: So am I cursed

Mark4: Or is it you?

T_Mac: Yeah

Mark4: Seriously...

T_Mac: Seriously, I disc way too much for my liking

T_Mac: this dumbass game likes to crash

Mark4: Maybe 25% of the time? 35%?

T_Mac: well

T_Mac: it variers

T_Mac: varies

T_Mac: one day

T_Mac: i'll try to play 4 games

T_Mac: it'll disc every time

T_Mac: the next day

T_Mac: i'll play 5 games

T_Mac: np

T_Mac: can u say gay?

Mark4: (290-106-81)

T_Mac: heh

T_Mac: that record

T_Mac: is pretty

Mark4: So it's your isp or your comp?


T_Mac: it used to be my isp

T_Mac: now its my comp

Mark4: =[

T_Mac: i just cant catch a break

T_Mac: :(

Mark4: Get a new Comp!!

T_Mac: buy one for me!

Mark4: Hehe

Mark4: When we start offering cash prizes for 10s

Mark4: You better write one

T_Mac: you serious?

Mark4: and upgrade

Mark4: It's a possibility

T_Mac: i guess that'd make lazy jv write more :)

Mark4: Heh

T_Mac: hes so lazy, even though he made a new forum and all that.......

T_Mac: ^^

Mark4: Oh my

Mark4: Why do the interviewees always sell out Johnny?

T_Mac: hehe

Mark4: That's so wrong

Mark4: Even BoB did.

T_Mac: yeah, johnny is god ;)

Mark4: That's better =]

T_Mac: I voted for him for hall of fame!

Mark4: So did I!!

T_Mac: This month, I hope bob gets in

Mark4: I think FLS will

T_Mac: I love fls, but bobs reports are FUNNY

T_Mac: bob makes me wish i was a woman

Mark4: If he gets those i2e2 reports FINALLY finished

T_Mac: so i could have little newts everywhere

Mark4: Uhm

Mark4: Wow

T_Mac: err

T_Mac: edit that part out

T_Mac: :]

Mark4: That's pretty tmac of you

T_Mac: die fran

Mark4: I mean, that's pretty gay of you

Mark4: =]

Mark4: Heh

Mark4: No way is that edited!

T_Mac: if u dont hit 1800 with Gay_Mac, i'll hafta to revoke your T_Mac club membership

Mark4: Doh!

Mark4: I'll get to win trading!

T_Mac: with Blank_Mac

T_Mac: and then u both give me wins :)

Mark4: =[

T_Mac: good ole clan win trading

Mark4: Well, any last thoughts?

T_Mac: then i hit 3000 !

T_Mac: hehe

T_Mac: persian is making me

Mark4: Want to call anyone a chobofucker in a public forum?

T_Mac: give shoutouts to all the gays in quebec

T_Mac: and the good ole gay states of america

T_Mac: and yes


T_Mac: :)

Mark4: Thanks =|

Mark4: Ok

Mark4: That wraps it

T_Mac: damn

T_Mac: now i gotta restart comp to get on bnet

Mark4: I'll have to edit it a little

T_Mac: die

T_Mac: a "little"

Mark4: but good interview

Mark4: yeah

T_Mac: u get good pics of game?

Mark4: remember when I asked about gay experiences?

T_Mac: heh

Mark4: There'll be a little extra in there

T_Mac: little extra?

Mark4: Yeah, about you and lewis and a economy sized pack of rubber bands

T_Mac: doh!

T_Mac: if ronin finds out he'll kill me!

Mark4: =]