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"There are so many ways to annoy a Zerg player, it's not even funny. Actually, it's really funny, so I retract my previous statement."
- mattzarella's The FFA Effect

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Mark4: Name?

Bob_the_Newt: Paul

Mark4: Last name?

Bob_the_Newt: doh

Mark4: C'mon

Mark4: All the cool people gave it

Bob_the_Newt: i dun want every internet weirdo knowing my whole name

Mark4: Jeesh

Mark4: What a paranoid

Bob_the_Newt: yah

Bob_the_Newt: lucky i trusted you with it =P

Mark4: Paul XXXXXXXX (deleted so Bob isnít stalked)

Bob_the_Newt: asdf

Mark4: =]

Mark4: Occupation?

Bob_the_Newt: student

Mark4: Where at?

Bob_the_Newt: Sickles High in FL

Mark4: Age/Height/Weight?

Bob_the_Newt: 15

Bob_the_Newt: lets see

Bob_the_Newt: I suppose 6'1 now

Bob_the_Newt: since havenít measured in a while

Bob_the_Newt: and around 150

Mark4: Do you have any hobbies except SC?

Bob_the_Newt: NO!

Bob_the_Newt: =]

Mark4: Nerd!

Bob_the_Newt: hehe

Mark4: None?

Bob_the_Newt: basketball

Bob_the_Newt: although I sux at it more than I do at SC

Mark4: Whoa

Mark4: That is bad.

Bob_the_Newt: yah

Mark4: So you hit yourself in the head with the ball a lot?

Bob_the_Newt: kinda a movie buff as well

Bob_the_Newt: o yeah

Bob_the_Newt: I got scars from it =/

Mark4: That's no good

Mark4: What's your favorite movie from the past year or so then?

Bob_the_Newt: Iím going with Being John Malkovich

Bob_the_Newt: oops

Bob_the_Newt: didnít backspace enough

Mark4: I'm not fixing your mistakes

Bob_the_Newt: o no!

Mark4: People will think you're a bad speller

Bob_the_Newt: and those gay little squares that come out of no where

Bob_the_Newt: eek

Mark4: =]

Bob_the_Newt: ./me kisses his reputation goodbye

Mark4: So what's your biggest SC accomplishment?

Bob_the_Newt: hrm

Bob_the_Newt: Thereís 2 I guess

Bob_the_Newt: beating ahs 1v1 a while ago

Bob_the_Newt: it was my first game vs. him so he thought I was good until he played me a couple more times

Bob_the_Newt: =]

Mark4: Heh

Bob_the_Newt: and

Bob_the_Newt: recently winning a 4 person ffa vs. nonnewbies on polar using only DAs

Bob_the_Newt: i posted on shocks about that =o

Mark4: I read your post on that

Bob_the_Newt: if duck made a BR id be one happy amphibian

Bob_the_Newt: but duck just has obsing fetish


Mark4: Duck never actually writes

Bob_the_Newt: heh

Mark4: He watches 100 games before he writes one

Bob_the_Newt: yeah

Mark4: Who's your biggest SC/reporting rival?

Bob_the_Newt: I watchhrm

Bob_the_Newt: ack

Bob_the_Newt: I forget backspace again =[

Bob_the_Newt: well you mean rival in good way or bad way?

Mark4: either way

Mark4: But if you ever wanted to call someone scum in a public forum

Mark4: Now's the time

Bob_the_Newt: well WilliamWC3 is getting some damn cool reports

Bob_the_Newt: oooo goodie

Bob_the_Newt: i-ball is gay!

Mark4: As if we didn't all know that already

Bob_the_Newt: yeah but it feels good to say it =]

Mark4: =]

Mark4: Anyone else?

Bob_the_Newt: hrmm

Bob_the_Newt: pitt

Bob_the_Newt: his drunken Brs

Bob_the_Newt: own mine quite badly

Mark4: Drunken BRs kick arse!

Bob_the_Newt: yeah!

Mark4: I think I'll get drunk before I write up your game

Bob_the_Newt: then youíll be able to understand our strategies better

Mark4: At least Pitt's mass CC strat

Mark4: I don't know what that boy was thinking

Bob_the_Newt: hehehe

Mark4: But he did equal your resources

Mark4: Give me your thoughts on the game

Bob_the_Newt: yeah he kept smashing my expansions

Bob_the_Newt: because I rely only on luck to defend my exps

Mark4: The wraiths>cannons thing

Mark4: by a lot

Bob_the_Newt: heh

Bob_the_Newt: well once they get in large numbers

Mark4: You know, three temp per exp

Bob_the_Newt: yeah yeah

Mark4: Would have gone a ver long way

Bob_the_Newt: well

Bob_the_Newt: I had like 1000/50 whole game

Bob_the_Newt: thatís why so many cannons

Mark4: Did you think you were gonna lose?

Bob_the_Newt: yeah

Mark4: When

Bob_the_Newt: when he destroyed my lower exp

Bob_the_Newt: if he just went to my main

Bob_the_Newt: instead of staying to finish nexus

Bob_the_Newt: he couldíve done some damage

Mark4: yeah

Bob_the_Newt: although I most say he really outplayed me that whole game

Bob_the_Newt: ack

Mark4: I wanted him to win actually

Bob_the_Newt: hah

Bob_the_Newt: he deserved too

Bob_the_Newt: that game was real imbalance fest

Mark4: Having the interviewee lose the Rook Corner game would be great =]

Bob_the_Newt: bah!

Mark4: Like FLS kept saying

Mark4: if he went early BCs

Mark4: He had you

Mark4: But he went mass CC instead =]

Bob_the_Newt: CC are much better

Bob_the_Newt: 3x as many hit points

Mark4: If he floated them to exp

Mark4: it would have been cool

Bob_the_Newt: hahah

Mark4: but he made a nuke farm!

Bob_the_Newt: that map had an assload of exps

Mark4: Oh well

Mark4: Yeah

Mark4: Dire he might have had you

Bob_the_Newt: well maybe on dire i wouldnít have sucked as bad

Bob_the_Newt: so you never know

Bob_the_Newt: =]

Mark4: Plus you did find him really late

Mark4: and he did a strat wide open to an early 4 zeal drop or sth

Bob_the_Newt: I actually considered doing that

Bob_the_Newt: but I didnít know the start spots

Mark4: =[

Bob_the_Newt: so I just did my safe tech to everything at once while expanding strat

Mark4: heh

Mark4: That isn't so safe

Bob_the_Newt: says you!

Bob_the_Newt: =]

Mark4: =[

Mark4: Heh

Mark4: we can 1v1 on Dire after this

Bob_the_Newt: o no

Mark4: and you do your strat

Mark4: and I'll do mine

Bob_the_Newt: ack

Bob_the_Newt: that dont sound safe

Mark4: Hehe =]

Mark4: Who's the best three players you've played?

Bob_the_Newt: hrmm

Bob_the_Newt: Ahs

Bob_the_Newt: hmmmm

Bob_the_Newt: I know yav and apex are good

Bob_the_Newt: but i havent played 1v1 them much

Bob_the_Newt: only once yav and never apex

Mark4: So pick people you played

Bob_the_Newt: and your pretty damn good at beating me to lifeless twitching pulp =/

Mark4: Ack!

Mark4: Donít say me

Bob_the_Newt: hehe

Mark4: People will think I doctored the interview

Bob_the_Newt: lol

Mark4: Well

Bob_the_Newt: Whoop has his moments

Bob_the_Newt: doh

Bob_the_Newt: I hate blanking

Mark4: heh

Mark4: When in doubt

Mark4: Praise Johnny

Bob_the_Newt: lol

Mark4: is my motto

Bob_the_Newt: hahahhah

Bob_the_Newt: just kill two of johnny's dships and he turbo concedes

Bob_the_Newt: regardless of how game is going

Bob_the_Newt: =]

Mark4: He is so gonna smoke you when he reads that

Bob_the_Newt: hahahaha

Mark4: He'll ladder you under 700

Bob_the_Newt: canít wait =]

Mark4: He's a mean spirited man when provoked

Mark4: =]

Mark4: Oh well

Mark4: So only Whoop and Ahscar are good

Bob_the_Newt: yah

Bob_the_Newt: no one else

Mark4: =]

Mark4: I think that wraps it up

Mark4: Any last comments?

Bob_the_Newt: I donít 1v1 that much vs. good people =]

Bob_the_Newt: just the usual a-x sucks

Mark4: =]

Mark4: Join HS!

Bob_the_Newt: and get rid of these damn boxes in the interveiw!

Mark4: ok

Mark4: end interview

Bob_the_Newt: no way [bB] and [Purple] forever

Bob_the_Newt: ack

Bob_the_Newt: [B}

Bob_the_Newt: ah you know what i mean

Bob_the_Newt: =/