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Ladies and Gentlemen, this week's player for Rook's Corner is none other than Ahscar-X. Ahscar is a legend in NWTR and to a lesser extent in nohunters. I have quite a few painful memories of getting handled like a newbie by this fine player. He's had a ladder high of over 1440, and played such greats as Xd'sGrrrr.... and Crazy~Jim~Lizard. Ahscar was selected for this week's interview and battle report because of his great skill and the large number of Battle Reports he appears in, as well as his own short of reports he wrote when he was holding his own daily tournies this summer. You can check out the accompanying battle report of a recent Ahscar game Here.

Mark4: Let's get started with the basics Ahscar, Name?

Ahscar: Lim Seang

Mark4: Sex?

Ahscar: M

Mark4: Age?

Ahscar: 18

Mark4: Place of residence?

Ahscar: At Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia

Mark4: What are you studying there?

Ahscar: Electrical Engineering Student

Mark4: What was the most memorable game you played?

Ahscar: My games with CrazyJim

Mark4: So how did the games with Crazy Jim play out?

Ahscar: Well, i won the first one protoss vs protoss, and he beat me the second game him protoss vs me terran.

Mark4: What did you change in your play style to go from 1200 to 1400+

Ahscar: Well, the change came when I played X'ds~Grrrr...

Mark4: Whoa! You played Grrrr? Tell me about your games with him.

Ahscar: Yep he smurfed me the first game.. i think i was 1245 or so and I demanded a rematch because I felt I could win.. but i saw his rating was 60 off mine and I wasnt too sure that i'd win so I told him I was going to relog, but he volunteered and relogged and there he was. The first game was toss vs toss where he just ran me over with expansions and goons/carriers, his micro was unbelieveable, and it was impossible to really get a good psi on his carriers cause he had some awesome carrier dancing. The next game he rushed me with a solid 8 -10 marines i was toss and he saw that i had enough zeals so he backed off, both of these games were on Proving Grounds, anyways he comes back minutes later with bats and some medics and the same 10 marines and ensues to kill all my 7 zeals and finish my main, I had an expansion up but the game was basically over.

Mark4: So what was the basic lesson you took away?

Ahscar: The most important thing i got out of the Grrrr... game was how he showed me that terran are a good solid race and to be aggressive, so from here on I just started playing as terran all the time and always doing a solid marine rush. After the game grr also told me that I shouldn't expand or tech unless I really needed it or that I felt safe and had some type of an edge to do so.

Mark4: Tell me about the 8 marine rush build orders vrs the races.

Ahscar: Well if i know they are toss or zerg that has taken his natural I will generally go 8 depot 10 rax 13-14 rax 15 depot and then gas and academy when the refinery is about half way done.. if i do it right i can have 8 marines and stim in reasearch as i am leaving my base and stim about done as I reach my destination. Oh, i also bring a pair of scv's with me just in case I scan and see the need for turrets or bunkers, and they also make good blockers when going up ramps, anyways back at the base i train a few medics which should reach the attack ground as i am engaging the opponents. If i find a terran I generally go rax on 10 and gas on 11 and prompt for wraiths and tanks and if it's a zergie who does early lurker, I replace the second rax with earlier gas and facts for tanks w/o seige and range for my marines These are guidelines for what I do, but I am not hesitant in doing things a little different depending on what my opponents do.

Mark4: What do you think of heavy metal?

Ahscar: I really dont like it, it kinda sets you in a trench to where you are concentrating on ground based attacks, i defintely prefer marines and medics and bats. But don't get me wrong, I will eventually pump tanks out of 3 facts and if i see sairs i will add a couple more for goliaths, but in the early game i feel that 2 rax is the way to go.

Mark4: Game one you led off with a 4 zealot drop. What do you think of turbo goons/observers and reaver first build orders vrs that?

Ahscar: Well it was a quick four zeal drop and if he went goons first, he'd probably only have 2 or 3 goons and with some decent micro you can deal some good damage and send his base management into chaos, and in that game I also stopped building zealots after my first four and prompted for goons with upgrades and an observatory for dt's.. ok if he went reaver first i'd just call my guys back and wiait for the goons to get transported over and the zealots would just help deal some damage to buildings/probes etc after the reaver is taken care of.

Mark4: Game two Lewis was on to you. What should you have done to stop that MMF rush?

Ahscar: I should have put up a pair of sunkens, and i also didn't expect to see those two firebats, it was me being lazy and bad scouting. Zerg=My worse race

Mark4: Game three you had some crazy marine micro. Most people would have lost the rush to the dts. What were the key factors for you on that game?

Ahscar: Well the third game i did my standard marine rush and the key was the scan I had on his base where i saw the archives and started an engineering bay and sent an additional scv with my troops just incase the first one died. During the attack i engaged with marines first and stimmed the bats in the back, and had my scv blockign with medics, that way the bats wont get hit at first and i can do optomal damage. Yes I was down to one firebat at the end of the first battle but my turret was up and more marines arrived, i just proceeded to bunker and finish him off. I think if he did get that cannon up i'd probably back up a little bit and bunker up out side his base and send tanks in.

Mark4: Thanks for a great interview and some well played games Ahs!

Ahscar: =]