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Rook's Corner Exclusive Interview with Fox^1

Today we take a little trip down memory lane with Fox^1, former Admin. and avid reporter of Hope you all enjoy it! Send me a thumbs up if you did!

Fox^1 was someone who came onto the scene soon after the site was released to the general public. Being referred by a friend, Fox visited the site not knowing what to expect and immediately fell in love with the concept behind it. He became a Site Admin. through his dedication to helping the site grow and become more user friendly to those who were new to the idea of a "Battle Report"

Fox^1: We can start if you want.

Psyonic: Yes. Thanks again for taking the time to do this with me.

Fox^1: Anytime

Psyonic: This will mostly be for the posterity purposes of =p

Fox^1: Sure, that's fine.

Psyonic: Ok

Fox^1: rox

Psyonic: Yeah yeah!

Psyonic: Raise the roof!

Fox^1: lol

Psyonic: Now I kind of want to know a little about your past...

Psyonic: How old were you when you got into all these

Fox^1: hrm

Psyonic: video games?

Fox^1: video games. as far back as i can remember, atari, etc.

Psyonic: I'll be more specific

Psyonic: Online gaming

Fox^1: starcraft was the first major online game i got into which was like 8 years ago

Psyonic:So when you bought Starcraft you were? 20'ish?

Fox^1: 19 but yeah about 20

Psyonic: So as you played Starcraft, how did you come to meet Mark4 and Johnny_Vegas?

Fox^1: well basically

Psyonic: Was it through the game or through forums?

Fox^1: well i stumbled across the site when i saw reports done for like dl october vs grrrr i think is when i really got into the site

Psyonic: Who wrote that report? I guess it doesn't really matter but it'd be interesting to know which reporter got you hooked =p

Fox^1: mark4 did. it was more just seeing the high level of play that brought me into the site. I didn't know that starcraft was played at this level and that people actually reported on it. It was pretty crazy that i was able to find from those reports. (they were posted all over the internet)

Psyonic: So I assume you never visited the B.Net forums?

Fox^1: i never have used the bnet forums ever

Psyonic: Ha

Psyonic: Well, that's interesing

Fox^1: i heard tons of people talk about it and it was always a running joke about how horrible they were but never even visited them to read it unless someone posted a link from a crazy post on

Psyonic: Well, don't take a look at the SC2 forums. They're a mess.

Fox^1: ok roger that

Psyonic: So was already running by the time you came around. How did you become an admin?

Fox^1: for sure yeah. The job i had basically allowed me to surf the internet 40 hours a week so i basically camped the site all the time.

Psyonic: Sounds like a great job.

Fox^1: Until basically people were like, god give him admin. at least we can put him to work it wasn't really because i had any type of friendship with mark4 or jv.

Psyonic: Did they make you a rater along with the Admin. powers?

Fox^1: yes they did

Psyonic: How did that make you feel?

Fox^1: pretty awesome. it was a community that i really liked and i felt that i got a little respect from it and it was cool being able to rate reports the admining was always "eh". Deleting spam was never something i got all excited about even today i delete spam and it's like bleh.

Psyonic: The community. You were involved pretty heavily in it?

Fox^1: oh yeah totally. I did everything with the community

Psyonic: What would you add?

Fox^1: what would i add now? or what?

Psyonic: I mean, back then. What did you add to the site?

Fox^1: oh i wasn't even concerned about adding stuff to the site i was too busy socializing with bw players and playing bw

Psyonic: =)

Fox^1: playing was always my major focal point, getting better, and playing bw back then.

Psyonic: Would you say that you helped attract better players to the site then?

Psyonic: Through your detication to becoming a better player?

Fox^1: doubtful. the better players from the site were already there or brought in by other people. Like eri, corbalt, myst, astic, high templar, etc.all came from other people. myst and i were really really good friends but i didn't exactly invite him to, he just kinda showed up.

Fox^1: oh activus is another guy i should give props too, but he also was always around.

Psyonic: So you all formed a pretty core group of the community. Who came up with the ~Nohunters name on

Fox^1: i don't remember really,i think it was cuz we had nohunters and someone started to spam bot it so we switched to ~nohunters then op ~Nohunters... it just got really gay when you had 50 bots trying to control the channel.

Psyonic: Lol

Fox^1: this was way before we had op channels and clan channels on bnet

Psyonic: So who came up with Nohunters?

Fox^1: Nohunters is way older then me

Psyonic: Oh?

Fox^1: oh yeah totally. i'm probably leaving people out or including people who didn't belong but pretty sure guys like dino, dio, blank, whoop, nate, others were more original members who i think came from other forums into the community where it eventually became the nohunters community.

Psyonic: So Nohunters was actually a clan?

Fox^1: no, not really a clan. just a group of people that showed up.

Psyonic: Just a group of friends that formed the community.

Fox^1: to be completely honest i'm not sure but yeah, a community more then anything like, i wouldn't consider shox a clan.

Psyonic: I've always wondered who thought of Nohunters. Was BGH still popular back then as today? =p

Fox^1: well that's where nohunters came from. No BGH.

Psyonic: Ohh

Fox^1: i mean you should know that

Psyonic: Well I kinda figured, but I never really knew.

Fox^1: hehe yeah

Psyonic: I was only 15 when I found, so...

Fox^1: lots of people were pretty young while i was pretty old. i mean when we say "12" today i used it as a joke but it's hilarious how many people were actually 12-13 when they came garett, probe, astic, and others..

Psyonic: Oh man Tons of them. We were like Ants.

Fox^1: astic who was :crazy: back then
Psyonic: Oh really?!? I never knew that.

Fox^1: yeah

Psyonic: So those reports you posted about :crazy: were actually Astic

Fox^1: :crazy: and poa were like the first guys who helped me get better at 1on1. Yeah :crazy: was astic or liquid`crystal

Psyonic: That was a question I was going to raise next. Your reports...

Fox^1: what about them?

Psyonic: i'm trying to type as fast as I can.

Fox^1: hah

Psyonic: Some of your reports were very informative

Fox^1: some of them were but see i have horrific writing skills even today i do and i look back at my reports and i just laugh. they are so bad sometimes but after a while i got slightly better.

Psyonic: I mean you wrote in a diffrent perspective then most reporters. Not only were they 1st person but you gave plans and explanations.

Fox^1: yeah i guess you're referring more to my text reports about getting better at 1on1s

Psyonic: Why did you choose to write that way?

Fox^1: well, mark4 had some sexy text reports and he was toss, but zerg was my race and i didn't think that we had enough good text reports about the thought processes when you play Starcraft so i decided to really try to write a good report and thankfully some of them turned out somewhat ok.

Psyonic: I think you should give yourself more credit. I'm learning how to deal with a Zerg player as Protoss. =p Those reports helped me.

Fox^1: that rules, glad to be of help.

Psyonic: =) Anyways, you wanted to help better Zerg players by giving them some basic strats to follow up on by how you thought?

Fox^1: well yeah i did i wanted more not just to show zerg playersthat were worse then me (so like 1 guy...)

Psyonic: Lol

Fox^1: what i thought was that it was almost more as well for myself to go back and read so i could look over what my thought processes were. Low level bw playing is a lot about discipline.

Psyonic: Hmm. Easier to spot mistakes?

Fox^1: yeah exactly. i mean eventually i got good enough that i didn't make stupid mistakes and it came more down to refining my macro/micro but early on builds and understanding other users builds are very key lots of bad players even today are too busy thinking about apm and how to keep their minerals at 0 which is important but they rarely scout, they rarely are pushing expands, i mean who cares if your money is at 0 if your opponent has 2 expos and you have 0. whupdeedo

Psyonic: True. So it's about learning to think outside the normal SC gameplay

Fox^1: yes. i mean, in any sport or game, sometimes people's thought processes are focused on the wrong things even today i play a lot of poker and i know that's a major hole of mine, i focus on the wrong things

Psyonic: Your reports would often give two or three diffrent types of strats. To help with that, to help not focus on one thing but diffrent things or am I wrong?

Fox^1: yeah in starcraft, scouting is such a huge thing from scouting you give yourself so many options. Like waxangel (hopefully everyone knows him if this is for

Psyonic: =p

Fox^1: told me about a recent strat (past few months) where terrans will go fast academy before they choose 2 fact, fast expand, infantry, or whatever so they can scan toss to see what they are up to i mean that slows them down a bit but knowing what youre opponent's strat is can be very helpful.

Psyonic: Better to know what to build for then build the wrong thing.

Fox^1: and this is something that players are doing 9 years into a game.

Psyonic: So that brings up another set of questions I have. Starcraft 2. Thoughts so far?

Fox^1: looks fine and i'm sure it's gonna rock. the question is, will it be as dominant as starcraft one? And that's really hard to say. Can it be? for sure, but outside korea how big will it become especially when you got games like WoW, CS source, etc out that everyone plays?

Psyonic: Thinking of trying your hand at pro-gaming again with SC2?

Fox^1: haha no. while the idea of getting really good at something is really fun. i just have other priorities and i don't have the time like i used to when i was 20.

Psyonic: So what do you do in your spare time? If you feel comfortable discussing that.

Fox^1: non family/work stuff

Psyonic: Yes

Fox^1: just mostly poker/mma tuff

Psyonic: MMA?

Fox^1: the occasional 2on2 in war3

Fox^1: mixed martial arts

Psyonic: Oh?

Fox^1: yeah it's just a hobby

Psyonic: Is Poker just a hobby as well or are you thinking of trying to earn big bucks with that?

Fox^1: i take everything i do, as a hobby, seriously. So i do everything i can to improve my game in the time that i have to spend on it

Psyonic: Of course. Any plans for a poker report then? ;)

Fox^1: nah i don't have time for anything like that, unfortunately.

Psyonic: So with all these things going on in your life, Do you still stay in touch with some of the members in the community?

Fox^1: oh yeah totally

Psyonic: Some of the older people? Astic? Mark4?

Fox^1: my major friends i'll just read off my aim list: keanureaver, dio, blank, goatzilla, testosterone, waxangel, zileas, sync, ravage are some on my list now that i talk to daily or weekly. Testosterone and waxangel are like two of my OLDEST friends ever. like i still recall games vs test in bw yeeeearrrs ago and we still dick around in cs once in a while.

Psyonic: Wow, those ARE some of the old guys.

Fox^1: waxangel i talk to daily, i mean i talk to him all the time. we are great friends.

Psyonic: On the phone? In real life? Or just over the internet?

Fox^1: internet, i don't really talk to people online

Fox^1: i will with goat and test for counterstrike. With ravage if we 2on2 in war3 and with keanureaver if we talk poker. dio is also one of my fav guys, we talk about basically anything. we have a great relationship where we can be completely serious about any subject RL or not and he's a great friend to talk to about everything.

Psyonic: It's great that you've had such lasting friendships with the people you've met in the community. Friends are forever. Online or not.

Fox^1: yeah for sure. linternet should be on that list but i'm not sure how oldschool he is or not to be honest but..

Psyonic: Good ol' Linter. He's old enough.

Fox^1: he's definately one of them for sure. i talk to bobthenewt once in a while but he mostly wow's and i quit wow but before i quit i talked to him daily.

Psyonic: Oh really?

Fox^1: yeah bob and i are friends

Psyonic: So WoW didn't quite wow you?

Psyonic: haha. Bad joke.

Fox^1: haha yeah

Fox^1: angel i still talk to. basic, yoda...

Psyonic: Ok well i'll let you finish up with some shoutouts! I think I've taken more then enough of your time. Since I've had you for a little more then half an hour.

Fox^1: sure, mostly all those guys i listed: dudey... cb.... jaood... jaood and i are like brothers. i'm just good friend with a lot of people, they are all awesome, so many great personalities.

Psyonic: Is there anything else you'd like to say? About or to anyone in particular?

Fox^1: well i think JV has done a great job with it over the years and i see that the newer people like Lucky are taking it to the next level well, not that lucky is a new guy, but new to modding the site.

Psyonic: Dag is also taking a crack at it if you didn't know.

Fox^1: dag oh god, see i miss so many people on shoutouts

Psyonic: lol

Fox^1: dag and i used to pug bgh and random maps ALL the time. we kinda drifted but i still have a place in my heart for that sexy guy.

Psyonic: Zerg~Ling is also helping with the new site design

Fox^1: oh sweet

Psyonic: he's talanted. Remember WarSmith? Good times.

Fox^1: zerg~ling talented? of course he is. he has the name zerg in his name.. duh

Psyonic: lol

Fox^1: warsmith. who the hell is that? the only war i remember is warleaderjustin.

Psyonic: No. The website.

Fox^1: oh no clue what you're talking about ;D

Psyonic: Oh, it was a project of Dialtone_'s and Zerg~Ling's. A website//comic//SC site

Fox^1: dialtone i remember him..

Psyonic: Well, thanks again Mr. Fox^1 for your time

Fox^1: anytime

Psyonic: I'll compile this all up and have it posted on Rook's corner and I'll get to writing your Wiki page

Fox^1: i love all you guys at even though i never visit there anymore that place always have a place in my heart :D

Psyonic: <3!

Fox^1: <33