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"I knew some shenanigans were afoot."

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Reaver188: so are you ready?
Lingoral: ^^
Lingoral: Sure, start it up.
Reaver188: Ok. First things first
Reaver188: Mr.........
Reaver188: Andersen............
Lingoral: Ye gods
Reaver188: Whats your name, age, location?
Lingoral: where's my warn button...
Lingoral: Brian Andersen
Lingoral: Denmark and at the tender age of 16
Reaver188: holy crap
Reaver188: I thought you were 20
Lingoral: Well
Reaver188: I feel old
Lingoral: So mr. psy, roll on interesting questions
Reaver188: I thought you were going to say something else
Reaver188: after Well
Reaver188: anyways...
Lingoral: No. I just pause and drink coke, Excellent communication skills
are important.
Reaver188: How long have you been playing computer games?
Reaver188: What was your first game to be exact?
Lingoral: Hmm i had a really old pc running dos
Lingoral: first game was the original snake
Lingoral: or whatever you yanks call it
Reaver188: <3 snake
Lingoral: a 1px line chasing block
Lingoral: good stuff
Reaver188: What was the first game that got you interested
Reaver188: In online gaming?
Lingoral: heh i was about to say snake -.-
Reaver188: lol
Lingoral: Starcraft was the first game i got online with
Lingoral: Got internet access just as my SC addiction started
Reaver188: So you never played any of the Westwood games?
Lingoral: I did but i consider myself a man of good taste so i dumped them
Reaver188: Hey Red Alert was a good game
Reaver188: =p
Lingoral: I wont comment on that
Reaver188: So where did you begin your online adventures at
Reaver188: I assume you didnt find ~NH right off
Lingoral: no, started on the europe servers, quickly got accustomed to LT
and such
Lingoral: i think i was browsing when i found
Lingoral: probably looking for funny UMS maps
Lingoral: :/
Reaver188: What was your favorite race at the time?
Reaver188: Zerg?
Lingoral: 10 Points mr. psy :)
Reaver188: Thank you... Mr......Andersen......
Reaver188: So when you found what was your
Lingoral: Have a warning with love
Reaver188: STOP THAT!
Reaver188: first impression?
Lingoral: first impressions were pretty good as the first couple of BR's i
read were amazing
Reaver188: Who was the first major writer you read?
Reaver188: CattleBruiser?
Lingoral: the very first was xld and someone i dont quite remember doing a
joint BR
Reaver188: Oh
Reaver188: Who was that....
Lingoral: it was linked on frontpage
Reaver188: Fox!
Lingoral: yeah
Lingoral: think so
Lingoral: game was Corblat vs. someone
Reaver188: So this was BW patch 1.07?
Reaver188: or .08?
Lingoral: Hmmm not quite sure, but pre-108
Lingoral: read some of WWC3's report too, and was hooked on the spot
Reaver188: So reading these reports got you interested in playing on US East
Reaver188: did you play ladder? or?
Lingoral: never got beyond 1200
Reaver188: So you never played WGC
Lingoral: wasn't much for it since I'm a bad loser
Lingoral: "haha"
Lingoral: i take it you haven't seen me play :/
Reaver188: No
Reaver188: Fact
Reaver188: You generally ignored me
Reaver188: anyways
Lingoral: ^^
Reaver188: So what Known'ers have you played?
Lingoral: not too many because of my weird timezone
Lingoral: of the older guys i played tmac ttboy and some other i believe
Lingoral: long time ago :o
Reaver188: What was the best//worst experience you've had on B.Net?
Perferably SC or WC
Reaver188: ^^
Lingoral: Fuck man i shoulda prepared for that
Lingoral: I suggest you edit that question out
Reaver188: Ok
Lingoral: indeed -.-
Reaver188: So what got you interested in writing reports?
Lingoral: obviously, reading reports :o
Reaver188: your first few didnt do quite so well
Reaver188: as I recall
Lingoral: indeed they didn't
Reaver188: Did that discourage you?
Lingoral: wasn't very old then
Lingoral: isn't very old now
Reaver188: Heh.
Lingoral: does it look like they did ;p
Reaver188: ^^
Lingoral: kept a steady pace of at least 1 report a month
Lingoral: in the start several a month actually
Reaver188: So did you ever wish you were a rater back then?
Lingoral: Uhm I guess so
Reaver188: explain if you can?
Lingoral: Well it's always nice to judge people and find all their faults to
throw in their faces
Reaver188: harsh
Lingoral: heh
Lingoral: or maybe i just wanted to give myself 10's
Reaver188: Now that you are a rater. How do you feel or did you ever
expected to become a rater?
Reaver188: or maybe you can answer both my questions
Reaver188: ><
Lingoral: ^^
Lingoral: Well it's nice, and to answer the second question, maybe I did
when some people starting saying I should.
Lingoral: It's all up to the big man ;)
Reaver188: Yeah we love him
Reaver188: Now that you have the highest honor of being a rater
Reaver188: and controlling our lives
Lingoral: Mmm
Lingoral: lick mah shoes boy
Reaver188: What will you try to do to help improve others do reports or
become better?
Reaver188: maybe later
Lingoral: I'd just like to say
Reaver188: help improve others do reports
Reaver188: god
Reaver188: i suck at this
Reaver188: Ok people you heard it here
Reaver188: Left Align
Lingoral: That would be the main problem I will try to adress
Lingoral: I'm not the one to give advice about grammar and such, as you can
probably see
Reaver188: If you could become a top gamer
Reaver188: would you?
Reaver188: As in if you could play the best of the best and go to Korea
Reaver188: or would you stay home and try to lead a normal life?
Lingoral: I guess it would be fun to go Grrrr... style, but ultimately I
find it hard to take games that seriously
Lingoral: It's amazing that people make money off gaming
Reaver188: Yeah
Reaver188: but some of those gamers are complete asshats
Reaver188: excuse the laguage
Lingoral: And I'm taking about tourneys here and not tillerman style crap
Reaver188: So you would be a top gamer just for the fun of it?
Lingoral: but supply and demand i guess
Reaver188: Well you and Dialtone are well on your way
Reaver188: ^^
Lingoral: Hahhahaha
Lingoral: Oh yeah man
Lingoral: RANKED 1100 PHEAR
Reaver188: How many laguages do you speak?
Lingoral: I dunno if my english count ;/
Reaver188: sure
Reaver188: dont say 2
Lingoral: Okay, heh, danish english, some german and some spanish
Lingoral: and the obligatory swahili
Reaver188: swahili?
Lingoral: when i have to get in touch with mah roots
Reaver188: ok
Reaver188: So your a Mutt
Reaver188: =p
Lingoral: Okay I think a warning more
Reaver188: this wont be a good interview
Reaver188: if you keep making me type less and less
Reaver188: tt
Lingoral: Heh, go on :)
Reaver188: Favorite color?
Lingoral: Hmmm
Reaver188: come on
Reaver188: say Pink
Lingoral: Heh no actually ima go with silver
Lingoral: no wait, whats the color of a Mac Powerbook
Reaver188: oh
Reaver188: oh
Reaver188: I dont know
Lingoral: Well, that color
Reaver188: ok
Lingoral: Could look at that all day
Lingoral: mmm
Reaver188: Guess I better wrap this up
Reaver188: Been talking for almost 15min.
Lingoral: ^^
Reaver188: Want to give some shoutouts?
Lingoral: And three warnings already
Reaver188: yeah yeah
Lingoral: I guess the nice warsmith people and dial for showing me the warn
button :)
Reaver188: =p
Lingoral: It has come in quite handy
Reaver188: Any more you wish to add?
Lingoral: Uhm
Lingoral: centered text fucking sucks
Reaver188: Ok and one last question
Reaver188: Will you continue to do reports for us?
Reaver188: Becaue we love you
Lingoral: Of course ;)
Reaver188: Yay!
Reaver188: Ok thanks Mr........Andersen..........
Reaver188: for your time
Lingoral: Whars me warn button
Reaver188: Shizzzz
Lingoral: Heh I'll spare you this time
Reaver188: <3
Lingoral: Now, how about those shoes
Reaver188: Ugh
Reaver188: fine
Reaver188: *gets on knees*
Lingoral: No, the shoes, tho that could be arranged too