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"The medic giggles as you show her your Full House. Yes, this game of strip poker is going quite well. 'This time you'll have to take off more than your first aid kit,' you say with a sly wink."
- Drefsab

#1 Eugeniosochileno[167103]
yay finally! ive been waiting like a month for this to get approved!
#2 Eugeniosochileno[167104]
anyway, if you like the report, i will continue.
#3 Nathan[167106]
I enjoyed reading this. UMS was what really kept WC3 MP alive, I don't think I played all that many actual matches of normal WC3.
#4 Eugeniosochileno[167107]
Great! that means the sequel will follow! expect it to be boring ok?
#5 Eugeniosochileno[167110]
Ok sorry for the incredibly long delay. I will make part 2 real soon, as soon as i have a day off.

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