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"wtf i should get hit by a fucking truck"
- Hawk

#1 PsyonicReaver[167091]
Not really rate worthy but thanks.
#2 EldritchEvil[167092]
God bless PR, you a good people and I hope you do well in life.
#3 Neobowman[167096]
Really enjoyed watching all your commentaries back in the day. Glad everything worked out man and it's great that you're doing well. Stay happy =).
#4 Jamie[167100]
I never knew the psyonic reaver caster was the psyonic reaver battlereporter - mind = blown haha :) So neat to see how you stayed with the scene the whole way through. I too have followed the RTS/Progaming scene from those really old battlereports that Blizzard did for that first tournament that Zileas won to modern day LoL LCS. A family, house and career have come but still the passion remains.

It's really amazing that you lived your dream and rode the pulse from the infancy of the scene to all that it has become (and lost). That was pretty inspiring to read.

#5 [167101]
Hey Psy! Nice stuff, I hadn't noticed it right away. Such nostalgia...
#6 Nathan[167105]
How did the lease on the gamer house end? riot carried you long enough to see it through to the end, and then not renew it?
#7 Mathusala0[167111]

I doubt you remember me, we played together in a Nohunter FFA with a crew of suspects no better than the moss growing between the toes of the great names that inhabit this site. I remember playing the whole game thinking you were some random new guy dragged from the depths of the internet to join us in our archaic ritual of playing broodwar together. When I was told later that you were in fact the REAL you... A part of me was upset that I couldn't tell you how honored I felt to be playing with one of the greats. You, along with Mattz and Greth, were one of my childhood heroes giving meaning to my existence in my otherwise meaningless youth. I just wanted you to know that your reports, along with the community that they led me to, were a very important and incredible part of my life. I hope that we'll face off again some day

Best wishes, Mathusala
#8 test[167127]

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