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"not fucxking agains"

#1 JVegas[167081]

Yeah Drefsab, the site was a rockin' at one time. I had a lot of fun here. I'm probably going to archive the site somehow. I don't think we'll see any new reports these days.

Was a good ride!
#2 The.Confessor[167082]
*Sniff* oh god, the feels.

I am going to echo everything Drefsab said, the passion in retrospect I put into creating reports towards the end, particularly using god-awful trial versions of image editing software on a slow as crap computer, adding random crap like alt-text for every image and animated minimaps at the end. This all came from an admiration, learning, and competitiveness with the other reporters.

I want to highlight that WilliamWC3 in particular produced incredible stuff. In the unlikely event anyone reading this hasn't seen these, here's some nostalgia:

My best BR:
WilliamWC3's landmark (imho) BR:
#3 Fizban[167083]
I have never had the level of nostalgia for a game that I had for BW. This site was instrumental in helping me realize my affinity for writing, continuing my interest in sci-fi, and finding friends to share the journey. I still have fond memories of FFA's, turtling with cannon and templar as I built my carrier/arbiter fleet. Good times ;)

#4 Dr.Zchivago[167084]
Instructions for you, Drefsab...

get to the active forum
go to the wiki
email me


And GREAT to hear from you, even if it is just a drive by!
#5 Cy[167085]
I was only ever a reader of battle reports, but I'd like to echo the nostalgia here. This site set the gold standard for battle reports back in the day, and helped turn them into an art form. To me it's emblematic of the phenomenon that was (and is) Starcraft I, and the unique devotion it inspired.

The rise of YouTube and video commentaries eventually sounded the death knell of the Battle Report Era, and I, too, rarely come by here anymore, but each time I do, I'm happy to see the old site still there and looking the same as always. In our modern throw-away society and on the Internet in particular, that's nothing to take for granted. Much thanks to Johnny Vegas for preserving the wonderful site he created, and I echo Drefsab's sentiment: may it live forever! (or at least until I'm gone)

There were so many great reporters who contributed to this site over the years, but my favorite was Breeze.

(*very* occasional commenter on; also known as qrs on
#6 Nathan[167086]
thanks to everyone that spent their time to put all this together.
#7 EldritchEvil[167087]
cheers mate
#8 Neoviper[167088]
I must have first stumbled across this site when I was about fourteen, having just read the reports on the old starcraft website. I barely knew what a dragoon was, but the writing was entertaining, so naturally I wanted more. After a quick google search came right up; the first report I remember reading was The Crowd Invisible by Zerg~Ling. At the time I had no idea of the goldmine I had stumbled across, but on some level I must have appreciated the well designed layout, good usage of screenshots, and of course amazing writing.

I continued to read voraciously, coming across several other lovely contributors such as Bobthenewt, Dagomar, Eldritch Evil, and many others. Cattlebruiser's footmen frenzy report easily convinced me to give it a try, and I became fairly obsessed with it. It was simple and easy to jump in and contribute to the endless sacrificial footman ritual, but there were so many little things to keep learning about the heroes, items, creeps to buy, and so on.

Years went by and still I visited the website frequently; if there were no new reports to read, then I'd go search through the archives to find as yet undiscovered treasures. One of my favorite reports is actually one of yours Drefsab, it was called Surviving in Memory. I found the concept to be quite interesting, coupled with very good writing to ensure the idea was fully realized. I liked your other reports as well, but that one was the first for me, and thus enjoys some bias.

As time went on I came to really value the website, it's been there through most of my teenage years. I still fondly look back on it now and again, re-reading some of my favorite br's or searching for old ones just waiting to be read. Every one of the reports I viewed, has helped shape the way I write today. Thank you for being exceptional writers and amazing people.

I'd love to see this site stay up, if not actively, then at least in an archived form. I must thank you JV for keeping it up this whole time. I've seen so many sites, when their days have passed, vanish without a trace. Occasionally I would consider writing a report of my own, even making a few faltering attempts, to no avail. Maybe one of these days I'll come back and finally submit one.
#9 striz[167089]
I first found this site when I was a 14- or 15-year-old kid. I remember it feeling so heartening to see how many talented people were communicating so much, and so frequently, about a game I adored that they scarcely couldn't get the words out fast enough.

As time went on, I slowly read my way through most of the gold reports. The forums were a source of joy, and gradually, the quotes that JV placed at the top of the page began to make more and more sense as the personalities of the writers who inhabited began to come through.

Towards the end of my stay, and of the life of the site, there were a few memorably FFA evenings — this was once the original generation seemed to have moved on — and I cherish those profanity-laced adventure hours. Mattz, Decay, Greth — whatup, fellas.

Drefsab, you were a big part of my time on this site; one of the reasons for my arrival and one of the reasons I stayed. Thank you for your work and your humour. This letter that you posted today is a true timepiece; now, with video streaming easily visible the world over and all manner of infrastructure dedicated to the broadcasting and reporting of eSports, it's hard to conceive of a time when we all just read it. Words on a page. But now, amidst all the glitz and glam of the modern Starcraft scene, it's a sincere pleasure to look back on this time, this place, and all that was shared here.
#10 |]ag[167090]
Thanks for this little post. Somehow it seems fitting that you would be the one to sign us all off.

Years later, it's strange to think about how much time and energy we all poured into this little community. Even stranger is how vivid the memories remain. People I met through this site were as real to me as any real-life friends; the art I created here meant more to me than any high school assignment. The time I spent with many of you helped me escape the most difficult years of my life. The criticism and compliments I received here helped me succeed professionally as the years passed and my reporting days were long since behind me.

Still, I don't tell anyone about what we did here. I visit the site once every few months, often with a mixture of nostalgia and regret. For me, as for many others, this has become a sort of shrine to a part of my teenage life. I was not the same person when I came here as I was when I left, and in a weird way this site records that transformation, with all its ups and downs.

What bothers me at times: this site did not need to die. Video games may be the quintessential art form of the 21st century. This site allowed us to approach them creatively, respond personally, socially, using every different kind of media. That's still important, and it makes me think that there may be another someday.

If so, perhaps I'll see many of you there. In the meantime, a final shout out to KeanuReaver, LuckyNewbie, JV, Mattz, Zergling, SCN, and all the other guys I tried (and usually failed) to kill on And all the best to my favourite reporters: Praetor, YRM, and WilliamWC3.

Hope you guys are all as successful in life as you were while killing me in 1v1s.
#11 EldritchEvil[167093]
i echo Dag's sentiments.
#12 Warfare[167094]
I'd like to give a big shoutout to whosgotlag as well for fixing many of those great, but previously broken, battlereports.

#13 Warfare[167095]
BTW, I saw someone playing TF2 the other day using the name Drefsab. I asked him if he was you. He said he knew about the site, but he was not you.
#14 Breeze[167098]
Such great times. So much passion, such colossal efforts, so many inspired guys with different styles and talents. All that without any monetary incentives involved.

I don't remember if I ever offered an apology for some very immature behaviour towards the raters, rating system in general and... of course Bob :). I have certainly done it in my mind a lot of times. was a big lesson for me. I didn't realise it at the time and I was too stubborn to accept how wrong I was about a lot of things. Life has humbled me down though and I've often looked back at that journey, always changing my views a bit.

I am most sorry about disrespecting the rating system which I now think was organised pretty well and definitely needed, one very fun and motivating aspect of the site. The raters were doing a good job and didn't deserve what I did and said. I was clearly an idiot. Related quote about the jealous reporters is embarrassing but also fucking hilarious at the same time.

In the end for me it was an interesting trade off - the energy I extracted from my often blind fanboyism and donkey stubbornness was actually put to good use somehow, despite my boring writing that I never managed to improve (that is one thing I actually realised at the time already but could really do nothing about it). I see a lot of young guys and gals with similar foolish views of the world who put a lot of passion into things for the wrong reasons but actually produce an intriguing result and I smile to myself.

In some less self-centered words - thank you,
#15 Jamie[167099]
Wow - *tears* - oh so long ago..
#16 SCV~007[167115]
Really hope you can archive it so its still possible to go back and read the old reports JV. Agree with Dref, was an awesome site back in the day and I had alot of fun too. Saw this post now in 2015 so I guess I dont come by very often :)
#17 Bane[167124]
Dref and anyone reading,

I was here for a brief time, but because I was so young at the time it was a huge part of my life and is still a huge part of my memory growing up. Thanks for writing this. It's amazing and bittersweet to see the site still standing.

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