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" Long ago, there was a boy, almost a man, who wished, on his birthday, to become a man. Sitting in his home, waiting for the world to see his strength, poise, and stature, he wished only to gain the respect and trust of his peers. What he got instead was Starcraft, and it was better then all that other shit. "
- LoZeR-X's The First Battle Report by LoZeR-X

#1 Praetor[167050]
Cross-posted from Blistered Thumbs. (Presumably by the author.)

Extremely well-written review.
#2 Greth[167052]
Best thing to ever come out of someone with an all caps nickname.
Heh, I was just a little kid when I came up with that name.

It did take me a while to reinsert the pictures on, so it was a bit more time consuming than your usual cross-post. It was worth it though, because I took the opportunity to expand the picture size to fill the screen. Besides, I miss my old stomping grounds!

I have, however, taken another round of editing to the article. Is there any way for me to edit this report?

#4 HiveFleet[167063]
The main error I recently rectified in this review was that Nehrim actually took fifty hours to play! My bad!

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