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#1 Praetor[167050]
Cross-posted from Blistered Thumbs. (Presumably by the author.)

Extremely well-written review.
#2 Greth[167052]
Best thing to ever come out of someone with an all caps nickname.
Heh, I was just a little kid when I came up with that name.

It did take me a while to reinsert the pictures on, so it was a bit more time consuming than your usual cross-post. It was worth it though, because I took the opportunity to expand the picture size to fill the screen. Besides, I miss my old stomping grounds!

I have, however, taken another round of editing to the article. Is there any way for me to edit this report?

#4 HiveFleet[167063]
The main error I recently rectified in this review was that Nehrim actually took fifty hours to play! My bad!

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