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#1 Greth[167030]
#2 striz[167031]
gotta hand it to ya ... in the close-to-a-decade I've been hanging around here I don't think I've ever seen an attempt at a poetical 'report'.

well in.

next I want haikus:

rolling, pulsing slime
hurts not the viking armor
i wish they could jump
#3 Possumo[167032]
Well it certainly wasn't a long read :)
#4 Axemaster The Fierce[167033]
Great haiku! Maybe I should make an entire report in haiku paragraphs :D

Roaches burrow fast
I scan the little hell beasts
No more roach problem

And I'll make the next one twice as long Possumo!

Thanks for the comments all. This battle report was a little closer to the game than my last WC 3 one here:

Yeah, gotta plug my history.
#5 Possumo[167034]
An 8 for this? Here comes a flood of poetical reports :)

I swear some raters are just aching for something to rate :P
#6 .Praetor[167035]
I considered a 9, but I didn't like the last fourth of the poem as much as the rest. And if I see a flood of poetical reports, that'd be awesome!

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