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"Cheers, ~Cattle-Spread'nLov'nInTheWorld-Bruiser~"

#1 striz[167002]
first ever first
#2 Timid[167020]
Good read!
#3 Possumo[167025]
#4 [167026]
So old school. Love it. 9.
#5 Greth[167027]
I don't know what's worse...
.Praetor, one of the old Gods, posting a report and I didn't notice for a month or the fact that it only has 4 (now 5) comments ... (one of them being a first).

Eh, ... I might as well:

#6 [167029]
Old school battle report FTW!
#7 [167037]
#8 wakiki[167043]
Another cool report.
#9 test[167128]

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