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"If perchance I have misquoted you, or spelt your name wrong, or missed something like that, email me/ICQ me and I will cordially tell you i don't give a shit"

#1 [166970]
Holy expletive deleted Batman, it's a .Praetor sighting!

#2 WilliamWC3[166973]
'lo ancient one. This was good stuff. I had no idea you wrote a trollerific report in 04. You should rejoin the melee over at nhdf.
#3 [166974]
Very nice, very .Praetoresque FFA report. I'm definitely hoping for more of these, or at least anything more from you.

Giving it an eight.
#4 [166975]
haha welcome Praetor!
#5 micro[166978]
black on white, pic-less, mostly written from memory, and not a linked html file. truly, this is old school.

fun read, good report.
#6 Possumo[166981]
Enjoyable read, and i like your off the cuff reporting style. However, there were quite a few awkward sentances which were a bit unclear, and made the report a little difficult to understand at times. Still I can tell you just wanted to get this one out and not waste too much time on finicky details, and considering the complete lack of reports at the moment, it's a pleasure to read an extremely close and well written report. Would have loved a few crummy pictures though to fleshen the battles out though, especially the massive battle with the Zerg near the end. I guess we can always check out the replay for ourselves though like you mentioned :)

#7 .Praetor[166982]
thanks for the comments, everyone
#8 Greth[166983]
We are not worthy!
#9 striz[166994]
Fantastic. I liked the almost ... deified rhetoric: "I saw ... and it pleased me." I do not feel pictures would have added much, such was the quality. The theatre of the final moments ("ok, squad") was excellent and tied in with the single player idea of terran forces isolated and outnumbered against an unknown force.

Well in.
#10 Hexpoll[166996]
Awesome report, very enjoyable. What is particularly nice is that you discuss your intentions and suspicions instead of giving a pure "this is what happened" type of report. Knowing what happened is less interesting than knowing WHY.

#11 [166999]
Last night Praetor beat me with Ultras one game, and Battle Cruisers the next. He's deadly!
#12 .Praetor[167001]
Let's just keep playing on long travel time maps where you can't abuse my weak early game!
#13 Seyar[167023]
Could we get links to the JV/.Praetor replays please? I love high level games, and find too many stinkers when shopping around blind.

Oh, and great report, very interesting even with the lack of pictures.
#14 .Praetor[167024]
I posted the two games in the replay section, but for my money go through PLOwbie and Alacrity's replays for consistent high level of play replays on Most are great games, a few are strat demonstrations.
#15 [167038]
I bestow upon you another 8.
#16 wakiki[167042]
Man, I love text-only reports. Pictures are just so clunky and annoying; text-only reports are way smoother. =]

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