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"This report is ok"
-Smoked Pork, on YRM's WW3FFA reports.

#1 mattzarella[166957]

love Nethack, reading now
#2 micro[166959]
whoops, forgot to add a link to the comments section in the report. it's there now.
#3 micro[166960]
battlereporting ain't what it used to be.
#4 anon[166961]
What did it used to be then?
#5 micro[166962]
there used to be a minimum dozen comments by the end of the day even on the shittiest reports, and at least half of them were worth reading. how long has it been now? and i own more than half on my own report, and most of them are complaints about how isn't what it used to be.
#6 Possumo[166963]
Yeah i was expecting a big influx of people looking for some good SC2 reports, but maybe they are just old fashioned now?! That said, there really hasn't been many reports at all over the last few years, and while many of them have been good, coming back every few months only to see that not new had been posted would probably make you lose interest. I'm sure it was even better back in the early SC days, but i loved this place around the time WC3 came out, and the community and the quality reports continued on for a few years after that too.

Oh well... I'm sure there must be some amazing new SC2 reports being created as i type this... but honestly... you'd have thought there would have been at least one post launch battlereport by now...

We need Zerg~ling back... and CB~ need's to keep his shortlived return going!

I live in hope...
#7 Possumo[166964]
Wow i obviously have a short term memory problem... there has been a post-launch SC2 battlereport, and it was pretty good. Still... one SC2 report in exactly a month since it's release?!
#8 anon[166965]
Reports are now in youtube format. I think that might be one reason.
#9 anon[166966]
Also, your report is awesome.
#10 Possumo[166969]
Yeah of course, i guess that's a lot more accessible isn't it? No need to do anything old fashioned such as "read". :)
#11 [166972]
Very nice, enjoyable report. And you didn't even include gratuitous Harrison Ford pictures!

Writing was nice, pics were well-done and the overall vibe was good. Information was presented in a very clear way and you wore the fedora all the way through. Gonna give it a nine.
#12 micro[166977]
thanks, maar. and yeah, i fought the urge to shoop ford into everything.
#13 Artius[167000]
Awesome. I read the first section -- can't wait to finish it!

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