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"Going all scouts didn't work out. Go fig."

#1 des[166951]
whoops just meant to approve
#2 Anon[166952]
So, none reads these anymore?
#3 Seyar[166953]
I didn't like the tone of the report, as well as the horrible formatting.

Not something I enjoyed.
#4 micro[166955]
pics were fine if u have widescreen monitor :O
#5 mattzarella[166958]
This was pretty hard to read. . .

Let's go over some of the good things about this report first.

- it was in English, or something close to it
- you had pictures
- it was on a 4v4, which isn't something you see a lot

Now for the bad.

- you need to work on your formatting. You've inserted paragraph tags into your HTML where there shouldn't be any and this makes it really, really difficult to read. It's okay to have normal-sized paragraphs. Don't break up the writing mid-sentence.

- the above was also not helped by some poor sentence structure and grammar.

- you only had one minimap update, and that was at the very end of the report. in large games, these are particularly important. It's difficult to keep track of who's doing what.

I'll keep going and rate this later.
#6 [167039]
I have just passed the first picture and I already hate your formatting. Now to continue on.
#7 [167040]
Copy and paste what matt said.

I'll give it a 5.

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