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"I'm your host, the Cynical Magician, and welcome to another BR about wax lips."

#1 [166929]
#2 ~CattleBruiser~[166930]
I like your writing style and would love to see what you can write about a better game. The self-deprecating thing doesn't always work, but I found that it piqued my interest. The quality and polish of the writing kept me reading even after I realized it wouldn't be a great game. Nice job!
#3 Kaqmere the Kunning[166931]
Thank you. I had decided to be as brutal to myself as to my opponent, which wasn't that difficult, considering the quality of the game. It's good to hear praise from such a reporter as yourself.
#4 Possumo[166933]
What he said ^ :P

Your writing is indeed pretty good, but you still seem to be a fairly new/inexperienced player, so if you don't mind doing reports on other people's games, maybe find a good pro replay on or somewhere similar, and report that, and I'm sure you will get a much warmer reception.
As for the pictures, while it was great you included them, taking more screenshots of the actual battles or armies would probably be a big improvement. You mentioned your attacks such as the ultralisk and guardian assault, but without pictures to flesh out the battles, it made it difficult to convey to the reader exactly what is going on.

But don't let anyone's criticism put you off, please keep writing, we need more reporters, especially those such as yourself who actually have writing skills.
#5 Kaqmere the Kunning[166934]
Thanks for the criticism, I'd rather have people putting me down than claiming I can't possibly improve. I didn't want to risk my first report being on a game someone else already did, and I still don't have very many replays to work with.

I'm thinking of doing a report on a game I observed a while back on I'll have to tread lightly though; I only just realized it was between two excellent ICCup players: G5 and Machine. No one has posted the replay or reported on it, so I think I'm in the clear.
#6 Kaqmere the Kunning[166935]
Actually I meant "WCG players." From what I know, neither of them has played in ICCup.
#7 Possumo[166936]
Excellent man sounds perfect. There aren't too many battlereports out there by the way, so i think regardless of the replay you choose, you can be fairly certain someone hasn't even watched the game yet, let alone battle reported it.

Look forward to reading it :D
#8 Kaqmere the Kunning[166937]
Yeah, that's what I thought. Unfortunately, it turns out that my replay was mis-labeled. I am working on a report of a game that was significantly better than the one I used for this report, though. The players weren't pros, but they can play the game.

I'm waiting for a rating on this report before I post the next one, but if I get impatient I'll probably just post it anyway.
#9 [166938]
I laughed at that spawning pool placement pic, but mostly because it reminded me of a professional PvP I watched not too long ago where one of the players (I think it was Best?) similarly blocked his geyser with a cybernetics core trying to constrict zealot movement. I've made that same mistake with all three races more times than I care to admit and holy crap is it a pain in the butt.

This report was quite enjoyable for me. It's been forever since I looked at BW the way you do in this game, and it was a nice breath of fresh air. The format was quite nice and the text was very well done.

The lack of pictures of the actual action is a little tough to take in, but the images that are here serve their purpose(s) very well, and I really like the touch of putting text in the in-game display. I especially like the final picture and caption; I suppose that with Nal_rA in retirement Daddy_Dank is aiming to take over his position as the Flower Toss.

Obviously the game was bad, but it wasn't presented as anything else. The execution was nice, especially for a first time, but not great, which is certainly understandable for a first time, and made no pretense about what it aimed to be. Really entertaining report for me.

Gave it a seven, and I'm definitely hopeful we'll see more from you.

Oh, and G5 and Machine are A-/A level players on ICCup (at least they have been in the past, not sure how much they've played lately with SC2 beta available). ICCup is just a ladder, and anybody can participate as long as they sign up; WCG (at least the level of WCG participation those two have attained) is far more exclusive.
#10 Possumo[166939]
Congrats Kaqmere, it's a rare honor to pick up a gold rating in your first report! I hope it gives you extra incentive to keep reporting!

Look forward to your latest.

#11 Sabotage[166946]
Needs more pictures, but I LOVE the way you wrote the report twice. Even if it was newbish, the game was actually entertaining to follow. But you definitely needed pictures of the battles

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