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"You know we should start a seniors tour like in golf. Over 30 only and sucky players welcomed."

#1 [166913]
Approved! Now to read.
#2 all-fear[166914]
#3 Jaood[166915]
#4 Timid[166916]
1st! haha
#5 [166917]
Darn good battle report, very funny stuff, I really like the format your using for these, nice work!
#6 MuLepton[166918]
Two (very good, but I don't think anybody would've expected anything else) reports in one week, impressive. Fun reads both of them.
#7 HurtnTime[166919]
awesome report
#8 Greth[166920]
Great, after reading this nobody is even going to bother writing SC2 reports. Potential battlereporters already have the angst and anxiety levels of a Dubai Ice-sculptor. And you throw in some hairdryers.
#9 Dragonsven[166921]
TvT is definitely the most interesting mirror match with the diversity of units available to the race. Interesting read.
#10 ~CattleBruiser~[166923]
I'm probably not going to write many reports once SC2 goes live, and if I do, they won't deviate much from the simple template. This will give new reporters plenty of room to strut their stuff. All of you old reporters should join in too! Make me look bad.
#11 [166925]
Alright, I've wrestled with this long enough. I've been bouncing back and forth between two ratings for this ever since I read it, but I've finally decided to just go with my first reaction.

This was a very nice report. Formatted well, very easy to follow writing and nice pictures with solid humor spliced in. Spoilered in-game statistics continue to entice my senses. All in all, just the expected CB polish on a solid, if simple, report style.

That said, I feel like this was a (small, granted) step down from the previous report in almost all areas. The template was the same, but I think that really only helped to make the differences feel larger between the two reports. Comparing reports isn't really a good way to rate them, but I feel like your previous report is the exact definition of what these kinds of reports should be, so I treat comparisons to it as more of comparisons to the goal here.

I still greatly enjoyed this report (and I'm anxiously awaiting SC2's official release so I can get some Korean BBQ delivered; it's a two-hour drive for me to find any) but it just feels like a very solid, high eight instead of a nine to me so I'm rating it accordingly.
#12 RandomHero[166945]
Wow, I am amazed to see you still writing these! Great report, funny, well written, nicely formatted. Hope to read more in the future.

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