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"~LeLa~ and I_Hate_Medics aren't the same person. They live in the same town. It is called a very good ISP. "

#1 Jaood[166898]
#2 Jaood[166899]
JV will have to either implement a new color scheme to differentiate between SC1 and SC2 battlereports in the listings (both brown) or at least retire one of the other colors. Westwood RTS and Age of Empires taking up the blues? C'mon, what is this, the 20th century? Give Westwood RTS some stupid color like puce so SC2 can get blue.
#3 Jaood[166900]
Now to read...
#4 [166901]
I really liked your writing, I'm not sure if you've always been this good or if you've gotten better with age. I guess I'll need to go re-read some of the classics. Some stuff had me laughing out loud, like the Uwe Boll comment

What the heck happened to this picture? It looks like it was put through a bad filter or something:
#5 Alacrity[166904]
Very nice!! Love those PvTs.
#6 [166905]
Haha there were some really funny quotes in there, such as the one about how apparently anyone from Alabama can operate alien technology, lol.

Great finished quality with the usual CB polish and nice clean expandable stats sections, nice work!!
#7 Jaood[166906]
Lucky, that is the graphical effect of what Comsat looks like now. Satan cast it because of the DT right in the middle.
#8 all-fear[166907]
the wit, it is.... all powerful
#9 [166908]
Yeah, I know that circular yellow figure is the comsat, but the terrain and units below look really different from all the other pictures, imo. It's almost as if it were run through a photoshop contrast or grain filter. More likely, it's something else the comsat effect contains that just looks ugly in a screenshot?
#10 ~CattleBruiser~[166909]
Thanks for the kind comments besides Jaoodspam. I didn't run screenshots through any filters other than Resample and Sharpen -- must have just been an odd angle or something.
#11 -zX-Ravage-[166910]
nice 1 cb!!
#12 micro[166911]
sc2 cb report. nice mix of new wonder and nostalgia.
#13 [166912]
Stream of Consciousness commenting incoming.

First thought: slick, on-site CSS; it's been so long since you did a report I almost forgot how amazing they always look. I feel the reveal of no lesbians came a little early. Almost a deal breaker. Likewise I feel the reveal of Alyssa Milano may have come too early.

A short google search and a scant few videos later and we're back. Spoilered economy details do, indeed, make me giddy in special places. Good God the writing is good in this early build up section. More spoilered statistics, now with tasty units tab, mmmm good.

Jesus, the alt-text has improved in this section, and it was great before. Excellent shifting from livened opening text to matter-of-fact description.

More great alt-text combined with Banshees killing a Mothership. Obviously they flew over the Mothership! More spoilered statistics and a preview of CBS's fall lineup, cool.

Impressive (doubly so when you consider your previous works and the expectations they set) report, great pictures, excellent writing and a great layout.

Not overly fancy, but incredibly solid. Giving it a nine.
#14 [166941]
So I actually read a battlereport and even remembered my raters tag. What the hell? This was nice. The pics were so-so, but that goes along with the pared down style you were shooting for. The game seemed a bit one-sided too, but some of the writing was pretty clever. 8!
#15 [166944]
What's up? Nice report dude. I did like the writing and the simple clean layouts. Though seriously, don't hate on the animated minimaps! Cheers!

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