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"More Drones"

#1 [166880]
I hope this report gives you all gangrene of the hair follicles.
#2 Timid[166881]
Sweet! Great report. I knew it would be good as I liked your other br's.

However, one of the pictures cuts a paragraph off right after:
" crapload of psi storm. His infantry get chopped in half by the weather, and he backs off."

#3 [166882]
This was less bad than I was led to believe. Not sure whether that improves or decreases your rating...gotta think about it.

BTW, pics of the sandwich or it didn't happen.
#4 MuLepton[166885]
Very entertaining read (as is usual with EE's reports).

Timid: I didn't see anything get cut off at that paragraph.
#5 [166886]
Ugh! I guess if EE is the last of the reporters (notice no love for All-Fear? Poor guy.) then I'm the last bastion of the raters (notice how I cast aside All-Fear's report getting the max number of ratings in just a couple days). To show solidarity between similarly isolated people, I wish upon you all eternal bunching up of the sock immediately below the bend of the toe.

Really nice report, despite the marketing (I see your ploy to lower expectations, or, more accurately, I see THROUGH it, sir!) though I have to say that while I really like titled text as an idea, I felt it got really busy by the time the action started. I sort of would have preferred if more of those were handled parenthetically since it would have been less of a hassle to access all the information present. Granted, you were probably trying to maximize hassle on general principle, but it still bears stating. Also, there needs to be a link to the comments section.

Writing was good, pics were good, alt-text was good (SFR) and the game made for a good battlereport. Had to battle with myself over the rating, though. In the end, I decided the report felt like a fairly high eight, not a low nine so I've rated accordingly. Still a damn fine read, though. Looking forward to the next one.
#6 [166887]
Actually, nevermind adjusting the titled text into parenthetical remarks. Very few of them would have worked like that, so either just omit them or keep doing it like you are and I'll just grumble to myself. I don't think it really detracted enough from the flow to be much of a problem, though, just slightly irritating when I have to move my mouse around more while reading a report than I do while winning a BW PvT.

Also (in regards to the "hassle his hoff" title text): "Illegal in 49 states! Guess which one permits it: Missouri, but only because they haven't heard of it yet." Don't you mean "... SEEN it yet?"

One last note: I'm going to assimilate your word "Blinksters" into my vocabulary and use it to identify audiences that don't laugh at my routines. Rejoice! Your new word should be used at least four times a week from now on!
#7 [166888]
hey sweet bro tnx for the rating. let's talk shop for a bit:

I was trying to use the titled text as a place for both comedic and informational asides (since most people haven't played SC2 yet obviously) without clogging up the text of the report itself, but I guess making people mouse-over a bunch of sentences to get the full content is just as cumbersome as including them in the body of the report. I think as comedic extras they work well (since it actually lets me set up timing in my jokes, difficult to do in text) but perhaps the more informative ones would be better served by a full-text inclusion? I don't know. What do you think?

Also the hassle of the hoff is not an act that can be witnessed directly (since it requires direct participation by both parties such that their vision is occluded, don't ask)
#8 [166890]
Yeah, what you outlined is more what I was thinking of. I noticed, however, that the section that I found the most bothersome (from minimap.jpg to 2.jpg) contained almost solely comedic asides which, as you mentioned, perform much better as title text. There's a similar density of text around image 11.jpg, but I found it drastically less jarring, probably because the story was well established by then.

I definitely think the informational asides should be in the text proper, but I don't think having the funny ones as titled text is too deterring (and, in fact, I think they work drastically better that way; back joke as titled text seems easier to write off as a reader than a bad joke in the actual text) so I'd keep those as is. I would suggest keeping those humorous ones to a minimum while the report is trying to get started, though, to keep from bogging down with the constant mousing around.

Sadly, if Missourians can't see the hassle of the hoff, then I fear it will never be outlawed. Their motto may be fairly nonsensical ("What do you mean you want me to show you an imaginary number?!)" but they're staunchly committed.
#9 [166891]
hahaha i forgot about that dumb motto, that makes it even funnier now

thanks for the tips!
#10 wakiki[166892]
This report was great. Great game and writing -- that's all that you need.

I ignored the yellow texts and went back and read them after I as finished. For OCD people like maar though, I bet it's pretty annoying. I'd recommend leaving most of them out.
#11 Possumo[166893]
Enjoyable report, although like All-Fears i think we set up a fund for donations towards getting you guys computers that aren't shitty enough to have all the graphical settings on low. It actually made things hard to identify, and was actually less clear than BW. Also, BC's have 550 hp not 500, and air generally should work better against them because their attacks are stronger vs ground, although things like void rays do get annilated by yamato, speaking of which did he have that? And if so why didn't he own your mothership?

With your HT's also, you really should of used feedback, especially since he wasn't using yamato (which 1 hour into the game i don't understand at all...) you would have been able to easily blow them out of the sky far more effectively than using storm.

Anyways, i guess its easy to theorycraft, but for a platinium player I'm surprised you didn't already know that (or am i being presumptuous?

#12 Possumo[166894]
I meant to say that although void rays do get owned by yamato, since he wasn't using it, they do work very well against BC's especially with some phoenix's for meat.

Protoss is really missing a strong air to air fighter though, i miss scouts :(
#13 [166897]
keep in mind that at the time of this report i had played like 30 games or something

i still don't like any toss air b/c it all sucks and void rays get their SHIT ROCKED by vikings in any numbers so you're giving the T a really, really easy counter to your BC counter

stalkers are better (feedback ownz)
#14 BlackTerror[166932]
Hey yo. Colossi are not tripods because they are quadrupeds. Peace.
#15 [166943]
I really liked this. You said you weren't going for visual style but the visuals looked solid to me. Writing as ever is good. I think it's a high 8, so what the hell: 9.
#16 Sabotage[166947]
CLOSE game! Entertaining read. I think you bash on stalkers a little too much :p Vikings and BCs (the staple of a healthy terran's airforce) both fall pretty fast to them

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