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"Bob sux. Nuff said"

#1 micro[166870]
first on the first sc2 br. suhweet.

approve it already!
#2 [166871]
First person that matters on the first sc2 BR! (;p micro)

Approved! Will read later.
#3 mattzarella[166872]
First person to have pleased a woman on the first SC2 BR.
#4 micro[166873]
mattz always has the best of the bandwagon

also, nice report.
#5 [166874]
The report itself felt like a 7, then the alt-text brought it up to 7.5 (I really loved that Daniel Lee comment) and it being the first SC2 BR means you get an eight from me.

BTW, I don't have the beta but I watched Day[9] commentating the Zotac cup finals yesterday and holy shit, Planetary Fortresses are wrecking balls, man! I can just picture that thing saving your ass - it shoots like 2 million times a second for the love of god! Awesome comeback!

@mattz: neither your mom nor Decay count, sorry.
#6 Dag[166875]

Nice. More like a 6.5 to me because of picture quality and the paucity of text, but whatever I'll rate a 7. I assume SC2 is pretty good, then? Any word on minimum specs?

#7 all-fear[166876]
blizzard designed it to be backwards compatible with old rigs on low settings.

check this out:

should run on 1g ram/2ghz 256video( my friend with these sorta specs lags in 2v2)
#8 [166877]
w00tah the first SC2 report!!!!
#9 [166878]
I give it a nine because it helps me understand a little bit more how to handle zerg as a terran, which I thus far do not understand. Also I am happy to see a SC2 report of course! Making reapers was a stroke of genius, I haven't heard of anyone trying that late game versus zerg. I agree the planetary fortress is insane. I had a an armageddon type battle recently where the Zerg Broodlord armada and a ton of lings attacked my 3 bunker, 1 Planetary Fortress with +2 armor (giving the PF +5 armor) from the eng bay. In hindsight I didn't take advantage of the PF enough, as most of the time my troops were out in front of the bunkers, as that was the only location that my Thor could go to hit the Broodlords, and I had to protect the Thor. Next time I am going to leave some space for the Thor to stand between the bunkers and the CC.
#10 [166879]
That's a pretty cool game. Way to not give up, mark4 would be proud.
#11 wakiki[166883]
For the next SC2 reports, I'd like a bit more explanation on strategies and how units work. I bet many readers who haven't played SC2 feel the same.
#12 wakiki[166884]
Oops, I forgot to add that it's a nice report. I hope to see more SC2 reports!
#13 Possumo[166895]
I'm just posting this for anyone who has been living under a rock and hasn't found out how to play SC2 vs ai or watch replays without a key.

The newest cheating AI actually gives a bloody good challenge, and while it's not the same as player proper multi-player, its a step above the Warcraft 3 AI which in my book is pretty damn impressive considering its made by a third party.
#14 Possumo[166896]
Oh yeah thats the original tute you need to follow first.

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