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"they have to kill tomatoes to make ketchup flavored chips"

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#2 Greth[166853]
It's been so long, I don't even check the report list anymore ... wow ... How long has this been up there ><

GJ dude!
#3 HiveFleetBehemoth[166855]
Hey, thanks. I posted this Thursday night.

I had written this for a Warhammer forum, but never thought to post this until I found Psyionic Reaver's show. That got me thinking about, so I decided to post whatever I had, which was this. I had to edit it a bit in order to make it understandable to non-Warhammer players, though.
#4 maniclurker[167044]
Interesting report. You made some mistakes with your rules, however. One of them being you cannot embark into a vehicle with a consolidation move. You may only embark or disembark a vehicle during the move phase.

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