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"I didn't expect to be beaten by someone part of "a brand new melee gaming clan" who play "all sorts of maps, preferably LT style", but still, more ridiculous stuff happens every day, I mean, I have a losing record to Keanu_Reaver for crying out loud"
- Ling-erie's A Pubbie Tourney BR

#1 ConfusedGuy[166854]
1st? does anyone even care anymore?
#2 Timid[166856]
This was awesome Raider. Makes me want to post some of my own live play...Commerce started their LA Poker Open last week....
#3 wakiki[166857]
Great post. Less of a poker strategy story and more of an entertaining quirky characters-oriented story. I liked that.

#4 .Praetor[166971]
Did you post this on another website as well? I swear I've read it before.
#5 Raider[167057]
Was a blog post on before I decided it would work well here as well.
#6 WarLeaderJustin[167061]
great read. a character-driven real-life poker story. cool beans.

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