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"why own, when you can embarassingly sodomize?"
- mattzarella's The FFA Effect

#1 [166834]
This is not what I clicked for!

I mean, approved!
#2 mattzarella[166835]
I thought I told you to do a Baldur's Gate report?! Banned for life, methinks you should be.

Yet another report that I read (and enjoyed) but will have to wait until i'm back from vacation to rate and comment. Keep them coming, I very much enjoy your superhuman ability to write reports. It's almost as if you don't have a job and you sleep 2 hours a night... hm...
#3 micro[166836]
i said i'd look into bg, but i made no promises t.t plus, i'm still stuck on this laptop, it's not suited for your fandangled point-and-click games.
#4 Greth[166837]
Great report, I can't wrap my head around the fact that I read something involving Pokémon outside of firing at them with a high power rifle...
I might even be tempted to play ... But before I do that I will have to consult a high power rifle...
#5 wakiki[166858]
Nice report. :)
#6 [166976]
Oh hai. Missed this one back when it was new, but now that I've gotten around to it it was quite a nice read. Very clearly explained, with good representation of who had what, and it was a very close battle. Giving it an eight.

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