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"Just like I like toss... crispy on the outside."

#1 [166718]
Approved but fix ya text son
#2 micro[166719]
ug, i blame jv and lucky for no reason in particular. something wrong with directly uploading html file i guess. switched the displayed file to link to the br so it's fine now.

#3 micro[166720]
don't ask me about that last pic, though. i don't know wtf is wrong with it. shows up when i open the html file from my desktop but not when viewing the report from this site :E
#4 KingWombat[166722]
Great report. Can't wait to read.

Oh and for that last pic, you accidentally typed in "" twice in the image location, which is why it doesn't show up.
#5 KingWombat[166723]
I meant to say "great looking report", because I haven't read it yet
#6 micro[166724]
good eye. that's the website fudging the html, though. I went back to the file on my computer and noticed that I only put one slash in http:/www~ which is what triggered the bug. fixed now, though
#7 [166725]
alright i read this shindig and i think it's pretty good, you write well and do a good job explaining things i missed/didn't know, plus the game itself is interesting. no marks taken off for simple format/color/image use, but chopping the game in half for a half-ass reason gets you half the score you mighta got, dig? well okay not half but i wanted to use the word half again. anyway. finish this up man it's more than decent

i give thee a seven out of ten
#8 [166726]
I shall duplicate EEe, a 7 from me.
#9 [166727]
are you really in hawaii like your i.p address says wgl?
#10 PeaceableGhost[166732]
Nice report. I'd give it about a 7.5/8.
#11 Greth[166863]
Reading this again on what has now become 2 jan 2010. Im just worried that I have to read the second part now ... I can't stop ><

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