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#1 [166445]
I'm not sure whether you want me to approve this just yet, as your pics don't seem to be working. I'll hold off on approving it until that gets taken care of (assuming you used fileread.)
#2 TerranMenace[166446]
Well I thought that I had taken all the pics out hoping to make it into a text only kind of thing, The pics did not appear on the preview and I didnt think they would in the br. It would probably work better with pics, but I didnt have the time to figure out how to link them and everything (and for that matter my photo editing skills are non existant) So feel free to approve.

JV helped me get it working to the point where it can actually be readible (when I first made it and looked at the preview it was all one paragraph with a crapload of html txt) And since im completely new to this fancy html coding and such I would like some advice on how to work with it to make my future reports better.
#3 [166450]
#4 TerranMenace[166453]
Oh yes, I also uploaded the replay which is best viewed right after reading the br, I figure that should make up a bit for not having pics. No idea why there are those wierd As where the paragraphs begin, formatting error I guess. (but dont take my word for it, I dont know what Im talking about after all)
#5 Eccentric[166455]
Report looks all funkified with all these broken picks and " ".
#6 [166457]
The fuck
#7 micro[166459]
image code is:

img "" align="right/left"

less than/greater than symbols around it < >
#8 micro[166460]

img "url" align="direction"
#9 micro[166461]
well, the comment section code has pwned me.
#10 TerranMenace[166462]
Thank you micro for the helpful image linking and thank you fagomar for speaking the first two words that popped into your mind. The images dont show up at all on my browser (all i see is the text and the wierd As) and i apologize for any difficulty caused by the broken pics. If I do make another BR with pics, I'll be sure to get them to show up right.

As for the funky As, I have no clue as to how that happened, mebbe JV knows since hes the one who helped me get it as readable as it is. (Though I still take full credit for the broken pics, I thought I took those out and Ididnt think theyd show up at all and quite frankly html scares me)
#11 Greth[166464]
#12 PeaceableGhost[166465]
Still looking funkeh.
#13 Krael[166467]
#14 all-fear[166469]
ah brings me back to my first br
#15 des[166472]
yo should i wait for you to fix pics or rate this now
#16 [166474]
fun times on iccup

If you upload the pics I will fix them
#17 TerranMenace[166475]
Pics have been uploaded, feel free to work your magic on them, and for the love of all that is starcraft johnny please PLEASE get past more than 1000 points on iccup. (and just so everyone knows, 1000 is what you start out with, JV seems to be losing far too often)
#18 [166476]
just for that I am going to take my time fixing your images, maybe next week..
#19 TerranMenace[166477]
I don't mean to make it sound like you are a bad player jv, infact its quite the opposite. Im sure everyone here knows your alot better than three digits. Im not saying that you havent gotten above 1000 before either, just that every time ive /stats you ive seen you have 800-970 points which is obviously not your skill level unless you are playing D+ and C- people every game, in which case I fully support and admire your effort to improve your game.

Normally I shy away from playing D+ and generally run like heck from anyone with a C- (with the exception of this game where I thought he was a D player and didnt /stats him till after the game, if i /stats him before the game I would not have played him) Also I generally play by the book and dont do anything risky whereas you obviously are trying out new strats.
#20 [166478]
go to hell TM
#21 [166479]
I'm above 1000 now, not that I nor anyone else cares (except apparently TM who /stats me religiously).
#22 TerranMenace[166480]
hey i only /stats you a total of 3 times, and as for going to hell i can assure you im already there.
#23 Raider[166481]
rofl TM

#24 [166482]
uh oh TM looks like your 7 straight losses and my laser hot 2 game winning streak has put me with 100 pts of you
#25 [166483]
oh, here's my iccup profile page for all you rabid fans of mine (hah)

I will be producing an ICCUP strategy guide very soon for all my faithful fans.
#26 TerranMenace[166484]
Congrats JV, can't wait for your ICCUP guide, mebbe it will get me outta this losing streak. :)
#27 [166485]
here's a bit from chapter 1:

"Be like JV, and randomly misplace units all across the map. When your main is burning to the ground look around for anything you might have missed like those 5 science vessels you rallied to the other side of the map."
#28 Psyonic_Reaver[166487]
Hahahahaha!! I am so quoting that JV.
#29 [166488]
ok TM I went through and fixed the bad characters.... I didnt have the images though like I thought

this is all you gotta do to fix it

save each image as a gif, and overwrite the gif files in TerranMenace/br1/images

so replace image002.gif with a fixed version of your own named image002.gif, etc..

that's all you should have to do, can all be done in the Report Center
#30 Stacker[166489]
Nice short report, but you really should put more effort into formatting!

I play mainly Warcraft III, but Russians are notorious for maphacking and bad mannering in that game. Is it like that in Starcraft too?

#31 Psyonic_Reaver[166490]
Well. I think people of all countries hack.
#32 TerranMenace[166491]
Odd, I did image001.gif-image011.gif and still no pictures.....what did i do wrong?

And no, russians are not exclusively notorius for hacking or being bad manner, I only put that in because it was the little bit of conversation we had before I completely ignored him in order to focus more on the game. And the only reason he accused me of cheating was because I ran him over with ultraling off of 2 bases, which is generally something that doesn't work.
#33 Raider[166492]
The simple way of dealing with people who are BM is to be way more BM than they are.
#34 TerranMenace[166493]
#35 [166495]

-No pics: not necessarily a bad thing if your writing is beautiful and the game dramatic. That wasn't the case here.
-No suspense: knew you were going to win from the start - obviously in part because of your title.
-Lots of listing: you don't give me anything I couldn't get in a br.

Still, nice first try. Leaning between a 5 and a 6, but I'll go for the 6.
#36 [166496]
The pics you are uploading are corrupt TM. What program are you using to convert them from pcx to gif?
#37 TerranMenace[166497]
Well I was using gimp, but I just renamed the files from .pcx to .gif, and I didnt know you actually had to save as .gif instead of renaming it after the fact. Ill see if I can fix that.
#38 [166498]
yes you can't just rename, you have to save as gif
#39 TerranMenace[166499]
Ok, i saved as gif and uploaded and renamed, still not showing up, what did i do wrong now?
#40 [166501]
ahh hardcoded image width/height in the html... I can fix that for you in a bit here
#41 des[166502]
man oh man i hope you can get through this i wrote a lot :(

your writing was pretty poor. it's your first br, so you've got time to improve and a reason for it, but it's pretty low quality and what you really need to work on. you're lacking in strong narrative at points where it's important, like during battles.

as an example, when he attacks your expansion you write:

"His forces sweep aside my lings as if they werent even there and destroy 2 sunkens before reinforcements are able to help finally fight them off."

there are a few sentences of exposition that let us know it's happening and then in one uneventful sentence it's over. the first bit - sweeping aside your lings - is fine, but when you have a force cutting through sunkens and are scrambling to get more troops to the front line, there's at least a few sentences of description you can do.

to further illustrate my point, you had two paragraphs of midgame and one of endgame, which are periods where stuff tends to happen. he dt dropped you and you lurker dropped him but both feel kind of bland. there's no panic of having an invisible guy or bugs tear up your resource production. it just sort of happens.

the late game battles were similarly dull. you say you're throwing forces at his base and he's holding for a few minutes and then you say you kill him. let's assume the best and say that him holding was due to effort on his part and not you being sloppy, and you should have plenty more written there. i notice there are four images (they don't show for me, i get little .pcx placeholder things) but even with four images you need to narrate your action. unless you wrote on them, which you could have in which case this might be less applicable criticism than i'd like to write, you're still leaving the reader to come up with a lot of stuff on his own.

i'd actually recommend writing some text-onlies until you get a good feel of how to convey action solely through words and then get the pics back out and just stick them into your reports. pics are great narrative tools but they shouldn't be used at the expense of your writing. i'd also post in the forum whenever you finish one of these and ask someone (not psy) to go over it, proof it, and then offer criticism on how well you've conveyed the action of the game and how interesting it is to read. this will both improve your writing and your ratings :)

i gave it a 4, which i hope won't discourage because i think once you tighten up your writing you'll be able to pull off some good quality aqd3 type stuff for iccup, which are always interesting reads even for those of us who play this game once every three months. also because the more reports you write, the less people will notice that i never write any.
#42 des[166503]
ps i suppose there's some irony in talking about your writing while never hitting the shift key except for punctuation!
#43 TerranMenace[166504]
Thanks des for the helpful criticism and advice. And yes I am going to try to do more text onlys because as I'm sure you all know I suck with html and the pictures are taking forever to get working. So basically your saying make the battles more exciting which I'm pretty sure I can do. I haven't been playing iccup at all lately (been busy) but I suppose I could make time for it.

And no there is no irony in it, you make your point very well and in several paragraphs, you just fail to use capital letters.
#44 [166507]
Almost fixed TM, just upload image012.gif, image014.gif, image016.gif, image018.gif, image020.gif, image022.gif again, and should be perfect.
#45 TerranMenace[166508]
eh? im a bit confused, I only had 11 images, which I uploaded and named image001-image011. Are you telling me that I have to rename all my images to make it only even numbers or sumthin?
#46 [166510]
I think MSWord changed the names when you or I saved it, so yeah.
#47 [166511]
You can just right click and choose properties on each image inside the battlereport to get the name of the image its trying to display.

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