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"when the game started it lagged so much that it seemed Starcraft had suddenly had become turn-based."

#1 Eccentric[166235]
#2 Fangrim[166236]
Unfortunately, I had a problem with the audio.

At some points, there was no voiceover commentary, just video. So there were weird times where Gentho wasn't talking for a minute or two while battles went on.

Maybe get that fixed?

I very much enjoyed what I heard though. Makes me want to get good at warcraft III melee. I only ever played customs, lol. Go ringwars :)
#3 all-fear[166238]
pretty good, but the "just w3 'music' part" wasnt good
#4 Psyonic_Reaver[166239]
I am a huge fan of WC3 still. I love the different style of game play that is involved. I' was actually way better at WC3 then SC. =p

Good audio Gentho! I didn't mind the parts when you didn't say anything. Sometimes that happens. But you made a good point at frustrating a player and wearing him out, StarCraft is the same.

Thanks for the work you put into this and for all the other audio//videos you work on. Hope to see more in the future!
#5 [166241]
Audio worked fine for me. Hey I really liked how you talked about some of the basic War 3 strategy, good for those of use (me) who didn't play War 3 too much. You actually made it interesting enough for me to want to potentially give this game a try. Your talk on positioning, importance of certain units and abilities, etc.. is what made this report a 9.

I'm going to email some War 3 sites to try to get more War 3 fans in here to watch this. Thanks!
#6 Raider[166242]
I am actually not a great fan of War3, but your commentary allowed me enjoy this game.

One thing that brought this down for me was that in Wa3 in general it's really difficult to tell what the heck is happening in a large battle because of all the flashy graphics, and a low res video made that all but impossible. So for a lot of what should have been the most exciting parts, I was just sitting there staring a a bunch of colored blotches move around unable really to tell what the heck was happening. That is a limitation of the game and media.

Where this video did excel is description of your strategic thinking process. That is something that definitely made it worthwhile. On the other hand, I felt that, while the strategy talk was good, you failed to pass across the excitement of coming back in a 2v2 after your partner was mostly put out of the game.

All in all, this was an enjoyable video.

#7 [166244]
This report inspired me to give War 3 another shot. I played last night for a couple hours. I don't know what I'm doing yet enough to beat the Computer on easy, lol. It was fun though so I think I'll continue to play it.

I must confess though, I logged on SC afterwards to get my regular fix, haha.
#8 [166257]
Very nicely done. However, I have never played warcraft, never even seen warcraft played before, so I had no clue what was going on any of the time, really. It was still interesting enough for me to watch the whole thing through, though, and I guess that's saying something.

Gonna give it an eight, and I'm looking forward to seeing more, if you do them, on war3 or sc or whatever. Although I'd really prefer a 1v1 game whichever you choose, but that's up to you, really.

Anyway, nice report.
#9 wakiki[166384]
Wow, I sure learned alot. I never even really considered the idea of 'prep battles' -- really interesting! Also, nice website. It's cool to see Psy contributing to it. =]
#10 Pure_Evil_Pie[166590]
Its a nice battle with good commentary but... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS SECTION! I thought this was for reporting, correct me if im wrong (i usually am and i am gonna get embarrassed) but i thought you were supposed to type the reports, the video reports seem to take the skill out. Sorry but thats the way i feel. However your commentary was nice and the fade outs into different parts didn't mess up the outlook of the battle.

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