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"But I'm tenacious."

#1 DeonPeon[166108]
Major thanks to Psyonic_Reaver for proofreading and HTML help. Couldn't have done it without him.

Merry Christmas hos.
#2 Greth[166110]
I have a feeling Psy is taking over the asylum.
#3 [166112]
Wow, nice report! Good job getting it done so fast, on Christmas no less!

I have say though, I only allied everyone when they agreed to surrender. I had a BC, 4 wraiths and an SV, and was mining, while nobody else had or could afford a single combat unit. That's game!

About the report: good writing, and you explain everything well with some usually understated humour. I would have liked to see some more humour, though, like quotes from the players or something, because that was such a crazy game. Also, you could tell you did your collages in paint, lol. Still, I'm going to rate you up with a 9 (I think it deserves about an 8.6) because the game was just so good. Great job!
#4 [166113]
PS post the rep!
#5 [166115]
Wow the speed at which you produced that report is insane. You must have worked non stop on xmas eve, nice work!!

The game was just too good to ignore. Definitely the most epic game since I started playing a month ago, and perhaps the most epic battle ever right up there with that INSANE ffa on primeval isles that Dag reported on 2-3 years ago.

Bravo!! 9

I liked the image collages, especially the big one, and as always the colored text for the player names was appreciated.
#6 Feanor[166116]
I had a lot fun reading this.
Nice game, good writing and interesting images.
Sometimes I thought some collages might be a bit too long. But that's probably because I just saw JVs slide show report and felt this feature would've fitted perfectly. Anyway, seeing my own collages I may not have the right to criticise...

BUT! The one thing that really is not good, is the quality of the collages. The individual images are not even aligned properly. The dividing white line change size all over the place.
Also wraped text drops below the image with it's last line here and there. You should have invested a bit more time in your pictures.

Alltogether I'd give this a good 8.
I just don't feel the images are 9ish enough.
Good work! :)

PS.: I'd love to see the rep aswell!
#7 wintrol (Illgetdroped)[166119]
Wow, GJ deon, that was amazingly quick and well made graphics.

Well written but maybe you should have stressed the ending a bit more on how dagomar won by 1 SCV which was dmatrixed and almost died to sige tank and a DT combined. Was a fun game heh and its amazing that the two people who are rating this are the people who played in the game !!
#8 wintrol (Illgetdroped)[166120]
Ill add the replay to the replay section, it can be downloaded there.
#9 [166121]
Yeah true! That ending was insane and hilarious.
#10 DeonPeon[166122]
Added a link to the replay.

Trying to resist redoing the pictures entirely...
#11 Psyonic_Reaver[166123]
This game was excellent. I'm sad I missed out on such excitement but it's probably better I wasn't there. I tend to make things stupid and gayer then Dag. (If thats possible)

Deon, keep writing! this was an excellent piece of work. Well deserved 9s.
#12 WarLeaderJustin[166124]
Fantastic. Great game, exciting diplomacy, and a lot of twists and turns. I like the effort put forth here, it really shows.

#13 NotJim[166126]
Highly intense, exciting --hell, nothing that anyone above hasn't said already. I'd say in addition to the improvements cited above, better graphics + text could easily push this up to a 10.


wd :)
#14 [166129]
#15 [166132]
Very nice report. I'm a sucker for title text on words in a report heh. A very solid eight.

The writing was good. Not great, but it served very, very well in keeping us up to date, though, to me, it didn't really keep the tension up very well. Maybe it's just that I know how FFA's(especially ~NH FFA's) normally turn out, but I was sure Dag was going to win from roughly the midway point. Because of that, the game seemed to me to be another example of the two big guys bash each other's brains in until the little guy builds up to being stronger than both of them. I kept hoping that there would be some change in that aspect; then, suddenly, the tempo changed, things became tense and it seemed we were about to see a complete change and ended, as the tension was still building. I don't think it was a problem with your writing -- as in, I don't think there was really anything you could do about it -- that's just how the game played out. I think you did a very good job considering how the game went.

About the images: I thought there were a lot of pics that just weren't necessary. Like the one about Keilah's zeals and goons taking down wintrol's tanks (I don't think that pic does anything for us at that point in the game; I think we all know what a small group of zeal/goon taking out a small group of tanks looks like). Pic 08.gif confused me greatly as to why it was there. Keilah kills dag's undefended expansion...we don't need a pic. 15.gif also seems pointless to me. I understand it's Keilah killing dag's expansion AGAIN, but it's just 5 carriers vs 3 turrets. I think it slows things down having it there.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm being overly negative, it's just that I feel like I need to explain why I gave this an eight and not a nine. This was still a very good report. You did an excellent job at keeping us updated on what was going on, and that "DeonPeon has a pylon in a pear tree" thing had me chuckling.
#16 [166145]
Maar, I think while we're used to the underdog winning in battlereported NH FFAs, this game was unique in that I was such a massive underdog . . . there was literally NO chance of me winning at all until the very end. What a game.

#17 DeonPeon[166150]
That and Dag didn't win with a massive Carrier fleet, he won by defending a pair of SCVs.
#18 [166151]
OKAY if we play tonight I shall not make a single carrier.
#19 [166152]
Well, dag, the point, to me, is this: yes, you are a massive underdog, but that works for you in this instance. The two dominant players are on equal standing, essentially in a stalemate for a period and therefore cannot harm you. If either of them goes after you they place their resources and/or production on the line and it's just nowhere near a wise choice. So you are in the game, and, actually, in a very good position.

In a three way free for all, as this essentially was by that point, with two players on equal footing duelling it out, the third player is almost always going to be a major factor by the end of the game. The two dominant players are going to beat the shit out of each other, and unless one is quite a bit better than the other, they're going to come down to having almost nothing left by the end. Well now, the third player, who has had almost nothing the entire game, is back in it at this point. It's just what happens in that situation in a free for all, regardless of the players, really.

I recall back when I used to be friends with some koreans, I'd see games all the time of Race Wars, even among very good players, where a player who was the only player with his race would win because he got way behind and then the other two races beat each other silly until the map was basically mined out and he cleaned up. It's just the way that situation goes if the underdog doesn't do something stupid.

I'm not saying this wasn't a good game, because I can tell it was, but I just don't feel it's an amazing report because I knew the ending halfway through. It's like when you see a movie and you know how it's going to end way before the end, even if everything else is good: the dialogue; the acting; effects or w/e, you just can't call it amazing unless some other part of it (the premise, some scene, some dialogue, what have you) is outstanding, because you knew what was going to happen. I just don't feel any part of this is outstanding, although I think everything was very good, so I can't justify giving it higher than an eight.

Deon: It's not the fact that it's dag that made me know he was going to win, it was the situation. If any of the other players had been in his spot, I would have expected them to win, also.
#20 [166153]
Yes Maar, I know how to play a FFA, LOL - I've only played a million of em.

The thing that this made this comeback unique is that, simply, I was the underdog to such an incredible extent. Both players could have wiped me out without blinking. In fact, and Deon didn't really touch on it, but all I had left at one point towards the end of the game was one pathetic, non-mining base (just a few buildings) and real ground units. Essentially the game was won by a defensive matrix on a single scv.

Probably the biggest comeback game I've ever played, and maybe the most entertaining FFA next to that primeval isles ffa a while back ;)
#21 [166154]
Well all I have to go on about the game is what I got from the report, and I wasn't left feeling it was on the greatest comebacks in FFA history from that. If the ending was an insane as you claim, then I retract my saying that deon handled the writing as well as he could have, because I didn't really feel much tension at the end. It seems to be just beginning to build up to a finale, then it's a summation. I don't expect a summary for one of the closest finishes in FFA history. If it was amazing, then I feel like deon completely dropped the ball on the ending of this report, because I did not feel anything "epic" about the ending whatsoever. There wasn't even a pic. :/

Don't get me wrong, the writing did a very good job of keeping us up to date and had humor and was quite good technically; but from what you claim about the game, I think it failed to capture the tension of the ending. I'll watch the replay and see, but from the report it seems like it was just a closer than normal case of little dog beats big dogs by laying low while they KO each other, not an epic game to go down in the annals of the greatest FFA's ever.
#22 [166155]
Oh, yeah no I'm not critiquing your rating at all - or the report, for that matter - just . . . watch the rep! lol
#23 [166157]
Any game with dagomar not winning is automatically an 8
#24 [166160]
What about games in which I won? Because I won this time, you douche
#25 DeonPeon[166164]
I just want to know why this is categorized as having a famous reporter when this is my first battlereport.
#26 [166165]
I tagged it as that again, you're welcome.
#27 [166166]
It has dagomar, yes?

Ergo, it has a famous reporter!
#28 mattzarella[166205]
don't abuse the tagging system. it is very important for _________ and ___________.

(note to admin: fill in blanks when use is found for tagging system)

good report on a crazy game. nothing comes close to a good old NH FFA, although I hear that San Francisco is fairly similar.

- the writing is good. your pics are plain but not really bad. I think pics with bright purple flares are much worse, so kudos on not doing that.

- your formatting could use a little work, most noticeably the padding around your images. I get hot flashes when your text is too close to an image, so please correct it in the future.

- about the game... it was a great example of a NH FFA, but this is something that I've seen before. I can attribute this to whoring myself out on most FFA games that come around and also to the fact that nothing in BW really surprises me anymore. I played a game several years ago on shifting sands that had each player down to a single unit and a handful of buildings. I'm not trying to patronize this game, I'm just suggesting that it has happened before.

that being said, excellent. 9
#29 Slickster[166206]
this was damn good. first report i read in a while, and i was thoroughly entertained. writing was excellent, kept my attention, and funny (though there were a few errors i saw).

#30 [166208]
The tagging system will be used!!
#31 PeaceableGhost[166212]
So I finally read this, after random nh inanities about the report tonight. Have to say, great job. Sounds like an entertaining game. 8.
#32 wakiki[166371]
Wow, awesome. Great game, well formatted and written, plus I just love NH FFAs. This really makes me want to play Starcraft again. =] High 8

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