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"Suddenly, I felt something, something odd. I could win this game! Maybe..."
- Anderkryst

#1 Feanor[166058]

16 days without my name on the 1st page... I just had to do something... :)

I hope you like my present. Merry Christmas to all of you!
#2 [166059]
Approved! This looks great, and I'm really looking forward to reading it since I enjoyed the others, but it may be quite a while before I can get around to it. Even though this looks great, it also looks long, and even though I read fast, I don't think I'll have time to tackle this for probably over a week, if not longer. Hopefully some other rater can get to it first.

Thanks for the early Christmas present, Feanor!
#3 Greth[166060]
A massive report.
On CB's remark that he spends 1 hour on a BR. That's starcraft. I've attempted FPS reports a few times, but it just takes so friggin long it's very tiring.
Kudos on being true to your series of reports. It's far too often that you see multi stage reports like this dying down.

Now on to starcraft reports :P
#4 PeaceableGhost[166062]
Looks sweet. Layout and everything ets it a 9, but sometimes your language - good for the most part - sort of falls apart. 8 overall, actually read this one all the way through.
#5 Psyonic_Reaver[166068]
A very enjoyable read. I like this Deus Ex series. Keep on writing!
#6 [166072]
I agree with Ghost. For me, this is more of an 8.4. It has all the tools to be a 9, but suffers from occassional lapses. Still, very, very nice.
#7 Feanor[166074]
Good you liked it...:) I feared to be too rusted after all the time since the last.

About the language issues: I'm still from Germany and never was really good in English classes. Also all my attempts to aquire the services of a proofreader were fruitless. So if somebody is up for the challenge and willing to help me, i'd be very very happy! :]

I just can't let it die! It happened to too many of my projects in the past. So that's my strongest (and to be honest sometimes the only) motivation to continue... And maybe, if my PC isn't going to play tricks on me, the series will be finished before SCII is out...
btw.: You're right, the work is long and tiring... I needed a good part 6 days and even larger quantities of 6 nights... (I need sleep... a lot!)

You are awfully fast approving reports, aren't you? Took you only 5 to 10 minutes to find this... you are no human! You are JVs personal "approved"-bot! Admit it..!! :)
#8 mattzarella[166076]
your reports make me want to play this game.. it looks like fun.

I liked the perspective, the flow, and the game. The pictures were understandable and the explanations of game mechanics were right there if I had any questions. Sometimes I felt that it became formulaic, but that's a FPS problem, not really a problem with your writing. You did try to mix it up at times like "long disease lead infection" which made me giggle. There were quite a few problems with grammar and language but nothing terribly detracting or jarring.

Overall, a solid 8.5 so I rounded up to a 9. Looking forward to the next one :-)
#9 [166078]
very impressive, you are a top notch reporter, I'll make a front page mention when I get a chance (at work can't really)
#10 Psyonic_Reaver[166098]
See Freanor! You're awesome. Email me at schultzbrent at if you need a proof reader.
#11 Feanor[166101]
Big, big thanks to you Psy for the offer. I'll do that when my next report is written. I just can't wait to get back home to continue... [Don't worry it's not long till January the 3rd.]

Hopefully my new PC won't make any problems... like not running DX. [WHAAA, Nightmare!]

Anyways, merry merry chrismas to all of you here at!

PS.: Psy, If you've got absolutly nothing else to do in your life and you otherwise would die of boredom, you could proofread my already published reports... just a joke! :]
#12 Psyonic_Reaver[166102]
I always have time for the community. Send me the stuff if you'd like. I will warn you, I'm not a great grammer person but I do an ok job. (Maar would probably tell you otherwise.)
#13 Decay[166168]
Though there were quite a few minor grammar/spelling problems, I thought it was pretty good for someone with english for a second language. I think this one seemed to flow better than your others actually, although I may just be remembering wrong.

Also, I really like your pictures. They are generally pretty dark and murky, but you seem to get the perfect shots so I can still tell exactly whats happening in each one.

Anyway, kudos to you for making an fps as interesting as you've made this. There are very few people who could have pulled this off as nicely as you have.

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