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"Don't write a BR if I lose!

#1 Psyonic_Reaver[165953]
I'm still improving on my codecs and compressors. The next video report I do will be MUCH better. I promise.
#2 [165954]
man, not sure what to rate this. On the one hand it was original and kind of neat, on the other hand it wasn't really a battlereport, was annoying in spurts, and covered a 9 minute game. I still prefer regular battlereports; I think they involve alot more art and creativity. Also, your voice is a bit . . . grating . . . in this video. Hm . . . still, an original concept. I say 6-7.
#3 Psyonic_Reaver[165955]
Rate it how you see it. I ask for no quarter.

Again, I promise to really spice up my next one. This was kind of a trial run that I was having fun with and decided to post for kicks and giggles.
#4 Greth[165956]
Dag, there are more parts when you check is account.

So yeah, indeed nice concept. But I think you kinda winged it.
The way it really should be done is, make a script before you record - like you would in a real report.

You shouldn't have done the black bit at the start, you could just as well have started the game.

Plus, there has to be humor dude!
"Cowardly cannons" "Turtling like ... something ... with something stuck up its something ...."
Ashwin got pummelled and you didn't say anything remotely funny about it!
It's still a battle report on, it can't be dry!

Anyway, major kudos for having the balls to be the first to try this. Someone has to. Just consider yourself probe for a moment. Completely unpleasant and irritating to the point you want to beat the shit out of him, yet he was the first one to post a report. Which was still shit, and which made you want to beat him harder. But he was still the first. Which makes you want to beat him.

Happy beatings.

PS: What programs did you use? Who knows I might try something like this, cuz I suck at html and the like. (Actually I'm godly with it, but I hate it so much...)
#5 Psyonic_Reaver[165957]
Oh yes! I hope you all look at all 4 parts. There isn't just one! Each video has a link that will take you to the next one in the "Video Response" section.

Thanks Greth for the support. You're 100% correct, I was winging it. I had thought of trying to do a script but I didn't really know what to script in the first place so I figured I'd give it all I had and do better the next time around.

Thanks for the supportive beatings. May they be short and sweet.
#6 Psyonic_Reaver[165958]
Oh. Currently I am using Hypercam 2 and my normal Vista mic recording. Using DivX I can compress the files so they aren't HUGE so I can easily upload them to YouTube.
#7 ZerG~LinG[165959]
Honestly I thought this was quite good. Naturally the game itself wasnt massively interesting or competitive, but in general im a big fan of war3/sc casts, and I didn't think you did half bad.

Could've linked to all 4 youtube vids on the page, so people could've just opened all in tabs or w/e.

In the end I can honestly say I enjoyed it, had it running in the background and was tabbing to it in and out, worked decent.
#8 Psyonic_Reaver[165960]
True about the linking. I thought YouTube had better linking abilities though. I fail.

I agree the game wasn't too competitive, just a fun project I wanted to try out and improve upon.
#9 des[165962]
this was cool woohoo

i can't believe i totally forgot to build tech after i got my lair though. i blame heavy drug abuse.
#10 [165963]
I'd recommend having a script next time. Also, you don't need to show the whole game, just like in a BR.

But, all things considered, even though you didn't quite pass the bar, I'm gonna give a 9 for originality
#11 [165964]
Alright saw the whole thing now, not that bad t'all.

Why do you keep your zeals under your storms btw???? WHY??!?!

I am in awe of your ability to accumulate insane pileups yet still win. Kudos, kudos. I still wish you'd build more production buildings though, but, what can you do.

Some nice storms in part three. Wish you'd gotten dweb earlier, though, and actually used it, it would have made everything so much easier. Also, I wish you'd actually have expanded forcefully. In a way, your lack of macro really tends to produce good, close games, so maybe it's a good thing rather than a bad thing, lol.

You sure do like the word "massive."

Nice job beating those hackers.

Actually this was pretty nice. I'm glad I gave a 7 initially, rather than a 6.
#12 [165965]
Actually I was thinking, you sound a bit like Flanders! Now I know.
#13 Psyonic_Reaver[165966]
Flanders? From Simpsons? HIGHDY HO NEIGHBOR!

Thanks for the comments guys and Dag, as always, thanks for the game advice. =) Knowing what I have to do but then actually doing it is hard for me. I think you've been telling me to work on my macro game for years now but I still haven't gotten any better.

As for massive... Only your mom would know.
#14 [165967]
Admin to the rescue!
#15 Psyonic_Reaver[165968]
Thanks for embbing all the videos into the Report. That's much better. =)
#16 DeonPeon[165969]
Hey Psy if you want to learn how to macro come play with me. I taught Dag everything he knows about powering.
#17 Psyonic_Reaver[165970]
Heh. I hardly see you on anymore. Then again, maybe you hardly see me at all. What time zone are you in?
#18 Psyonic_Reaver[165971]
You know what is freaky? Playing all 4 videos at once and hearing myself 4 times over. O_o
#19 Greth[165972]
Yeah you don't want to do that ... Might rupture the space time continuum - or you could faint.
#20 Dibbler[165973]
Awesome, Psy! I really liked it and also to see this on On the game: I allways like to see someone beat some lame hackers.

Good Job! Big fat eight!
#21 NotJim[165974]
Well done Psy!

"...major kudos for having the balls to be the first to try this."

#22 [165975]
Way to go man!

This was just what I had in mind, and you executed it very well. Now I'm not saying that traditional battle reports are dead by any means, this is just an alternative format, and an entertaining one at that!

Someone had to be the pioneer and show everyone else how it is done. I expect we'll see more people trying their hand at this type of report. The game was a lot of fun to watch, and your commentary enhanced it much more than a simple replay.


PS - I believe Gentho (Pro SC player) will be posting a video report similar to this sometime in the next couple weeks.
#23 Psyonic_Reaver[165976]

Thanks JV!
#24 [165977]
I confirm that, Deon and Redneck are the men for powering.
#25 Slickster[165978]
To be honest, I didn't like this. It's almost akin to watching a replay except with some commentary. I don't know. Not a fan of the movie-style. Call me conservative or traditional, but I'd much rather see written work than some movie.
#26 Psyonic_Reaver[165979]
I think each has a place. Written and movie. Give it time. If you want to see some godly Movie commentary, look up Klazart on YouTube.
#27 PeaceableGhost[165980]
Nice work! As a report, it's about a 7, but +1 for trying the whole video thing, which worked nicely.

Comment about the hacking: I really don't suspect a map-hack there; when playing Zerg, I usually try to keep random lings/groups of lings scouting as many expansions as possible. On the other hand, I guessed mineral hack when purple had enough lings that early to kill Ashwin.
#28 des[165981]
yeah i'm fuckin unkillable grr
#29 Slickster[165982]

I got no problems with people doing movie-style stuff, I just prefer written work. Credit for being the first to try this out here.
#30 Artius[165983]
I enjoyed watching this. A lot. This is exactly the sort of creative effort that I looked for when I was recruiting people for Ethermoon. Future efforts will always be better, but I think that you did a really nice job across the board here.

My one recommendation would be to switch to a "live" style rather than a "retrospective" style. It lends itself to a more energized presentation.
#31 Decay[165984]
There were some dull spots, but overall it was pretty nice. As you yourself admit you said "um" too much, but otherwise there were some very nice insightful strategy tips in there.

After watching a few of Klazarts on youtube, I must agree with Artius. I think it would have been much more exciting if you had been talking as though the action was taking place live. Very nice work though.

#32 Psyonic_Reaver[165985]
Thanks for the constructive feedback!
#33 Timid[165986]
So Awesome.
Keep it up.
#34 [165988]
I think the # of comments is a clear indication that this report was a big hit. Way to go Psy, I can't wait to see some more.
#35 Psyonic_Reaver[165989]
Thanks for the comments everybody! Although by now, 10 or so of them are mine. =p
#36 KepowOb[165990]
So I come to visit after a couple of years to see if it's still around, and not only is it still around and reporting on SC, but I see this on the main page. What a great way to take a break from working on a final essay for one of my classes.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. As a lot of people said, it's a bit rough around the edges, but that's of no surprise. It wasn't a amazing game, but it was fun to watch and it's nice getting someones perspective. As you said, this type of report will find it's place along side text reports. Which I feel like writing now, but I don't have Star Craft on this computer... sigh. Now I want to play again too... man.

Anyway, great stuff and keep it up. I'll be around a bit more now. It's great to see this place is still alive and kicking. Coming back brought back a lot of good memories.
#37 Slickster[165991]
Starcraft is like five dollars now man.
#38 KepowOb[165992]
Yeah, but it's not on sale anywhere around me. I've looked. I don't really feel like ordering it online either. I have a copy of broodwars lying around, I just need to steal one of my friends copies of the original to get things going.
#39 Psyonic_Reaver[165993]
Thanks for sharing KepowOb. =) Good to hear that kind of stuff and we hope to see you on BW soon. Also, you don't have to just report on SC. You can report on anything you'd like.
#40 [165996]
Finally finished it, and I thought it was fairly well done. Definitely would have been better if you had thought out what you were going to say, but, if you're like me, if you're going to script out the game, you're just going to write a normal report -- the draw of the video report is not having to do the writing. The presentation was pretty good, though certainly lacking polish, and of course it's the first of it's kind, but I really had a hard time getting into it because the game was just so bad. I'm left debating between a seven and an eight.

On the subject of polish: try to vary your words a bit more. You used the word "massive" way too often. You noted that you said "um" too much (ideally you wouldn't want to say it at all) and I think, if you find yourself having that problem, it might not be a bad idea to watch through the game once before you record and write down the key points you want to discuss on an index card or something (say in the format of: 1. bad opening build 2. letting ashwin die 3. securing mineral only) so you have a plan for where you're heading and won't get stuck without a direction along the way. I would tell you to try to add in some humor, but your jokes always suck so uh, advice withheld (hrt! ;p). Lastly, casts are more enjoyable if they have a live feel, so use active, present tense language. The past tense may work well if it's a strategic discussion or a humorous piece, but even then I think an ongoing feel is more effective.

I didn't see anything that gave me real cause to think either one of them was map hacking. Doesn't really matter if they were or not, though.

I was going to make some strategic points about the game, but I've forgotten them now. Except for one, which I will put in the form of a question: three expansions and only four gateways?! What. The. Fuck!?! It's almost enough to make me want to start playing BW again just to whip you into shape. ;p

So, good job on making the first of these, and doing quite well on it. My gut tells me to give it a seven, so that's what I'm going with. I hope to see another one of these soon.
#41 Psyonic_Reaver[165997]
Thanks for taking the time to write this out Maar. I appreciate it. Also, I'm glad you went with your gut on this one. I really hope doesn't turn into popularity contest and I get rated higher because I'm a regular reporter , etc., etc. Personally, people should rate it how they feel and I'm glad you did that. Thanks for the comment.
#42 mattzarella[166001]
I enjoyed this a lot! a couple of points..

- it's really funny to hear you say "nigga plz."

- at first I wondered why you didn't try to script it before you started recording, but it probably would have made it stale and boring if you were reading lines. This kind of video report can be equated with sports casting... it's all done live and in the moment and that's what makes it exciting to listen to, even on the radio if you can't see the game. I like maar's idea of writing down notes on cards, but don't take it so far as to write down exact lines.

- I don't think you have bad speaking abilities. 99% of the time I will notice when someone says "like" or "um" too much, but with this I didn't really notice. Maybe it was because the game kept me interested... not sure. Most of the time you kept everything relevant and in the moment, and I appreciated that.

- Ideally, the video would be a bit higher quality, but it will probably create lag issues if you're running a voice recording program with video recording and BW at the same time. The size and grain got to me after a bit, but it wasn't terribly detracting from the overall quality.

- about humor... even after watching 40 ish minutes of video I didn't find myself dying of boredom or from a lack of giggles. I think that if you're a funny person, it will come off in a video report. I think that you are more strategic-minded and it works just fine, in my opinion. You didn't really stop talking about what you were thinking about and the strategies you had in mind, and it worked really well in the overall feel of the report. If you had interjected jokes it probably would have sounded ridiculous, especially if you're doing this thing unscripted and then you wrote a joke to say at this point. That's silly... don't do that. I think, if this becomes a popular form of reporting in the future, people who are funny and good public speakers will make funny reports, and more strategic people like yourself will make something that looks a lot like this. It works, so don't change it.

- I don't have any strategic comments to make since I'm not that great of a BW player, but since I do understand the game quite well it was apparent that you do too. You knew when you were making mistakes and you knew when they were being newbs. Even though the game wasn't great, it was still a fun and informative watch, and that's important. I can see that something like this could improve your game as a BW player, what with all the negative commentary on one's own playing style.

- One of the biggest flaws about this was the presentation. It lent itself a very rushed, thrown-together feeling... partly because you lost direction at points during the report and partly because you just posted 4 videos to YouTube. I think if you had taken some time, figured out how to embed the videos into HTML (and not have an admin do it for you ;P) and write some clean code around it to get rid of the ugly white space, you really would have improved the feeling of preparedness.

Rating was particularly difficult because of the concept. It wasn't really your idea.. those style points belong to JV... but you were still the first one to do it and you didn't butcher it. On the contrary, I enjoyed it quite a bit, I'd say more so than any of your written reports.

#43 Psyonic_Reaver[166002]
Wow. Thanks Mattz. That was a really detailed comment on what you liked and disliked. I really appreciate you taking the time to write that all out and for putting effort into it. I will take what you've said and keep trying to do my own thing.

All my cookies are belong to you.
#44 wakiki[166004]
COOL idea, and LOTS of room for improvement. Just going to run through a few things:

-You didn't have much to say at the beginning, so you should have cut out the pre-game section and just said that stuff while people were executing the build orders

-You don't have to talk in every second of the game. Having spaces of silence is fine, especially if there is an interesting battle going on

-Definitely need to cut down on the use of "um," especially at the beginning. If you wrote an outline (not exact lines) of what you were going to say, you would be more confident

Anyways, it was only okay. I probably would have given it a 6 since the game wasn't really great and neither was the flow of your commentary. But I'd really like to see the next one -- I'm sure you will get alot better as you do it more.

It also made me wanna play Starcraft again, so that's a plus. =]
#45 [166005]
wak, all the cool people are doing it (playing bw again)
#46 [166027]
Great report, thanks, only negative - your french accent sounds more russian :/
#47 Psyonic_Reaver[166038]
I had a french//russian accent? TT
#48 Arwcwb[166214]
The people who gave this a seven need a thorough course in reverse sodomy.

That is where you are sodomized SO MUCH that you automatically rate an awesome report like this a 9 or higher.

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