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"everything about bob's penis rules"

#1 Beastback[165701]
Hope you enjoy. And I hope that stupid alt text works.
#2 [165702]
Approved! Your alt text won't work in Firefox, because it only displays alt text if the pictures don't load. You need to use title = "" instead of alt = "" for it to work in Firefox (I think alt text works fine in IE and I don't know about other browsers).

This looks good, though I don't have time to read it now. I think the joke in your title *might* hurt your readership just a bit, though.
#3 [165703]
Looks good! Will have a read later.
#4 Beastback[165705]
Yeah, I did think my title was a stupid idea, but I couldn't resist.
#5 wakiki[165707]
Nice report!

I didn't even look at the pictures at all. I was able to understand everything from the text. Once again, I'm pleased by your writing; I loved the part where they plucked the footman to death!
#6 Beastback[165708]
Thanks, wakiki. I just wish more people would leave comments. How would you rate the pictures? How could I improve them?
#7 Decay[165709]
I'm really glad you are reporting. Like I said in your last comment section, you have a lot of potential. Your writing especially is nice and informative. Throughout this report, I always knew what was happening, and having never played war3 competitively (i did have a dota phase though!) that is great. That said, some of the jokes seemed a bit forced, but most of them flowed and worked very well for me.

As for the pictures, I think they are fine, though I have always had troubles with image editing in my reports. What program did you use? I did notice that some of the borders were messed up in your last big collage.

Once again, great job!
#8 Beastback[165711]
I use Fireworks for all of my pictures. I have Abode 2.0 on my laptop, but I have no idea how to use it. And my dad jacked my laptop because I was being a bad boy...
#9 mattzarella[165713]
okay, i'm not going to rate this because the only War3 i've played has been DOTA and three or four single player missions. however, i'll still let you know what i thought about the parts i did (or didn't) understand:

- in your second collage, the pics are too small. don't even bother resizing them, just make the collage bigger next time.

- i lose interest pretty quickly when reading things i don't understand. I didn't read the majority of your report, but i couldn't help but notice that you didn't color the names of the players when mentioning them in your text. This is a BIG help and really makes following a report a lot easier.

- you're right on with the idea of status updates and letting us know about the armies of the players, but those pics are ones that you should resize. make them smaller and put them side by side.

- the best way to learn how to do pictures is to look at other reports. Copy, copy, copy. Zerg~Ling and Dagomar both have excellent image skills in their own unique way: Ling's are sleek and modern while Dag's tend to be much larger and busy, but both achieve the necessary effect. Dialtone can also provide you with some excellent examples of coding and designing pics for a War3 report. Do some reporter searches on all of them (and there are others, too) and you'll find some really good ideas for your next report. you probably should enjoy making the pictures in the end.

- I probably would have given it a 7, but that's judging purely on the pics, the coding, and waht I did read of the game.
#10 Beastback[165714]
Thanks for the feedback, all of you. Do all of you guys know each other in person?
#11 [165715]
I thought this was a good report, with some gnawing flaws. First, the good aspects:

Some good writing and vivid descriptions of events. Your humour was at times a bit forced and long-winded, but in other places it was rather eloquent. The status updates were helpful but could have been more concise. In general though, you provided a lucid and thorough analysis.

Now the bad:

The images were dry; you said you didn't enjoy making them and it showed. A program like photoshop would really help - if not, something like GIMP would suffice. Please ditch the thick white borders as well! Also, try and make the images a bit larger and try to show more with them - with warcraft's replay features you should be able to get the perfect shot detailing what's going on.

Also, the report was hard to follow because there was an emphasis on things that didn't matter so much, like the humour, but also exhaustive descriptions of things I didn't really want to read about. It really distracted me, at least at first. Not colour-coding the player names hurt as well.

I think this report would have received an 8 with some minor changes; as is I think it's about a 7.4. Great work, it shouldn't be long before you're getting nines.
#12 [165716]
and no, I don't think any staff know one another in real life.
#13 Decay[165717]
sometimes I follow these guys around, and watch them sleep and stuff, but I've never actually met them.

#14 Beastback[165718]
You all just seem so close that I assumed you must all hang out together.
#15 [165719]
I know all these guys' sisters in real life. Their mothers, too. BTW dag, your mom says to stop putting your dick in the toaster, especially when it's working.
#16 Beastback[165720]
#17 Psyonic_Reaver[165721]
The humans are in some seriously trouble if they dont get their act together. With only footmen and the occasional Water Elemental, the humans could be in some serious trouble against a group of deranged Wind Riders seeking to take their lives.

That was the only paragraph that stood out to me as odd. The rest of the report was.. Hmm. Touch and go. Sometimes the reading was captivating and held my attention. (During the battles.) As soon as a battle was over though, it seemed like you were trying to fill space with humor or other tidbits of information. Remember, if there is 5min. of game time with nothing happening. You don't have to report those 5min. with 5min. of text. A simple, "Blue creeped while Red teched to this." format. Keeps it together and the action flowing.

I liked the updates but they could really be downsized. I think x]FS[x does a great job at this.

I enjoyed the report but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I knew who the players were. Pro gamers? Friends? Random Replay? It's ok to give us a tad bit of background in the opening of your report.

All in all. I would have to agree with a 7. It's good enough to grant it a gold but if you really want that high gold you have to put in the time. (Unless you're writing the very first Starcraft 2 report then you don't have to because everybody will love you anyways. =p)

Keep writing! I know you will get better. Get a proofreader to help double check paragraphs and grammer! Maareek does a great job and he's a nice guy. Hart da Maareek.
#18 Psyonic_Reaver[165734]
Did I break the comments section? Geez. I'm sorry guys. It's been like a week or so. You can still say something...
#19 Beastback[165735]
This site is dead...I remember several years ago when the site was full of tons of people who wrote reports or at least commented. Now its just...empty. Will it ever recover, or is it doomed?
#20 Psyonic_Reaver[165736]
Nah. It's still truggin along but I will admit that we don't have near as many visitors as we used to. We're all hoping that the new site redesign and the release of Starcraft 2 will bring it all back.
#21 Beastbac[165738]
When do we expect this new site design to be applied?
#22 [165739]
The site's doing a little better at the moment, but no it's not as popular as it once was. This makes sense, considering there have been few truly great reports lately, and the staple of the site audience has always been SC fans. When SC2 comes out, things should improve. As for the redesign: check out the site forum or the Wiki for more.
#23 MuLepton[165746]
Report is gone? The link to gives a 404...
#24 Psyonic_Reaver[165748]

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