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"LoL, i hate to break it to ya, but i'm not a nerd :P"

#1 [165402]
A to da pproved! Looks nice.
#2 Fangrim[165403]
Aye, great looking report.

Skimmed through first, and I like the tactical interludes.

Will read later. Imma liking all these reports :)
#3 Beater[165404]
The knight was kind of newb
#4 Decay[165405]
I don't really know much about War3 ladder play, but this game seemed pretty extreme. A very enjoyable read, and the little strategy asides were a nice way to convey why you were doing what you were doing, since I never played ladder.
#5 [165407]
I'm really debating whether to give this a nine or an eight. Let's go over the issues and see if I can arrive at a decision.

The writing was quite good. With the addition of the tactical spotlights I felt like I really had a good grip on what was happening, which is always nice. The only spelling/grammar mistake I remember was "set my sites" instead of "set my sights", which is fairly neglible. It read like an eight, until you got into his base at which point I felt it brought everything up.

The images were nice. Nothing overly fancy, and none of them distorted the layout. To me, the way you used the unit tables in this report was perfect. Feel free to try different things with it, but I think you can't go wrong doing it like you did. The knight pic at the end was kinda...well, ugly, but I'll pretend I didn't see it I suppose since the rest of the report was oh so pretty. BTW, as someone who doesn't play war3, I liked having the images of the Frost Wyrms and Death Knight's life/damage. Others may not, though.

I think this report deserves somewhere around a 8.5 to an 8.7. And, since I can't give tenths, I'm going to give you a 9. Very nicely done, looking forward to the next man. :)
#6 Eugenioso Chileno[165408]
Can i ask without insulting what was the drawing of? death knight kicking his horse in the head? a down-on-carbohidrates knight?
#7 Narcotik[165409]
Your gonna make me go play war 3 if you keep this up
#8 wakiki[165410]
This is one awesome report! One of the best WC3 reports I've read, actually. That four minute long battle drew me in. I could _feel_ it happening, you know? The rest was followable and enjoyable, but that was the part that sold me. A rock solid nine in my book.

I'm guessing the unit was a Kodo?
#9 BigD[165411]
Can't believe the other guy lost the game, props to you for keeping the faith where I likely would've given up.

Look forward to more.
#10 Psyonic_Reaver[165413]
A great report. Good writing and I like the "Tatical Updates". Like Wakiki said, the four minute battle felt intense. I could just feel "intenseness" pouring forth from the pictures and the writing. =) Good job. Deserves the 9.
#11 PeaceableGhost[165414]
Nice job! In my opinion, War3 is chiefly useful for producing shiny reports for me to read, and this was an excellent example.

I do like that map. Good game, good job getting a feel for the game and keeping a flow. I'm amazed you won that one battle, btw.

#12 Dibbler[165415]
Wow, what a great report! I really enjoyed reading and was especially gripped by that major battle in your base. Pictures looked good too. Just a few typos and spelling mistakes (sorry gf).

Overall a 9.
#13 x]FS[x[165416]
Glad I got the epicness of that battle into the report. It really was as epic as it sounded, I really pulled that victory out by the skin of my teeth.

...... skin of my teeth? I typed that thinking it was a real phrase..... I'll leave it.
#14 Psyonic_Reaver[165417]
It's a phrase we use. It means close call.
#15 wakiki[165418]
'Skin of my teeth' is actually a cliché I think.
#16 [165419]
Regardless, you used it correctly. I've never really cared for that saying, but I like to pick my battles...
#17 x]FS[x[165420]
I knew what it was I guess.... It's just that I actually considered what it meant, it's ridiculous.
#18 Raider[165422]
This was a decent read. The game seemed to be one of those that are much more exciting to play than to read about, but that is a problem with a lot of War3 games. You definitely made the best of it with tactical updates early on (though I thought the one about the split was rather weak) and creating excitement about the close battle later.

The images and the layout were both functional and efficient for the task, though nothing to write home about. Overall this was definitely a solid and enjoyable report. I'm excited for more.

#19 Possumo[165423]
Very impressive follow up, and a much better game! The guessing game at the beginning about your opponents strategy made it interesting, and i admit that i struggle to understand how you held out for so long against that army!

You should really check out some pro games of humans like 4k.Tod and Sky from and, to see what they do against Undead. It's mostly what you did in that game, AM/MK and usually a Paladin, as well as getting the staff of sanctuary to save hundereds of gold's worth of units/heroes. Also when your expanding, having 2-3 towers at your main is always a good idea too, just enough to scare him away from pushing into your base and helping you fend off attacks with your smaller/lower tech army until you get enough gyros/flying machines (pff bloody name change!) and the flak cannon upgrade to make them useful. Otherwise you get a situation like the one in that game just then, where he got 4 levels off your units and heroes! I honestly don't even want to picture the slaughter needed to give him that much experience, i guess its lucky he didn't go tri hero!

Anyways, all that comes with practice i guess, but yeah undead isn't really that bad once you use the biggest strengths of human, knights to take the fiends and mass gyros for the dests, as well as adding a paladin to the mix for that extra nuke and heal.

Good work and pretty please reporty again!
#20 [165425]
Three ratings and only 19 comments? And only one of them about a rating. :/ I guess war3 reports just aren't really that popular...or the amount of people checking the site is just really, really small. Or both... :/
#21 x]FS[x[165426]
If you look at the comments in the past bunch of reports, they are all around 26-27, and there are probably 7 people making all those comments too =(.
#22 [165427]
Aye, that's true. I think the number of people who still visit the site is far, far larger than the number who comment still, though. Especially since even I haven't commented on some of the newer reports (haven't read mattz's or dibb's, I'm ashamed to say.)
#23 Raider[165428]
There is definitely a lot more people browsing the site than commenting. I actually almost never commented on reports until recently.
#24 mattzarella[165429]
you should be ashamed
#25 [165431]
can i contribute?
#26 des[165432]
yo whatsup
#27 [165433]
I dunno lucky. I've never seen you contribute before... ;p hrt.
#28 [165439]
Great looking report, nice work! (this means I haven't had a chance to read it all the way through)
#29 [165471]
nice report, wonder if my name worked...
#30 [165472]
bahaha i have a good memory
#31 [165476]
Uh... I may or may not have accidently posted 3 "ten" ratings to this report while messing with my localhost. Go me. :[
#32 [165477]
You know, it should probably surprise that an admin would make that mistake. But it doesn't, cause it's lucky.
#33 [165478]
GOOD JOB DAN, you incompetent twit.

Welcome back Tmac :D!
#34 took023[165479]
rater fest.

PS I only posted two tens. I can't figure out who posted the other ten.

I should probably read this report. It has purdy CSS!
#35 [165480]
I'm basically the worst comments section user ever.

#36 [165481]
Honestly, insulting you lost its fun after you borked comments. Now it's getting a little sad. :( On the bright side, having you as an admin makes every visit to the site much more enjoyable. That little bit of excitement every time I click on my bookmark, "is the site still there?" And then the combined joy and slight sorrow when it is, indeed, still there.
#37 Aesop[165725]
I think you mentioned that you were asking for tactical comments as well, so here is goes:

Maybe you are aware of this one, but scouting, scouting, scouting! You had tons of gold throughout the game, so why not place a farm at the goblin laboratory and do an occasional scan at your opponent? The paradox is of course that it would have inhibited the epicness of the fight in your base if you had known of the wyrms earlier and countered them more precise.

Low lumber calls for shredder. Also be aware of the option to produce lumber peons at expansions while teching at your main base.

Another counter to wyrms are hawks, although those obviously suffer from fiends. But once the fiends are reduced in number, feel free to shackle up those wyrms.

One final note, I really liked your tactical spotlights. Although your play might still be a tad rusty, your tactical observations are quite forward and fitting, militia creep, human economy, and blocking are very important techniques / aspects.
#38 necrosausage[165914]
does your favourite unit control his horse with a giant penis? it certainly looks like that

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