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"Is Johnny drunk?"

#1 Neoviper[165312]
approve now damn you
#2 [165314]
Approved! Good to see you again, man. This thing looks great. o_O

Now to read.
#3 Psyonic_Reaver[165316]
You know. WC3 is a great game in, and of itself. Not compared to Starcraft or C&C but just of itself it is a great game.

Thanks for reporting it. 8.
#4 [165317]
I liked it. It was much better than your first, as you said yourself. :)

There were some spelling/grammar issues, but I didn't feel there were any major ones. Was certainly well written enough that I understood what was going on, in as far as I understand the game, that is. There were points, however, that I felt the constant reminder of your rust slowed things down, or broke up the flow to some extent. On the whole, though, I felt like the writing was quite good.

The images looked great. My only qualms were I didn't like having the victor listed under every image (I'd rather see that only in the text proper, but some people may like it that way,) and I didn't care for the way the text was offset by the "what we had" image below image creepjacktp.jpg. If that makes sense. I would prefer you either start the text on the next line or find another way to work it so more of the text is on the same line. If you can keep it like it was under the "Attack on G.EyE's Expansion (+20:25)" section, I think that looks far better.

I can't really say much about the game since I've never played war3, but despite it appearing to be a somewhat poor game (hard to get gosu games when you're coming back, anyway) I felt like it was done well, and was interesting. In fact, it somewhat made me want to play war3 which is a very, very, very, very difficult thing to do.

I feel like this should get a 7.5, but I'm going to give it an eight. I imagine people who have played the game may not get quite as much as I did out of it, so it may end up at about the 7.5 anyway.

Hope to see another one from you soon!
#5 PeaceableGhost[165320]
Nice job! I don't play WC3 that much, so I can follow the game but the strategic stuff is lost on me. Pity you lost.

Personally, I thought the story about trying to get the game to work was as good and entertaining as the "actual" report. Anyway.

Oh, and a gf who would proofread a battlereport? Amazing.

#6 x]FS[x[165321]
OOooohh I really like your pointers maareek. I felt myself that I was being a bit repetitive with the whole rust thing.

I know you didn't like the victor thing, but do you think the concept itself has any future merit?

Thanks again for the rating and the tips, they make me want to keep battlereporting.
#7 [165322]
I think it could be nice if you were doing a third person thing. Since, from the third person perspective it generally takes a longer amount of space to describe the battles and at the end it can definitely help the reader if they know what was involved in the fight without re-reading. Like if you had the image with the units involved and the victor thing below the writing of the action, I think it could be helpful. I just don't think it's necessary/works in a first person report, though.

As far as using the image with the units involved, I think that's a great idea. Augury used it in some of his reports, and it really works to great effect there. If you'd like to try something different, having the units lost in the fight stricken in the image would really help the reader keep up with the battle. Not necessary, and probably a complete pain in the ass, but it would be something new (at least as far as I know.)

Though, now that I think about it, having the part of the image with the portraits of the units involved at the start, and then putting the victor part at the end of the paragraph could be interesting. Basically, I can see several ways how it could work, but I'm not sure without really seeing it done, y'know? If you want to keep using it, then all by means do it the way you feel it works best and we'll see from there.
#8 wakiki[165323]
Excellent! A step up from the last one.

The game was fairly one-sided, and you made it interesting enough. I can see why you picked it, being your first game back and all.

At first I thought that you describing your problems getting the game was going on way too long, but as more bad stuff kept happening it kept getting funnier in its absurd way, so I liked it. Sheesh man, I woulda given up long before then. =]

No major grammar or spelling errors that I noticed. The writing seemed a little choppy for the first two paragraphs or so, but it started flowing better later on. Like I said, this is a good improvement from the last one (despite the fact that you didn't use my map :P) so I'd say it's a strong 7 or shaky 8.
#9 x]FS[x[165324]
Another thing I had problems with was the CSS. It looks fine where I upload it,
but when I go to submit it and use a fileread command or try to just upload the .htm it comes up as it did. I had to do a LOT of tinkering just to get it like it is now, when I first tried it, it came up with black text and single spaced.... And I had to do a lot to try it, but not exactly like it actually is in it's uploaded form elsewhere.

Any ideas?
#10 [165325]
As a matter of fact, I do have an idea.

The problem with your css is it's set up to work as a stand-alone page. If you linked to it in your report (like say, ling does) instead of having it appear on the site it would show up fine. Having said that, you can make it show up fine on the site with just a few minor tweaks.

First off, lose the html and title tags, as neither works on the site in your report (they're already in Johnny's html which is what is read first.) Next change the "body" in your css (where you set the attributes) to ".mybody" then remove the body tag and replace it with a table tag, a tr tag, and a td tag. Set the td tag to class="mybody". Close off your tags at the end, and all should we well.

Since we're having an increase in activity, I'm actually considering taking Psy's advice and doing a "guide" (more like an addendum) to css for on-site reports.

If you run into more problems with your next report, post in the forum and I'll see what I can do.
#11 Psyonic_Reaver[165327]
Maar? Taking my advice?

#12 Eumenides[165332]
Nice report, but one-sided and a bit dry. The Human build vs. undead tends to be a little bit different from the Human build vs. everything else, since paladin harassment becomes very effective (he can become invulnerable, run into the base and nuke all the acolytes). Perhaps reporting a pro replay would have been a good idea? In any case, I look forward to your next report.
#13 x]FS[x[165333]
That worked great maar, you should make some kind of update to the guides about how to deal with posting on the site. I had problems both times I reported, last time it was that "Red" font and the hex code for red, was green.... and this time the CSS issue.
#14 [165336]
Did the font color change or something? This looks readable now!

Now, to test this hypothesis...
#15 x]FS[x[165337]
I don't know if you're using IE or FireFox, but firefox was having REAL problems with the CSS before, and IE was having moderate problems with it, but now that I did what maareek told me to, it seems to be all better... Thanks again maar.
#16 [165338]
This was very enjoyable, and I don't even like warcraft 3 that much!

I liked the drama that led up to this. I'd suggest you learn to use paragraphs, however!

As for the game, I kept waiting for the tables to turn and some exciting finish. But the inevitable happened, which was disappointing. If you managed to win after losing that expo, that's like an auto 9+.

So, all said, I look forward to your next report! This one was a solid 8.
#17 [165339]
I'm basically the worst comments section user ever.
#18 [165340]
At least you haven't broken em again, yet.

No problems, fs. :)
#19 [165341]
Oh wow, I just read your CSS suggestions.

First, tables are like anathema to CSS. They were used in the good old days, but they are pretty much obsolete nows. <div>'s are the bee's knees nowdays.

Also, just be hip to the difference between a CSS class and an id. class is used when theres > 1 element using that style, and id when there's only one element.
#20 [165350]
Ahh, I see. Thanks, lucky. I adjusted my guide with that information, and will make the adjustment in my future reports (maybe past ones too, unless I prove to be lazy.)
#21 Psyonic_Reaver[165375]
Raters have now dominated this comments section. MOVE ALONG PEOPLE NOTHING TO SEE HERE.
#22 [165379]
omg rayter partee
#23 Possumo[165392]
Yay a War 3 battlereport, ah the flush of CB~ memories :P
#24 Possumo[165393]
Good report, you made a fairly one sided game interesting, and your reporting style reminds me of Augury (complete with unit tables etc :P), which is definately a good thing!

Obviously your skills were a bit rusty, although Human versus Undead is always a hard matchup at the lower levels, especially if the Undead knows what he is doing! I myself love playing against Human as undead, especially if they have mostly tier 1, a non-towered to the max with bloody masony upgraded towers and a low level/no Mountain King!

Anyways, your reporting style is excellent and i would love to see you report some more games, and perhaps a arranged team or rt 2v2? Always chaotic and entertaining!

Cheers - Possumo/creamcake@west
#25 x]FS[x[165395]
I'm glad you liked it!

I actually just finished the text to my next report, another HvU, but it's a lot closer.
#26 Possumo[165396]
Awesome, look forward too seeing it :)

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