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"got minerals?"

#1 [165016]
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this is trippy and i don't know how to rate it
#2 [165018]
Trippy indeed. I must digest this a bit.
#3 [165020]
Hmm, well I kinda liked it. In a weird way. Which is what I assume was intended. Really short, very trippy, and extremely confusing. I'm gonna give it a five, for no other reason than that's the number that jumped out at me while I was reading it again.
#4 wakiki[165021]
LOL awesome! I'm sure you didn't make some of that up, but I liked it nonethless.

When I saw the 5 rating, I was expecting something bland and mediocre. But 'twas not so d8)
#5 Psyonic_Reaver[165023]
Interesting way of reporting. I kinda liked it. Reminds me of a battlereport someone did but using a theme of the song "Ice Ice Baby."

I wonder where that report is.... All I can remember from it is this little line: "A zergling with 9 kills? That ling's got mad skills."

Anywho. =p Hope you write more.
#6 NoBBiR[165025]
Kittens, omfg. I fucking love kitten!
#7 Eumenides[165038]
Wierd but good.
#8 AxemasterTheFierce[165103]
Eeep! Why was I banned from this site? I very rarely post replays these days, and my report, though ludicrous, was at least somewhat on topic.

Oh, and I'm posting this from school, I have no idea what my home IP adress is :/
#9 Feanor[165133]
Weird... yes weird is the right word here. I don't really know what to think about this...(What a luck I'm not rater :))
But well, those images of kittens constantly distract me so I would give it a 6.
#10 Psyonic_Reaver[165140]
But keep writing!!!!
#11 [165141]
Hmm, dunno if you're still able to check here but you specifically probably weren't banned. Probably someone else was banned using a similar IP to you was banned and since it's a range thing you got the axe to (I think that's how that works.)

I think you'd need to figure out your home IP and post it in the forum in a post about getting unbanned and hope for the best. :/
#12 PeaceableGhost[165517]
What's up with the trippy reports lately?
#13 [165519]
Lately? This one has some age on it. :/

I just reread this report, and really enjoyed it. If I were to rate it now, I'd probably give it a 7. Between that and enjoying the last half of turbo_noob's newest report, I'm pretty sure I'm going insane.
#14 wakiki[166767]
Yeah maar, you really underrated this one bro. Perhaps this was early in your rating career? ;)

I'd give it a 7 as well.
#15 [166770]
I think it was pretty early, actually. It's always tough to make a call on something so completely different, though. So I'm not really sweating what I'd consider in hindsight a mistake here, except it's for the fact that I might have made this guy not write any more reports.

But the 'cid probably did that instead of me.

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