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"Hitting refresh on the reports page every 17 seconds waiting for the next Breeze report"

#1 [164406]
Images are fixed.. Next time in Paint, do a "Save As" and choose JPG, the images will be 100 times smaller then .BMP format.

I also read the report, as I am a fan of such games as D&D minis, and have played a little warhammer 40k.

The images made this report, they were a must have in a miniature battle, nice work. The writing was just ok for me, and the battle was a little one sided. I gave you bonus points for reporting on a unique game, and for the difficulty involved in reporting a non-computer game.

Good work man.
#2 Psyonic_Reaver[164409]
I too like BR's such as this with the minitures. I did one myself a few years back and it is truely a lot of fun. My only gripe is to PLEASE check your spelling and don't use shortcut words like plz or msg. It is tacky. That's that. I would give you a 6 maybe a 7.
#3 Eugenioso, Chileno[164413]
lol, it was a bit short sided, eh?
believe it or not, the points were even.
#4 Eugenioso, Chileno[164414]
i didnt know how to fix the images, or what i did wrong. tell me plz.
#5 Decay[164416]
Nice job with this, I'm sure it was difficult to report, but you described it pretty well and the pictures were very helpful. Definitely a fun read.
#6 wakiki[164434]
That was pretty good. It seems to me like the best plan would be to go after the archers first with a large force, and have the rest of your army in the trees to the left to harrass them guys when they came over to stop you.
#7 VM[164446]
This is good. I like games with miniatures. :)
#8 Eugenioso, Chileno[164453]
at least someone here is smart. and thats a start
#9 neovipe[164532]
random condescensions dont help anyone. keep it in mind.
#10 [164540]
this is a confusing comment section
#11 Eugenioso, Chileno[164555]
more than 1 rater plz

no fense, johnny_Vegas
#12 [164564]
we have a lot, just none of them rate.
#13 [164565]
okay, we do but not all at once =P
#14 Psyonic_Reaver[164570]
Just stop talking DD. Your making yourself look bad. =p
#15 Eugenioso, Chileno[164581]
no he not.

i need at least 2 raterz

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