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"...the eight probe drop is a highly effective technique, and I recommend it to everyone who plays YRM =]."

#1 Blivion[163258]
#2 [163259]
Hey my name in another report, sweet!
#3 Fangrim[163261]
Excellent, another raider report.

Also, when are you going to do a Civ4 report? I'm sure we're all eagerly awaiting a sequel to the previous one. :)
#4 PeaceableGhost[163262]
Single digits on a Raider report, cool! Nice report, too. The game was good, the pics complemented it.
#5 Lithium[163264]
It was cool. Good work.
#6 Feanor[163270]
Yay, another nice WC3 report. Good game, fine graphics. (I would be happy if I could pull off something like it)
#7 Eumenides[163272]
Some wierd strats in this game. Why didn't Vudentz make a sorc or two if Heartcutter wasn't using dryads? Also, human vs. nelf with no breakers = dead.

Well-written though.
#8 [163273]
Teh ♥cutter reutns!!!

You have a strange talent for making me want to play games I otherwise hate. First Brood War PvP, and now Warcraft.

The writing wasn't as interesting as your last report. That's probably because this is third person: it wasn't as exciting. I need something extra like that, like some in depth analysis of the game (it's changed so much since I stopped I don't know exactly how HC trambled the Hu in the end.

Still, very nicely done.

#9 Convider[163275]
A bunch of spelling and grammatical errors really dragged this report down for me. As LN said, the writing was kind of boring, and some of the humour seemed a bit forced.

#10 [163276]
By the way raider, you'll get more comments by spamming your own section. That's what everyone does nowdays.
#11 Raider[163277]
Ok gona try that. BAH #11!
#12 NewbEye[163280]
I know zilch about WC3, so I cracked open this report half-heartedly. But your descriptions were nicely done and I wasn't lost at all. Nice work.
#13 Raider[163284]
NewbEye, I'm glad to hear that--that is one thing I always try to do in my reports, make them readable for people who do not know much about the game.
#14 RabidMurloc[163289]
"...who had the advantage of being tougher and being heavy drinkers."

Lmfao. Great report. Good to see the Cutter kicking ass again. Heartcutter rivals Chuck Norris.

It was well structured and the collages were simple and informative. (If you squint, you can see the archers in power armor and holding rifles. Just 'cus they're Heart's.) I enjoyed the part where they've got the tinker finshed and he drinks ine invulnerability potion. "Crap!" *hasty retreat*

Hehehe. Keep up da good work.
#15 Augury[163291]
I think this report is a lot more enjoyable for non-war3 players. It's clean, easy to understand, and uses humor. However, I found this a bit difficult to get through.

-start rant-

This was a bit disappointing because the human player was really lacking. He could normally be written off as an unexperienced or experimental-strat player but his comments at the end about "abuse" and "standard" display a gamer tendency to over-focus on cookie-cutter strats. The last time I checked, the popular NEvsHU strat was DH-huntress-naga-bear-dryad. Footmen are hardly useful here and especially less so vs a factory tinker. Furthermore, gryphons won't work if the NE is prepared for them, and revealing his tech path with hawks (who are nearly useless vs NE anyways) was a poor decision. And I get irritated at people who spout ideas of "abuse" when they are particularly weak at adapting their game plans.

It's difficult to find interest in games at low or medium levels of play. I find myself spotting mistakes or weaknesses in my preferred race such as two arcane towers, Naga secondary, lack of scouting, weak creeping (yes, weak - his exp seemed to mostly come from contact vs the NE), continued production of footmen, lack of supporting units, air tech... and so on. A focus on humor in these types of reports usually can make it highly enjoyable to both war3 and non-war3 players, but the level of comedy you've incorporated seems to be located in detached sentences and not so much in the main body. This is quite critical of me to say - I'm bad at using humor in my writing - but humor is how I think a medium-level game can be molded into a great report.

-end rant-
#16 Raider[163292]
Hey, I got a few more comments, so now I get to put one of my own to increase my comment count. Mwhahahah! OK, done with that.

Augury, I see your point of view, but at the same time I do not believe that a report is at a disadvantage just because "medium-level." As a matter of fact, some of the greatest reports on this site are about rather average players. Certainly there are reports about top player, though mostly in BW, that have as their purpose to show off top level play, but the vast majority of the reports here are just stories about games or people that that regulars here like to hear about. If I were looking for a game that would teach people about War3 strategy, I would most likely have bugged Heart for a game where he played orcs, done some research to catch up on the latest strats, and broken it down move-by-move for the readers. The reality of the matter is, however, that very few people at currently at this site play war3, and none besides you do it competitively, so a report like that simply would not make sense. Rather I felt people would like seeing a report about one of their all-time favorite writers kicking ass and taking names :)

Everyone is free to correct me if I'm wrong.
#17 Augury[163294]
Haha well, I'm thinking now that I should've considered the site's population a bit more throughly when I commented earlier. I agree - entertaining stories about about games or community members do tend to be well-received. The reception I've given your report is probably not widely shared.
#18 Raider[163297]
On the other hand, Augury your reports, despite featuring high-level play (joke intended), are awesome, so the real question is: when's the next one coming?
#19 OverTheUnder[163302]
war 3 noobs;O

#20 Augury[163311]
"Next one"? I stopped playing :o

Maybe next November...
#21 Raider[163315]
Remember, remember the 5th of November.
#22 [163317]
see raider, you're cathing on already
#23 Raider[163318]
haha yeah
#24 Heartcutter[163330]
I approve of this report. Good Job!

I feel the love from all of you. This old warhorse really appreciates it!

I have a kid now and he just turned 1. Kids do take up a lot of time, but that's what you need to do to raise them right.

Any of you guys going to be down to E3 this year? I might be up for some drinks on Friday, May 12th if any of you are interested. Email me

#25 [163332]
Hey Heartcutter, congrats on becoming a dad! Good to hear from you old legends once in a while. ;-)
#26 Raider[163334]
Nice, Heart stopped by--I was gona email you when I posted you, but could not find your email address.

Good to see you, man, and congrats on becoming a parent.
#27 fOOdtastesgOOd[163355]
First let me just state that Heartcutter is my hero
#28 fOOdtastesgOOd[163356]
hmm, got cut off. to make it short, I agree with Augury in that the human competition was lackluster at best. However this report rocks for ahving Heartcutter in it ;)
#29 el_sux0r[163385]
"There was no memorial service because elves don't get liquor."

It's nice to see a report that pays attention to fine cultural details.
#30 Chris[163451]
Though I love your WC3 report, and your formatting is top notch, I think you could have made the screenshots relate to the report more. Your screens could be a little bit smaller, and your writing could give more insight into why strategies were used.

Flashing text is bad though, really bad.

10 for the HC report.


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