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#1 NotJim[162517]
#2 NotJim[162518]
Stupid enter button. >_> I stil claim first

Anyhow, I really enjoyed another batch of Footmen Frenzy - good light entertainment. 7.5?
#3 Convider[162519]
War3 reports are always confusing to me, but this was easy to read and follow. It was good, but lacked commentary and other stuff to spice up the report.
#4 Fangrim[162526]
mmm, two frenzies in a row? :)
Another good report, though shorter than the last one.

BTW, do the creators of Frenzy, hatoup and the nohunters gang, know about your reports? Do other people report Frenzy games?
#5 Psyonic_Reaver[162528]
I never played footman frenzy but just reading the report gives the desires. =) Good job.
#6 [162529]
Well this "report" was actually supposed to be attached to the previous one as a double report but I feel like finishing this one for the new year. I only bothered to complete this one because I wanted to play the new FF which would require an update and make the replay unviewable (yeah, without double installs or special programs).

Both Fox and CB commented on the last one. Ravage and CB bave written their own reports too.
#7 salsaa[162530]
GOOd report.. why so old map though.. they already reached 4.1 with a soon 4.2 coming
#8 [162531]
This game was played in January of 2005. I wrote most of the report around April or something and then stopped without doing the end.

That is why I write the "incomplete/complete" part of the intro. Technically this report can be classified as "Report 20" since now its independant of number 18. To put it into perspective, Report 19 was started in May and finished June of last year.
#9 wakiki[162539]
This is the best of your footman frenzy reports. The way you defined the teams made it easy to tell what was happening (this has been a problem in earlier reports), and your overall discussion of the troop stategies and flanking seemed more to the point.

Good job!
#10 -zX-Ravage-[162609]
play 4.2 :P

much better
#11 Sabotage[162647]
Ah yes, I loved it! Teal, trying to be cool with his shitty blademaster... Gray (you) with your superior unit-killing hero that no hero-killing heros ever kills...

#12 [162817]
wtf is with this gay version
#13 THIS REPORT IS THE dumbest one!!![163883]
U missed alot of stuff like how your two comrades got the heros. And when and like the opponets stragede and wat u were trying to do like read the other reports and try to get it right and theres version 6.0 out already play it and do a better report this is good but just it lacked alot of stuff no offence but it lacks alot so give it more thought next time:)
#14 Who'sGotLag.IDO[163888]
I didn't miss them, I mentioned their existance in the sentence before they cast their ultimates. I just didn't emphasize them because they weren't important. First level ultimates really aren't that effective when high level tiers are on the field.

I take it you don't know that version 6.0 is a fake. The most current version is 4.2

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