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#1 [162221]
Well, first report of 2006 only approximately a year after it was supposed to be finished. I did some minor editing to the text since I wrote it but not much.

I suggest going into this report thinking the report is going to suck terribly. Either you will be pleasantly surprised or have made a correct estimate. Its win/win. =)
#2 maareek[162222]
Wow, I was not disappointed at all (truth be told I did not read past the beginning of the game cause I have never played war3 and the whole thing is greek to me). ;p

Thanks for putting out a new report though man, I am sure its ownage. (So essentialy this is a wordy "#2 omg!" post).
#3 NewbEye[162223]
Much like comment #2, I've never played WC3 so I can't really say anything intelligent about this. Spiffy pics, though, and congrats on claiming #1 for 2006.
#4 PeaceableGhost[162224]
Nice. 8, but -1 for ending. Disconnect w/o T-mac?
#5 wakiki[162225]
Neat report. Too bad it had to end like that, heh.
#6 Possumo[162227]
Very nice way to start off 2006 :)
Cheers once again :D
#7 Dibbler[162232]
Did not read it yet. But (even with the draught) the subject and the writer will make it a good one!
#8 DD[162238]
I need to get tft so I can play FF.
#9 dodopout[162243]
Hmm >.>
#10 Timid[162248]
#11 Crazster[162250]
#12 [162256]

#13 Chris[162257]
Your negativity makes this a 7 instead of an 8.5 :(
#14 Convider[162279]
Some of the writing was a bit unclear, but meh. War3 reports never did it for me :/
#15 [162428]
A+ report. Would read reports by this author again.

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