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"You have any naked pics of Collsy?"
-Hawk to Slings

#1 micro[162025]
1st. nowi can cross this off my wish list.
#2 Dice[162027]
#3 PeaceableGhost[162029]
Rate now.
#4 PeaceableGhost[162030]
Or at least, unlock.
#5 Crazster[162031]
Is this Audrigy from Clan Lone?

Nice report :D
#6 striz[162032]
#7 Convider[162033]
I liked it, it is easy to follow and the pics complement the writing. Too bad I dont understand war3 at all, or I would give this an 8 -.-
#8 Augury[162034]
#5: No. I play on the USWest server under the screen name "Augury".
#9 RabidMurloc[162035]
Thank you, Augury. Thank you for finally pulling us out of the report slump. And thank you for giving me another reason to procrastinate when I should be doing my homework. Thank you.
#10 Possumo[162037]
Ah thank god I thought I would never see a WC3 report again :(
Good to see your back Augury.
What were you playing WOW?? ;)
Everyone including myself has a weakness for it!
#11 wakiki[162039]
Nice report.
#12 Eumenides[162040]
Good writing, format and explanation. I would have liked to see the more unconventional strat win (since I am sick of seeing replays in which the NE ALWAYS rushes to master dotts vs orc - eg the recent verge)wizard vs. 4k.grubby series). I suppose that this can act as a Dreadful Warning of how horribly siege damage owns NE Tier One.

#13 dodopout[162042]
Nice report.
#14 VisMaior[162043]
Nice one. Very clear and I especially liked the little explanations.
#15 DD[162047]
people still play war3??! ;]

seriously though, this was good stuff. more please :P
#16 ZerG~LinG - Rater[162049]
I feel the urge to play some war3 again, it really was an excellent game.

Awesome report.
#17 Augury[162052]
Thanks for the comments and rating
#18 haike[162061]
good report :D been so long since a real good battle report of WC3 came out
#19 HeeroYuy[162116]
awesome report!
#20 [162182]
good report, but what kind of half decent player has a "lapse of concentration" and attacks their own units mid battle
#21 [163140]
why did it say "2v2 random team" at the very top

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