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#1 Beastback[160587]
Would you happen to be Icarus from Relic Forums?
#2 Turbo_Noob[160588]
get the power up
#3 [160589]
i saw paragraphs and clicked approve1
#4 BeRzErKeR[160590]
A lot betted. Remember to describe the units next time. 5-6
#5 BeRzErKeR[160591]

Friggin keyboard
#6 scn[160594]
stop approving his reports
#7 Lithium[160595]
While I have to agree with that fag SCN, this was better.
#8 Turbo_Noob[160596]
where is the gangsta rap?
#9 SnK-Arcbound[160597]
And the porn. I love porn.
#10 Dice[160599]
That was a much much better report better gramer spelling could still use a bit of work
#11 NewbEye[160640]
Much, much better. I did not want to claw out my eyes after reading it. As others have said, you need to explain things a bit more. I personally have not played Warhammer, so the report is a little confusing to me.

Add some pictures, some length, and run the rest through a spell-checker and your next one will look even better.
#12 dustbiter[160661]
And like dude, this battlereport sounds fake to me, its like all sorts of units manages to make a cameo in a small 650 pt game(WTF too, usually its in 500-multiples), i dun li3k fake brs with fiction forced in. Its worse than staged White Dwarf games.

#13 Dino Din[160672]
i suggest, Eugenioso, that u do a search for old reports or even just look at reports on the frontpage with gold ratings. Use their formats, such as pictures, colored text, and perhaps even animations. You need pictures or ull never get above a bronze
#14 Eugenioso Chileno[160673]
i dont know how
#15 Dino Din[160679]
on the left side of this page you will see a section called "HELP" look under "Guides"
#16 Eugenioso Chileno[160687]
i read it, i still dont understand it
#17 sir skum[160865]
i think he sent this to Convider or something, he isnt ready to write like this even if it still isnt top quality (i know im being negative)

look at "the 10 dudes" BR that he made, then look at comment number 15, plus look at the little comment he wrote at the end of this BR, about how he "took a lotta stuff into consideration form forums" the english is too different!

well you never know i might be wrong, i hope i am, COS THEN AT LEAST HE LEARNED FROM ALL THOSE FLAMINGS FROM THE LAST 2
#18 sir skum[160869]
i hope he did, cos then it shows that insulting someone really does help them change,

maybe we should have just cussed Saddam Hussein into submission
#19 Eugenioso Chileno[160881]
omg u people are ROYAL PRICKS! i just took the smart and meaningful comments into cosideration, barely reading and LMFAO out of the whinerposts that said my reports are shit
a lil thing for you dudes
Keep doing it
i just wont care
#20 sir_skum[161001]
you do care, but....

that is a good thing, as if you did write this report (which i believe you did after that last outburst)
then you learned something from the comments in the last 2 WHICH IS GOOD.

But seriously, those last 2 reports really did suck, with that stupid style of "english" chat you used, and all the sucky UNCOOL abbreviations..

now this one looks better, so well done, keep working on it and the raters might notice...
#21 Dice[161365]
rate this damn thing already
#22 Chris[161884]
I stopped at "thou shalt".
#23 BeRzErKeR[162452]
Give this thing a rating.
#24 Convider[163216]
How dare you say that I'm associated with this report!
#25 sir skum returns[163633]
oh god im sad:

sorry convider

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