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#1 Chris[157591]
#2 SnK-Arcbound[157592]
No pics, no thanks.
#3 [157595]
Yeah, I share the same oppinion. I refuse to read any br without pictures.
#4 Landon_Fox[157596]
I guess Mark4's reports were just too chobo for you, eh Arcbound? That is your opinion and you are welcome to it. I disagree and I don't give a stuff. Have a nice day.
#5 Razoriel[157597]
I thought that was a good BR. Although, it would help if you change the background, as white is harsh on the eyes. Pictures would help too, but the replay is fine with me. 7.
#6 Decay[157598]
I agree with you that it was a bit more stiff than your last one, but it is still an enjoyable read. Not really big on war3, but it seemed like the starcraft equivilent of massing lings vs hydras or something, obviously the higher tiered unit will win. Also, pics are not very hard to do, especially with Blizzard's games. It's worth looking into anyway, you don't have to pull a YRM or Zerg~Ling and make them godly, just insert a couple battle pics with a simple border in the report. Anyway, pretty good, keep them coming!
#7 Desert Demon[157599]
7-8ish, I think. Pics weren't really needed. I didn't like the lists of units for each battle, but that's personal preference. Your tone kinda shifted around, also...I could see some HCesque badassness in there, which I thought was cool. Play around with how you write, I guess. I got lost a few times but that's at least partially because I'm not really acquainted with TFT units. Also, it's "lich" :P
#8 Smeagol[157601]
Yeah good report, and actually a pretty decent game, although the main reason you won was really your expansion (i think?).
Entertaining though, and kept me reading till the end, so definately write more!
#9 Smeagol[157603]
Also you aren't really that bad a player, and having myself played since the mid roc days, I know that the skill level has changed incredibly, for example my friend who played high lvl rt, solo and ffa in the 1.12 and early 1.14 days, couldn't believe how much the skill level had changed after he stopped playing for around 6 months.

Anyway that game was about as good as you could hopefor to br, and hopefully you will find another good game for another great report!

Once again keep writing, and ignore Woah's harsh criticism :P
I might come on and give you a game sometime :D
#10 Landon_Fox[157605]
Ah, I see that HTML tags do one work in the comments section.
#11 Desert Demon[157606]
Well, early on you had him with skellies but not really there away around necros to get skellies? Also I have no idea what a destroyer is, but that's because I haven't played WC3 since like...ROC retail version.

With regards to detailing units, I'd like it if it was more like "I charged my x ghouls and my DL into the right flank of his army, composed of whatever" or something. The bulleted list kinda seems weird to me, but I guess I'm more into having it just be paragraphs. If you're more comfortable with bulleted lists, go right ahead :]
#12 Landon_Fox[157607]
The undead can purchase an item from their racial shop that casts raise skeletons. It is available right from the start of the game.

Obsidian statues are mechanical spellcasters that autocast two spells. They can heal six units for ten health or restore three mana. They can be upgraded to a flying unit that takes the same food as a frost wyrm, is magic immune and has questionable damage. However, it can devour magic getting rid of bad buffs and damaging summons. This will also give it a decent attack for a while.

As for the bullet lists, I think it's more that I like using all the standard HTML features. I'm taking a class in website design after all. ;)
#13 Woah[157610]
Not really "Decent" attack, that skill nearly doubles the unitīs attack power and gives it an big area of effect, turning it into a really damaging unit for a little mana that can be absorbed from other statues for example or obtained through dispelling.

Also the destroyer has a little more ehpf (hp*armor / food cost) than a frost wyrm and comes out much faster, making it one of the best aerial units, it can dispel on top of that, giving it mana and hp :o

Well you know my opinion on "noob" games and no pic reports already, gj with your second report and all remember: spare water, its not like there is much still remaining :|
#14 Asmodues[157612]
I like these text reports. If Landon doesn't worry about complicated formatting or pictures, he can bang out one every week or so, like he is now. I approve of this, because I usually ignore the pictures anyway, and firefox has a feature to change the colors of a website.

Bravo, Landon. Write on!
#15 Raider[157613]
I really liked the report. Perhaps it's because I am considering picking up war3 again (haven't played except a few times since RoC). Picture, of course could have been nice, but I think the report is just fine without them

One thing that I would have liked to see, however, I more tactical description of battles rather than just simple unit count (and I actually liked the unit count thingie). Also, you did not have a clearly-established style.

But overall, this was a good well-written report.

#16 PeaceableGhost[157616]
I'am a fan of text-onlies. Cheers! 7
#17 [157639]
These days the report really needs to be something special for it to get 7+ without any pictures. Decent report though so I give it a 6.
#18 x]FS[x[157698]
I talked to you on AIM about it, but I'll say it here to.

I liked this report, it made me laugh quite a bit. I think it deserves more than a 6, I think more along the lines of a 7-8. I figure it doesn't have pictures, but then I think.... After I read a report, what do I remember? The text.... and if I think about it, I don't really pay much attention to the pictures.

Very funny, good writing, crank another one of these babies out soon.
#19 TANYUFEI[158005]
#20 wakiki[158249]
Heh, neat, I liked it. I would give it a 7 :]

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