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"DAMN I hate reavers!"

#1 Crazster[157407]
#2 [157408]
Your replay link goes to your report instead of to the replay file.
#3 Landon_Fox[157409]
If I put the html report in the report center, will changing the report there change the report as it appears to viewers?
#4 Landon_Fox[157410]
Nevermind, that appears to have fixed it.
#5 PeaceableGhost[157413]
I'm tempted to give this a 10 just for your "intro"

...but no. Somewhere between 7 & 8. V. good text-only, except for the one-sided thing.
#6 Crazster[157415]
V.nice. A colour scheme and a few pictures and you'd be 9's and 10's @_@. Writing was entralling, funny without breaking the flow and maybe alittle under imformative (maybe your style?)

What struck me is I didn't know the hero levels ^^
that and maybe the raters can tell you more. :)

8 becuse it pwned my first try
(btw most of my repots are white on black so :P)
#7 Smeagol[157417]
Cool good to see some more wc3 reports :D
It's clear that a fair amount of effort went into this, but flamestrike pictures are so nice! So maybe next time a few pictures would definately turn it into 8+ material :D
Bribe a decent photoshop user into helping you if it comes down to it ^^
#8 Woah[157418]
Your writing is very nice and one could understand the game perfectly.

What pisses me off is the quality of the game...I think one insane PC could have raped the two players on this game without an effort, this was an extremely poor game, one of the newbiest I have ever seen at

The winning player sucked a lot but he had a brain at least and as you said in the end "donīt try to be gosu if you arenīt", that made the difference between victory and defeat here but still, if your opponent had a single clue about TFT it would have been a breeze to kill you with an expand against you without, 4 + 5 towers at his expo = 9 and still loses all peasants to bmage, rofl? Losing all his mainīs peons to a single (most likely lvl 2 ou 3 when the attack begun) bloodmage ROFL?!! You losing 7(!!!) footman --> 7x135 = 945 gold wasted ?!!!!!!??

When you said you had a lot more than him even though he had an expand I couldnīt help but being :|, donīt get me wrong, your report is really nice for text-only, but the game deserves a -10 which is balanced by the very nice report to 5/6/7, at least imo, hate great reports on sucky games, waste of time :/

Btw you didnīt do such an weird strategy, not getting casters was actually a smart move because of his breakers and you not having an AM with aura, and massing knights is the primary gosu strategy since they murder breakers which are the most used unit on the matchup.

Your opponent could have got some gryphons too no? Getting rifles vs human just shows his (lack) of skill :|
#9 Woah[157419]
Btw I have seen a LOT of great SC/BW reports getting raped by reporting an -10 game, I donīt think you will get that treatment here because no one seems to play TFT 1/20 as seriously as they did with BW, which makes the "good game vs bad game" rating not being able to kick in, it all comes down to how you report it.

Keep it up and next time along with the great text skills bring an MUCH better game and pics and you will deserve the 8 everyone is saying here, ciao :)
#10 [157420]
Hey, you've got some writing talent here. Looking forward to more from you, you've got some potential.

#11 Landon_Fox[157421]
Thanks Johnny_Vegas! It's always a heartening sight for the admin to compliment your work!

Yes, I agree this game is low quality and one sided. That was not the claim to fame of this game, it was all the peasant kills. I just had to tell somebody.

Sadly, I think this guy actually had a level of around twenty. The last time I played this game, you had to work your rear end off to make teens, and a level twenty meant you were god. As for my skill level, I used to do multi-hero mixed armies with no problem. It's just that I haven't played in a LONG time. My account expired from inactivity. Before that I only played two games. The account I used then had also expired from inactivity.

I don't know what strategies are currently in. Nor do I care. I like thinking outside the box and figuring out puzzles. I've always liked coming up with counter-strategies.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll see what I can do about the next one.
#12 Woah[157422]
Level 20 with a lot of games is just like being lvl 6/10 in 1.14īs AMN since lvl 36 is the new "average" according to Blizz.

You both had less than 60 apm, meaning no micro as I checked on the replay :P

If you donīt know what strategies are currently in how can you figure out their counters?? :( Its like saying you like to find solutions when you donīt know the problem :P

But as I said the writing was very good, the game just pained my brain like I hadnīt been for a long time :|
#13 Landon_Fox[157423]
I'm sorry I am not up to your standards as a player. I don't give a shit. Have a nice day. ;)
#14 Woah[157424]
Fair enough :) gj and keep them coming :p
#15 [157425]
Heh, don't feel bad at playing ability. I think some of the best Starcraft reports where those written during the time when people were still trying to figure out what worked. SC had such depth, that the "battle report" became a vital tool to debate strategy with others.

I remember some reports I and others made regarding stopping the dreaded "Lurker Rush" in ZvT, back when nobody had it all figured out.

Also with the amount of patches Blizz would release, you had to refine your strategies constantly.
#16 Woah[157427]
Thatīs true JV but this is not that case, its more like late BW when everyone knows that you canīt go mass rines / bats / medics against Terran because of tanks.

What happened here was that one guy actually went mass rines / bats / medics against Toss (the guy who got raped by Landon_Fox) and the other simply got mass tanks and nothing else and steam rolled the noob(ier) player without needing to actually play decently.

As he said it wasnīt his main concern to report an gosu game or try to look gosu but I have to wonder what this report could have been if the game wasnīt so bad :/

The only cool thing were the invisibility potions (which could have been countered by the click on an 50/50 gold lumb research at the arcane sanctum LOL) and the writing, no pics no skill, thatīs 2/3 of my biggest concerns when doing an BR screwed right there =(

Iīm sad :(
#17 Turbo_Noob[157428]
If I'm going to help sindri with his reports I should probably extend a helping hand to you as well. AIM: Trollify
#18 maareek[157429]
Writing can make up for just about anything. I've gotten 8's on totally shitty games and my pics are always terrible but I was rated so high strictly because of the writing.
#19 Woah[157430]
I guess so, maybe I should try to focus more on writing and less on pictures/game depth and strategic description oO
#20 Convider[157437]
one-sided game, writing could've used a proof-reading, but fairly good.
#21 Chris[157440]
+ Few formatting errors.
- Game seemed a bit one sided.
- Game too simple (I had more units and they were upgraded so I rolled over him.)
- Some minor errors i.e. "employee" instead of "employed"

Choose a better game next time.

#22 Asmodues[157445]
It wasn't a great game, but I don't give a crap. Your writing is joyful to read. I demand more.
#23 x]FS[x[157450]
Made me laugh, good writing, I understood it.

#24 Landon_Fox[157456]
Thanks for the comments everyone. It seems the largest complaint was the game itself. I'll have take that as a big-arsed hint.
#25 iNsOm[157614]
i haven't read your report yet because i wanted to point out that you said screw the introduction, but you added an introduction anyway.
#26 Agent_of_Sol[163832]
I love all text reports.

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