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"The Slugs were fought off by a Tank utilizing its range, and several Marines with salt shakers"

#1 Asmodues[157277]
This works perfectly to me, so unless BR's coding fucks it up, should be good. Also, delete the other one.
#2 snowyday[157278]
#3 Convider[157282]
#4 Hikaru[157284]
#5 [157288]
Rather washed-out looking but whatever. Approved.
#6 Woah[157289]
Not bad actually, the presentation was obviously poorly done (I had to select all the text to be able to read :P) and there are no images - the code is pretty broken too :(

The image lack is especially bad in this kind of report because you always take your opportunity to drift into funny stuff which may confuse persons who either:

1- Donīt play w3 and obviously miss the all important "why" you joked this way with this unit and that way with the other.

2- Arenīt trying to understand the game itself and then get lost in the mid of the report.

Images would have been an great anchor to the game itself when you talk about other stuff.

Other than that the game itself was decent, Magus was my old BW nickname, which I changed to Woah in W3 since its a common nickname and Iīm ashamed to see so many noobs using it.

Defend against 2 archers and a bunch of anti-footmen units was smart...or maybe not oO stupid human player :P

Nevertheless it was a great first try, text is usually the hardest part to learn and master and it was quite nice without much errors that I could spot (english readers will tell) and Iīd give it a 4/5 which could be an 6 without broken code and better style and even an 7 with images, for 8 you would have needed a better game/players imho.
#7 Woah[157290]
Paragraphs would have been essential for anything above 5 too, btw, but I blame that on the "bad code" part anyway.
#8 Woah[157291]
As a last comment, you should really murder Ling when you see him, with his gosu photoshop skills an better code this report would have been great :(
#9 [157295]
What the hell.

Light grey on white? No? I'll read once my eyes stop hurting.
#10 [157297]
silver on white wtf no
#11 Desert Demon[157298]
text only = black on white plz ^_^_^_^_^
#12 Convider[157303]
My eyes! They burn!
But other than that, the writing was way trippy. Paragraphs would've halped a lot, as well as some pics (you don't need pssex to give us an idea of whats happening). I don't understand Wc3 overall, but your humour helped me figure it out somewhat.
#13 Asmodues[157305]
A post-posting note: This report was formatted to be black background-white text. Before I SAVED this html file on, it looked like that.
#14 Asmodues[157306]
Anyway, since hates black backgrounds from me, I slapped it down as black on white.
#15 [157307]
Well I kind of fixed it, except for all the bold and italic tags that got janked somehow.. will be more CSS friendly in the future.
#16 Asmodues[157308]
#17 Asmodues[157309]
And then it broke itself again.
#18 Convider[157310] hates those with black backgrounds???
#19 [157312]
Asmodeous, I think we were editing the file at the same time, and that was the problem, we overwrote each other's changes...
#20 SnK-Arcbound[157316]
Well, I've found a game to br on... I need some help on the html though. I'll have picks, but I don't know about anything. Should I just make it in word or something and then copypaste it in the sumiting thingy part. There's no way I'll read that, I LOVVVEEEEEE pictures.
#21 PeaceableGhost[157319]
What the heck? But funny.

#22 Asmodues[157320]
I do good funny. Ok Johnny, I'm done touching it. Fix away, and it'll stay fixed.
#23 Dibbler[157321]
It was very funny, Asmo
#24 iNsOm[157326]
you remind me of me, most people don't like battlereports that look like that. thanks for the effort though...keep at it if you want to be good.
#25 wakiki[157340]
Heh, I have so much trouble following 2v2s. I like it though :) Especially the ending.
#26 timid[157341]
#27 Chris[157359]
More paragraphs and structures please.

Your humor is very forced, like me trying to pass an abnomally large kidney stone.

4.5 for presentation problems and the like.
#28 [157360]
Text only reports are only good/fun to read if the writing was good.

The writing was not good. You were trying too hard. The surreal parts were forced, and the rest of the writing made me cringe.

#29 Asmodues[157363]
Which is why I didn't give it to Ling :-)
#30 [157393]
So um... you want a rating or no?
#31 Chris[157396]
Take it only if you like -1s
#32 Woah[157401]
Hmm, gonna be hard to rate this one :P, many different opinions oO
#33 [157549]
gave it a 5.

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