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#1 [156710]
#2 Wigum[156712]
Awsome, but I got such crappy Bravery.. I'm brave!
"Wigum accidentally falls down"
Great setting a perfect example for me. One thing that pissed me off is in a base assault I did, an alien threw a grenade at a soldier and blew up the room, floor, and a whole lot of other things that also blew up, and I didn't get hurt(much) but fell back down a floor and couldn't reach the alien. I had to sit there for over 12 rounds until it came out and my oppurtunity shots hit.
#3 [156714]
Yeah, I moved you out onto the porch (I thought) but it was actually the ground floor. Stupid 2d!
#4 dustbiter[156716]
EldritchEvil, please let me fight for XCOM!
#5 [156717]
My pay got docked? WTF!?!?!
#6 [156718]
For about a billion years, too.
#7 Some_God[156719]
I die too fast... and my face gets melted? wtf... and "holy smoke"?!

Not an accurate representation of me... but that spitting thing is true. For that you will be included in my next report (if it ever comes out).

Hugs and kisses... in the gay way.
#8 Woah[156720]
Great report again, too bad Iīm soooo chicken but at least Iīm not dead yet :D, that 1st terror mission was a disaster :( many good guys were killed in that one :( R.I.P

Btw, who said Ling with his big bravery would die first was RIGHT, big bravery + low accuracy = death :P
#9 Asmodues[156721]
Keke me for XCOM.
#10 Convider[156722]
well, I could've been hit with a plasma glob...
#11 [156723]
Letting a rater die was quite an interesting strategy :D What are the odds of a blinding resurrection scene, maybe with me jumping through a window guns blazing? No? Yes?

Either way, I have to admit I actually MISSED the second installment, maybe because you posted it so soon after the first :D Had to go back and read that too :o

So after quite a bit of XCOM spinning in my head, my comments are:

- A bit too long maybe? After the two long battles here, I was definetly ready to hit the comments section and a cold shower. Thankfully the third was a bit shorter. It's a weird thing, report length, but personally I would like to see them a bit shorter.

- Jesus christ use a different font please. It's hard to read. Add some line-length. Add some padding, letters almost touching edge of the browser is no love at all.

- I kinda like where that story thing is going. Maybe. Kinda like the matrix, but totally different, and with you in it instead of Keanu. That General General Eldritch thing cracks me up every time I see it for some reason.

Anyway, a little better formatting and maybe a tad shorter, and I'll slap a 9 on it, for now, 8.
#12 Decay[156724]
Am I too valuable to risk losing, or do I just suck too badly to use? :(

Again, great job with the report, and the story line sounds like it will get pretty cool (unless Kevin dies, then your whole thing is screwed :P). Would have been better if I would have been in it and done more than get kicked off the ship because I suck.

-6 because you didn't use me.
#13 [156725]
Decay, we rotate Skyranger-1 outfits every mission. You'll get yours.

Ling: Editing the CSS sheet for all three reports now.
#14 [156726]
How's that? More legible? Needs work? Constructive criticism would be awesome. Also, I hate being restricted by the "web fonts." Any way to work around that, short of uploading a font for download?
#15 Desert Demon[156727]
line height plz :O:O:O

also is that papyrus? that doesn't work so hot IMO, it's kinda harsh on the eyes.
#16 [156728]
hmm, I can't find an appropriate "story" font. Thoughts?
#17 Netaddict[156729]
How about the same font as regular, but a different colour?
#18 RabidMurloc[156730]
Ooo, nice section. And I was in it! And I didn't die! Gasp! Ahh, the love of a rocket launcher! And I set things on fire with it! Weee! But, five casualties in one section, owch. I don't think losing Zerg~Ling was good, and for some otherworldly dimensional reason that I cannot explain and do not wish to know, I always thought PeacableGhost was cool. The poor fool. Keep the fun coming! (cough)
#19 [156731]
Both of their deaths were horrible bad luck; Ling should have blown up that Disc with his rocket, and Peaceable died to "friendly" fire.
#20 PeaceableGhost[156733]
"He died cost-effectively."
#21 SuingForDamages[156734]
EldritchEvil, would you do me the honor of making me an X-Com Soldier?
#22 SnK-Arcbound[156735]
I wish it were longer :(. Those stories are so cool. Actually I said zerg~ling would die first, but he actually died second. Darn, but I was close. I predict my own death in 5 missions that I am on, being the third to die. Don't read that eldritch, I don't want my predictions to be "deadly accurate". I think that the Italics are kind of annoying to look at, though something like that was a good idea to use for the story part. You know your setting a really hihgh standard for when you need to post these? And what happens when your running low on soldiers? Going to name them proxy1, proxy2...?
#23 endersshadow[156736]
I find myself horrified for my character's future. Now allies can be mind controlled and we have to fight going down ramps in urban battlefields vs. reapers? Where everyone is trigger-happy with rockets? No thanks. Good thing I was wounded in that first mission by the way :D.

Colonel? 10.
#24 Rustlocke[156739]
Hey what? You were never wounded.

dustbiter, Asmodeus and SuingForDamages added to the queue.
#25 [156740]
Hurr, that last one was me. WoW on the brain.
#26 endersshadow[156741]
I meant that being stunned in the first mission probably saved my life in the second.
#27 Nodikus[156745]
Great series so far.
I would love to fight for X-COM.
#28 Gurthang[156746]
Excellent series. Make many more!

For the love of all that is holy, make me an X-Com grunt!
#29 Woah[156747]
We are two Enderss :P
#30 Commander_keen[156748]
Very good!
Interesting to read, and nice that you explain some strategy for the game as well. Just use another font, I agree with the others that this one does make your eyes hurt.
I hope that my character is of some use to you.

Can't wait for the next one!
#31 Dibbler[156750]
Best idea for a report in years. I was actually reading it to see how I would perform (as expected, shooting a thick wall). Some battles were indeed a tad too long, but as long as you keep em coming, I ain't complaining.
#32 [156752]
Alright, changed the fiction font to Georgia. Should be much more legible now.

Gurthang and Nodikus added to the queue.
#33 Meatwhad[156754]
Please make me an X-Com soldier.
#34 [156756]
Yah, it is more readable, but it's... So huge. It's like looking at it through spectacles. Does the text really need to be so separated?

Also, aren't you on Euro realms? I can't get on Euro realms.
#35 Woah[156757]
Btw, I donīt think I would make such a good HW guy simply due to my extreme BAD accuracy (in real life too xD canīt grab an orange thrown at me at 8 feet TT) Iīm almost sure I would end up killing myself or my comrades (hello Ling xP) with one of those heavies, better use my super stamina and strenght to carry ammo and heavy stuff across the battlefield indeed (not mass scouting because I got the lowest life I remember seeing in these 3 installments and that is pretty bad vs opportunity shots) :P gogo GeneralGeneralEldrich.
#36 Epoch[156758]
Ahh, I love it. ^_^ 8.72. And wow, ouch, 3 terror missions in a row, I can't help but feel bad for you.

See now I'm getting all worried I'm going to die :P
#37 SnK-Arcbound[156759]
So when's the next one coming? I was checking every ten minutes for that last one, I wanted to know what happened.
#38 SuingForDamages[156763]
I think I shall repeat myself.

EldritchEvil, would you do me the honor of making me an X-Com Soldier?
#39 [156764]
I do believe I already said yes. Comment #25, I think.
#40 Tiger-[156765]
Great Work, i just smoked the three reports in record time.

Yay! I would like to be recruited for future X-Com missions.
So... Please make me an X-Com soldier. =D
#41 snowyday[156766]
I want to be an X-Com soldier!

And damned if I'm not suddenly wanting to buy this game.

Very well done again EE, keep them coming (when you include me they can only get better =P)
#42 [156767]
Snowy, you already are in. You killed a Floater in the third mission of this report from half the map away. Furthermore, I wish you good luck in finding somewhere to buy this game.
#43 HeeroYuy[156768]
Xcom Soldier sir. Dont forget about smoke grenades. I used them exstensively on genius? (not sure atm). They work wonders. Arrive and by turn 2 you have enough cover to advance with out casulties. I dont like the pistol strat. I just had everyone with auto cannons early on because if they miss they can still do damage/kill.

~ Yuy
#44 Decay[156771]
omg #42 it's Tiger-! Hi!
#45 Timid[156772]
I can't believe I was the only X-COM death on that mission.
My life sucks.
#46 MuLepton[156776]
Yay, I killed something! Uh, wait... *hides*

Great work so far. All three reports have been extremely enjoyable reads and the use of community names just adds to that - who will live? Who will die?? Who will shoot someone else in the back???

The only (very small) criticism I would make is that the writing seems a bit hurried towards the end of report #3. But then again, at the rate at which you crank these out, this is easily forgiven.
#47 Crazster[156778]
Reporting for XCOM duty sir! My friends call me Dw because i'm the biggest baddest sharp shooter on the planet, I got the tactics and can be a general one day (read, give me a good character and don't let him die, maybe he is wounded, everyone else is dead and with his final shot before oging unconcious he nails the last enemy and lives.)

9, very nice. I dunno it didn't have the feel of a 10 for me :(.
#48 dustbiter[156779]
They call me dw? DarkWing duck?
#49 Landon_Fox[156781]
You should have kept your small radar. Each radar station gives a 5% chance to spot a UFO every ten minutes of game time. If you had kept the small radar, you would have a 10% chance to spot UFOs inside the smaller radius.

Heh, I got to destroy scenery. Lovely. Nice job mimicing my comments on the rocket launcher though. Let's just say that my experiences with friendly fire is the reason you don't get explosives unless your accuracy is above sixty-five. ^.^
#50 Niek[156783]
Eldritch Alie., I mean Eldritch Evil, please make me an x-com operative in your br

Sir Lavitz
#51 Sir Lavitz[156784]
Oh, and I'd like to be a HW, sir. by the way, your reports are the most entertaining and high-quality stuff i've ever seen on
the br site. What a briliant idea to make a 'big brother' version of battlereport.

Sir Lavitz,the ordnance expert
#52 Niek[156785]
by the way, heree's some personal info to flesh out my character. I'm Dutch, but nonetheless brave and I'd ;ike to die a heroic death. I;m not homosexual, so a x-com soldier does not have to worry if I am his rear guard.
#53 notsoskinnyguy[156786]
Hey i found this game on it looks kind a fishy tho nebody had any experience with this site?

this is cool yet again EE you have me wanting to play somthing else. :D
#54 [156787]
You get a 9 from me... I thought this was really quality and thought it innovative that you included people into the report.

nice work man!
#55 [156788]
Great report, hard to read as Ling said, I would suggest following Ling's example to some degree. However really nice overall, hopefully my character sees some action next time and doesn't die. 8.
#56 Artius[156789]
I doubt anyone remembers me, just thought I'd add a note that I still read from time to time, and I really like these XCom reports. XCom is definitely on my top 5 games list of all time. I've really liked these reports and they've inspired me to play the game again. From reading the underdogs site that Wigum linked above, I learned that someone made a patch for the display problems I'd experienced before, so I'm jazzed to check that out.

Excellent job introducing some of these n00bs to a real game. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Oh, and someone lean on .Praetor to do the next chapter in his civ3 report.

- M
#57 SuingForDamages[156790]
sorry... I just scrolled down looking for your rater tag, EE.
#58 [156791]
We aren't likely to forget ya Artius =]. SS 4 life dawg! Haha. Ten years old and the game play is as good as anything today imho.
#59 Woah[156792]
SS pwnz ass indeed, itīs a big, big shame nearly no one plays it now :( it could go as far as BW as balance is concerned but like many other great games (Guild Wars vs World of Warcraft for example) Blizzardīs reputation won the day, if anyone still wants to play I would be very happy :) just tell me when you can (GMT).

SS is one of those games I never play (no one is ever online, when I can play at least) but been on the PC since I got it xD
#60 squad[156793]
put me down on the queue to be an XCOM please.

excellent story
#61 snowyday[156795]
ASDF gg me. I probably should have finished the report before requesting being an X-Com soldier.
#62 Crazster[156796]
Oh yeah, letme flesh it out because no one is perfect. Instead of dying heroically I wouldn't mind dying like a coward crying in the corner while playing w/myself.

I try hard but not aim super well, and got a will powa! However i aim like crap but am super tough to kill :P
#63 wakiki[156798]
Whew, finally got around to reading these. Very cool stuff (spam the reports list more why doncha ;p)

I request being an X-Com soldier. I see that you have a TON of requests, so it will probably take a while to get around to everyone. Name me "waki" whenever I do get in :)

A few questions. Are the attributes assigned randomly? Also, is it possible to have someone with lots of stamina, TUs, and strength, and they just carry around supplies? (Like, carry a bunch of medpacks and be a medic). Just curious.

If you can assign attributes, I'd like to have high TUs, stam, and accuracy (I don't know if that would be smart, since I don't play the game. It sounds like an interesting combo to me). If you can assign them, then make me like that :) If not, I'm fine with whatever comes.

I'm planning on getting this somehow. It sounds neat - I haven't played a tactical game before.
#64 [156800]
Everyone added to the queue.

Waki: Stats are assigned randomly, but I'll try to find someone who fits.
#65 NtN-Scissors[156801]
Hey - I asked to fight SOLDIERS as an ALIEN, not the other way around! Oh well... gets I'm stuck as a soldier. Please try and get me killed fast because the hyphen in my name is appallingly hard to read.
#66 NtN-Scissors[156803]
Also my stats suck big time, I'm spotted at least two soldiers with ALL stats higher than mine.
#67 Zileas[156805]
really fun read. I guess I should play this game again more :)

- Zileas
#68 iwas[156808]
ill be a soldier for the .php base, sir!
#69 [156809]
#70 [156811]
Only when this comment section has surpassed the last comment section in numbers can work begin on the fourth part!
#71 [156812]
#72 [156813]
#73 SnK-Arcbound[156814]
How many is that?
#74 [156815]
#75 [156816]
#76 SnK-Arcbound[156817]
Seriously how many?
#77 SnK-Arcbound[156818]
Cause I am way to lazy to go look it up.
#78 SnK-Arcbound[156819]
And I don't want to go look it up.
#79 [156820]
fu you foiled my cleverness.
#80 [156821]
without even realizing it ;/
#81 SnK-Arcbound[156822]
Did we make it?
#82 SnK-Arcbound[156823]
Haha, screw you.
#83 eU)NiCk[156824]
woohoo, I didn't die!

#84 Tiger-[156825]
Yo Decay!
How's it going?
#85 Odin's Raven![156826]
Ridiculously good as usuall. It's a pity I was blown apart so early on. At least I managed to get a kill. Anyhow, keep up the good work.
#86 dodopout[156827]
hehe...I browse around battlereports a lot, never make comments though
I liked the report...and care me to put me on the queue line please?
#87 Turbo_Noob[156828]
I would only be an xcom soldier if I got to be the tank or an alien
#88 Netaddict[156830]
Tanks and Aliens don't get much satisfaction.. he's killed every single alien on the ground that he has ever seen, and you want to be one? Also, 1/1 tanks have died..
#89 wakiki[156831]
Well, the death rate for humans is still 100% these days ;)
#90 Haike[156833]
WOOOT! i ownzzor!!! lol gogo me ;)

btw good work :D i like ur reports,cant wait for the next report figuring me,though i will probably die
#91 The Dark Lord Sindri[156838]
Add me
#92 Tripe[156846]
I would rather like to join the possibly immensely long list of new recruits.

I mean, hey, if I die, at least I don't die as some unarmed weiner.

That or you'll be mean and give me no guns just to prove some random guy with a random message completely wrong.

I don't think you're that spiteful though.
#93 Charbroil[156847]
Please make me an X-COM soldier. By the way, great report.
#94 SnK-Arcbound[156865]
Whens the next one?
#95 [156867]
I'm writing it as we speak! Have patience!
#96 SnK-Arcbound[156875]
Can't... wait... to... much... mochachinos...
#97 Haike[156878]
#101 comment,wheres the dalmations?
#98 Crazster[156879]
In the next movie.

#99 Mayday116[156880]
Wanna be Meatshield :P
it`s the only thing i`m actually good at (maybe except for camping and sniping).
#100 ILaughtAtYou[156892]
can i be a uber 1337 h4x0r X-COM soldier?
#101 Desert Demon[156895]
#102 [156896]
WoW is eating my time, report is half done, be out this week k?
#103 dodopout[156897]
yay lol
#104 Some_God[156902]
108! Although some claim that 108 is a pretty insignificant number, I see otherwise: did you know 108 comes right before 109. BITCHES! *looks around* *runs away*
#105 [156903]
#106 wakiki[156905]
Hey I just had a good idea. How about, you release it right after I make this comment, so that when I return to the main page, I will read it, yes?

Let's see if this works...
#107 wakiki[156906]
Gah, didn't work.

Well at least I got comment 111. As everyone knows, 11 x 11 SHOULD be 111. So yeah, aweoms.e
#108 Netaddict[156907]
Fine report. In fact, the list of things I'd like to see improved in it is diminutive. Except for a few small errors, this report would be 10 worthy.

A proper demonstration of a goodness. The internet is a true medium of communication.

My only large problem with this report is the huge size. There is a lot of area covered in this, and perhaps it is too much for one report. However, there is a lot of action in X-Com, and with 70+ missions in one game, not even the most gargantuan of reports could cover it all.
#109 Desert Demon[156909]
Born)Slippy says write faster, biatch!
#110 ManicLurker[156984]
hey eldritch, i left comments in report 2, plz read.
too much crap to retype.
#111 ManicLurker[156985]
oh, and whats better, plasma rifle or laser rifle?
should i even research plasma?
#112 ManicLurker[156987]
This report is excellent! I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. Nice reference with the phyric victory. By the way, if you check the guide thingy (whatever it is that describes all the crap) you'll notice it says that the HWP's are automated. They aren't piloted. Oh, and, you CAN recover equipment from dead people. You have somebody stand over them and pick up their weapons by clicking on the inventory button. It'll show shit on the ground. I'm not sure, but I think you can get the armor back if you pick up the corpse itself. You may have noticed things on the floor in the dropship. You can pick up weapons and ammo from there as well. You can also drop the crap you pick up inside the dropship and leave it there, it's the exact same as recovering operatives when you flee from the fight. Whatever's inside the ship is recovered when you flee. Also, does fire hurt your guys if they stand in it, 'cause I hit a floater with incin shells from the HC, and it just stood (floated, whatever the hell they do) there, NOT dying. But, always try to pick up valuable weapons off of your dead guys. Keep up the good work man.

Make me a friggin' X-Com soldier. Classification SC if possible. Thnx. :)
#113 badme[156989]
#114 Who'sGotLag.IDO[156998]
Plasma weapons are generally better than their laser equivalents but most people I think go straight from Laser Rifles to Heavy Plasma. Heavy Plasma has significantly more firepower and relatively little sacrifice in accuracy. The same can't be said for Heavy Lasers. Look at the weapons graph in EEe's first report (I love typing that extra 'e' for some reason).

As for raiding the dead I used to do that as well. Being a cheapskate is sometimes good. Especially when you're starting to run low on Heavy Plasma clips or Alien Grenades and didn't want to spend Elerium (and engineering time) making more. As I said somewhere before I frequently picked up corpses so they wouldn't be destroyed so I could sell them later. Sometimes when equiping my troops at the next mission I would find bodies in the equipment area. Then I had a serious decision to make. "Hmm. I'll give Bob 1 pistol and 1 grenades. Should I give him a Rocket Launcher or a Sectoid corpse for heavy firepower?"

Don't think you can recover armor.
#115 Who'sGotLag.IDO[157001]
Weapon table not graph. =P Plasma rifles aren't bad though if you've picked up plenty of them and have them in storage.
#116 El_Supremo[157009]
How do I join nohunters? When I type "/join op ~nohunters" (or anything else beginning with /) in the Channel space, I get a pop-up saying "invalid characters."
#117 Asmodues[157010]
Eldritch, my name is "Asmodues" :/
#118 [157012]
Huh. Weird, so it is. I never noticed that. I'll correct it ASAP.

Other writing projects, music, WoW and Halo 2 have been eating my time. Report out Friday or bust.
#119 SnK-Arcbound[157013]
You better *shakes fist angryly at EE*
#120 Kedinik[157014]
Good reports. Sign me up, Cap'n.
#121 Netaddict[157016]
Oh, and the promotion algorithm seems to look at the number of guys you have when deciding how many promotions to hand out, as well as the stats of the people. As near as I can figure, it decides how many people of each rank there will be in your "army" and then assigns the titles according to their statistics, and something else. Statistics seem to be the most important factor, though. (I'm going to add up all the stat points for each soldier in my army, and put that in a list next to their ranks, and kills/missions in their own separate columns, and decide from there)
#122 [157017]
Starting with the stats of my Commander, Mr. Lucky, survivor of three wounds, a Chrysallyd running out of TU's three squares short, and taking three heavy plasma shots at point-blank range. (While my base 2 squad leader, in Flying Armour, with 50+ HP, dies from one shot from halfway across the level hitting her frontside. GG.)

.. 81 TU's, 99 Stamina, 61 Health, 60 Bravery, 97 Firing Accuracy, 73 Throwing Accuracy, 68 Strength... Grand total, 539. 30 missions, 38 kills. (mostly because he was my go-to guy for any long-range shots. I doubt he had more than 5-12 ones up-close.) I never had the time to do proper psionics reaserch, due to my stupidity. 30 survivors out of at least several times that many recruits, and all of two soldiers who were around in March.
#123 LameJoker[157019]
If this game is abandonware, how come I can't find it anywhere online?
#124 dustbiter[157021]
If I remember correctly, unloading the plasma clips in the fallen aliens' weapons allowed you to recover more plasma clips. There's always lotsa looting do.
#125 Some_God[157022]
We need a funny comment section... this is so serious that my head will explode. *head explodes* BRING BACK THE SPAM REPORT COMMENT SECTION!

*looks around* *runs away*
#126 Convider[157023]
dammit sg stop running!
You aren't enders...
#127 Who'sGotLag.IDO[157024]
I assume you've tried the links already posted in at least 2 of EE's 3 report comment sections?

Wigum posted a link in his comment #67 above.
#128 SnK-Arcbound[157025]
Wheres that report man, its friday!!!!
#129 dodopout[157029]
Sorry due to new security restrictions, only reports that have received a rating higher than 1 or are at least 3 months old are visible to the public!

#130 Razoriel[157049]
Note: Actual review on Ep 4, this is just a precaution:

EldritchEvil, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE ME AN X-COM SOLDIER! I don't care if I become Chryssalid #1643279, or get shot by Zerg-Ling's ghost, I want to fight the good fight!
#131 ManicLurker[157212]
Dear Who'sGotLag,

WTF! I wasn't talking about picking up alien corpses, I was talking about picking up HUMAN corpses, though I'm still not sure if it allows you to get the armor back.

EE, what's you gamertag? Mine is the same as above, ManicLurker. Send me a friend's request, and I'll whoop you're arse, then we can go play team slayer together, I call the sniper or beam.
#132 Who'sGotLag.IDO[157894]
Yeah, I know what you meant. No you can't get armor back from corpses. There's no point in carrying off human bodies themselves since they're not sellable, just their equipment.
#133 [157895]
As before, everything has pretty much already been said. In these more confused urban settings map pictures for the other battles could help show what you're describing.

In this report there was much less character development, which was understandable because of so many new characters arriving... and departing. Can't be helped in these large missions but it was part of the charm of the previous report.

I'll give this an 8.

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