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#1 Woah[156203]
First report :), they say the first is always the hardest (considering the kind of difficulty you are proposing yourself to, of course) and I have to agree, after spending 5% of the time on this one writing the main stuff (not counting proofread/some changes in text), 20% trying out and attempting to understand the image edition/html and learning some cool stuff, 20% putting everything together as it should (until now, super kudos to EldritchEvil Luckynewbie and DesertD for the precious help :D) to "fit in" and finally 45% of the time putting all the pictures together and editing the text, that will really take practice to start doing faster, hope you enjoy it and it sure wonīt be the last one due to a good supply of recent replays (1.16/1.17 mostly) made by me and my friends and maybe even a future full-fledged clan war report about the two best Portuguese (nothing too special really :( too few ppl playing for there to be gosus) clans duking it out with some crazy games and the pressure always making the players blood boil :P, but that is still too much sand for my truck so, comment plz ;)
#2 maareek[156205]
First thing: when doing css in a report, you can either externally link to your report (which I don't like) or you need to change the name of your body (when you attribute it change the name to .mybody or something) and surround the report in a:

table tag
tr tag
td class="mybody" tag (or whatever you named it to)
close td tag
close tr tag
close table tag

Also, you don't need the html tag, the title tag is ineffective on-site, and you can put the width/height size in your body attribute.

That's just what I notice from opening it up. Very, very, very, very, very common mistakes when first using CSS since none of the really knowledgable users of CSS do their reports on-site.
#3 maareek[156206]
Don't let this upset you too much but I'm not going to read it. I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about war3, and have only read 2 war3 reports (One of CB's and HC's, if anybody wants to know). This looks to be well laid out, and despite a few typos appears well-written for the bit I have skimmed over. I'm sure those who play war3 will enjoy this, or I at least hope so because it appears to have been worked on diligently.
#4 Woah[156207]
I see, thatīs why most of the recent (probably after-CSS) reports I have seen here nearly always point out to where the report is instead of putting it directly, when I tested it out on preview I actually (dumb me -.-) thought that was some error that hadnīt to do with the real report, I have to close it (the report) inside a table or the whole page gets the background wrong, really thanks for the tip, bypassed me completely :/, now it will be deleted and I have to repost or since I linked it externally (to the file in the reportmanager, although it doesnīt go directly there I think) can I change the one there and it will change this one?

I understood the problem, now how to correct it :P
#5 maareek[156208]
If you used fileread (which I hope you did) you can just open the file you uploaded (do if in wordpad or whatever you used) edit it to enclose within the table and reupload it. That should fix it.

Hope that helps.
#6 maareek[156209]
Don't use the html editor on the site, it eats CSS up and spits it out. :/
#7 Woah[156210]
Np maareek, I know well that most of the ppl on this site has one and only love: SC/BW :) I enjoy it a lot too but because of lack of competition possibilities here on my country (not even WCG qualifier for SC now :/ ) War3 is really the best choice for the gamer who wants to go outside and show everyone what is his country made of, aswell as all my friends went up to W3, that and wanting to make more ppl interested in it here (hence some care not to put everything, especially the first times, on W3-language like SH for Shadow Hunter hero, SS for Shadow strike skill, etc), this report was thought out both for the ppl who play and the ones who want to play and are still learning and some stuff for even those who donīt want to play but just read :P, there was a W3 channel for nohunters, clan nohu or something wasnīt it, but when I go there it is always empty TT
#8 Woah[156211]
Btw could u please tell me the typos (Iīm not a natural english speaker unfortunatly :( )? My word/FPage etc are all in Portuguese and everything comes out red (LOL) when Iīm writing in english, what as you can guess makes the proofreading word a pure eye correction one, besides I usually have a bit of difficulty with though-like words, which I try to avoid alway using however to replace it and stuff, forgive my newbness ;)
#9 maareek[156212]
Clan nohu has pretty much to a man gone to WoW, I think. I don't proofread my own stuff, I'm not sure how good I would be to proofread yours, especially since I would miss anything dealing with terminology.

On Firefox your report changes forms right after the mid game, I've checked your source and don't see anything right there that would cause that, are you sure your div size is set correctly? You could just take off the height attribute to it and it should work fine anyway. If that doesn't fix the problem then I dunno what's wrong. :/
#10 maareek[156214]
It shows up fine in IE, looks really nice there. Oh, in your head section, where you give the attributes for mybody, put a # in front of mybody like you did for container. I think that may be what's causing the problem.
#11 Desert Demon[156215]
Looks pretty good up to where it spills out of the table. Like I said, Firefox reads CSS different from IE, which is the problem, it seems. Let's look at the source...
#12 Desert Demon[156216]
Maar's prolly right here. Anyway, to read!
#13 Desert Demon[156217]
Yay! Good report! Writing was good except for the odd spelling error (purse instead of pursue). Pics were clean and simple, although I had a few gripes with some of them; specifically, large splash like pictures or collages should be centered instead of left aligned, or take up the width of the entire container, and you need to put more space between the edge of your speech/thought bubbles and the content, and put a slightly thicker border around them as well. I use 2px borders, but it's not like I invented the things :P Can't really comment on the game, because I have very little idea how TFT games pan out normally...didn't seem like a rape though. All that's left to do is fix that code ;]

#14 Woah[156218]
Nah, I wouldnīt comment on a rape (as my games usually are either me winning fast and without questions or them :/ that and the "you have better report other pplīs games" stuff made me start with this one, made 1 week ago and although (always forget the middle h :P) I didnīt see it when it was played it was almost as if I was seeing it due to "Relas", one of the obs telling me the via whisper until it was over :P

Iīll fix it right away :) thx for the help guys, learned most of this stuff yesterday and today =)
#15 maareek[156219]
Hmm, that still didn't fix it in Firefox :/ (It still shows up fine in Internet Explorer though). Somebody more knowledgable than me will have to figure out what's wrong, I have no clue, sorry. Hopefully ling or somebody will come through soon and let you know how to fix that. Looks great in IE though, really good.
#16 Woah[156220]
Np, you were great :D, got to add you to the "kudos" list for this report :) thx!
#17 Convider[156221]
I like it, but the images and writing could've used refining.
#18 Chris[156223]
There should be a preview report button to help people out.

In any case, r/r on a different computer later.
#19 Woah[156224]
Chris, there is one, but I simply didnīt notice the background problem when I did it and since I use IExplorer hadnīt any trouble with viewing the report (there seems to be a problem when seeing it with Firefox), dunno if the pc has anything to do with it oO
#20 [156226]

what borked code is this

eh, np, wont affect your rating. on to read!
#21 Woah[156227]
LOL!!!! Was made (put together) on Frontpage with image editing on PhotoShop and text first writen on notepad then passed to wordpad then passed (again) to FPage.

If you are talking about the appearance of code itself when I clicked view HTML in the siteīs viewer was REALLY weird too but in FPage appears ok, dunno what it is :O
#22 maareek[156230]
BTW, next time you do a report ask a replay rater to post your replay. You can just post "Will a rater please upload my replay for a BR" in the forum and one of us will do it. That way you won't have to worry about it getting enough dl's to avoid deletion (none of us rate war3 reports, although I think most of them at least have it installed [slackers! ;p <3]). Or you can just upload it to your report center and link it in your report from there.

EE: I'm completely baffled by what is making it do that, I've looked over the source and thought it was a failure to finish a "" or something but I can't find anything like that. And, it's far better than the original version, I assure you. ;)
#23 Woah[156231]
LOL, I thought there were some raters who actually liked and played W3 :P, iīll probably do that next time but was a bit hard for the first because I wasnīt known here and stuff, btw what do you mean with dlīs, page views or ratings?? Didnīt quite understand that part ;P, I used to play a lot of SC/BW but as I explained above itīs mostly a 100% 4 fun game outside Korea now and you just have to love W3 graphics ;)
#24 Woah[156232]
Ups, right, the replay, even if it goes down it is no problem, I just wanted to (maybe :) ) please the rating riders by hosting it on because it was first hosted at (which is down at the moment, actually, lol) where there are no such problems, if it goes down Iīll just replace the link :o, until now it seems the writing is the biggest problem with the br, I should probably wait for it to be proofread (whatever that means :P) first next time =)
#25 maareek[156234]
A replay not submitted by a rater has to either get a certain amount of downloads (I'm so scared to release that number because I just know some lamers would self-dl their reps enough times) or receive a rating of 7 or higher. I think a lot of the raters here (especially the report raters) play/have played war3, but we get a lot of trash in the replay section and I think most just gave up. Only 3 people really rate replays regularly anymore, and we only rate BW. :/ I'm probably the only one on this site who has never played War3. ;)
#26 Woah[156235]
LOL :P maybe some charitous soul will read my br, enjoy the game and rate the replay 7 just for the sake of it ;)
#27 [156241]

very nice report. images were nothing special, and indeed some of the stuff was slightly crude, but they were serviceable, and didn't waste too much space. next time though use less enormous collages and align single images to give the report more structure

writing was good -- I liked the strategic remarks part. game was fine

overall, very nice. next time make sure your code works, though.

#28 Desert Demon[156242]
I called it DD for rater
#29 Woah[156243]
Thanks :D I will make sure things come out better next time, went for collages instead of single pics aligned for less work later (since I would need more than double the total amount of pics if I hadnīt made so much collages of several in one) and because, due to my (one of the things I got to learn on the next one) newbness in border stuff, it would probably get sort of confusing or extremely space-consuming to align several pics.

The images were simple prtscreen key + open with photoshop + save as gif format after cutting it in the way you want, nothing special as you said, would like some tips on how to make better images/effects and maybe an example on this br for better understanding, however :)

One of the things I noticed was maybe lacking a bit on most of the brīs that have been made lately (big exception for WhosGotLagIDO frenzy report, that was 5* in strategy :D) was a strategic point of view over the game, what is the current situation, the most probable strategy that is being followed by the player, etc, for that purpose tried to give an extensive, without getting one sleeping in the mid of the report, description on the players, their stats and my personal knowledge about their gaming personality that generally ends up being a valuable way to understand why did this player commit such a blatant mistake, why does this guy always attack even when he is at a disadvantage, etc, the strategic remark part is what I like to think of as my personal reporting style that makes one come seeing my reports and not other personīs ones ;) (learned that from the guides :D).

Next report will probably be on a previous version game (W3 gets patched every 3 months or so -_-) with myself as a player against my "alterego", the one and only Portuguese guy who managed to kick my butt 3 times on a row, another nice and long game with lots of action and you just canīt tell the winner until the very end with 4 ultimates and 9 expansions destroyed on the field ;).

Until then, keep up the gw here and "Iīll see on the next one" ;) - 1:27 here already, better go get some sleep oO
#30 [156245]
I figured out the problem with your HTML. You had specified the height of your div tag, when you should only have specified the width (if even that).

Setting the height to 3500px or so was problematic and caused your report to get cut off. Looking at it in Firefox on linux and its fine now.

Will read it later, but looks fan freaking tastic, nice job!
#31 Chris[156247]
Firstly, let me say that this is the best first report I've seen. Now on to the negatives in order of importance.

1. You use parentheses too much. Not everything you have to say should be a side note.

2. Punctuation and capitalizing. You know the drill.

3. Alt text was a bit nonsensical and confusing.

4. Needless abbreviations, such as "pot".

5. Minor errors here and there due to html stuff I guess such as "Skin 's"

Great work.
#32 endersshadow[156250]
What about Elated Chris?
#33 corp[156254]
let me say <3, good read.
#34 Smeagol[156255]
Wow another really good wc3 report :D
God knows we need a good reporter who will actually post more than twice a year :P
But i cant believe picky people like Chris didn't pick up on this:

"3- When you rise an upkeep to lose units and start winning more money again Both players employed these principles quite well, altough the first one missed quite some times due to lack of scouting mainly, this attack by Skin was pretty much even between units lost and items lost on both sides but definatively on Skinīs side on terms of time the expansion was stopped and peons killed, what will give him the economic advantage again, Last quickly replaces the peons killed with peons cutting wood from his main base, what cuts the damage to half of what it could have been, though. "

I usually don't care, but i think you might need to of reworded that a bit ;) But still a great effort allround considering english isn't your native language :P

Anyways man pls report again :D

#35 Decay[156256]
I'm not big into war3, but having done a few brs myself, I can appreciate how incredible this is for a first attempt. I'll have to say 7 because of the grammatical errors, but since you don't speak english as your primary language we can forgive you for those. ;)

The pics were not too bad, but could have been better. Even though they lacked borders, they still conveyed the action well. Like I said, I haven't played war3 since about a week after completing the single player missions, but I could still tell what was going on. Also, when you do figure out how to get borders on them and stuff, keep it simple. Sometimes too much stuff can get in the way of the actual action, and it detracts from the pic. (see my first report with pics for an example of horrible, ugly borders.)

Anyway, excellent job for a first timer. Definately looking forward to seeing more from you. :)
#36 Woah[156257]
Ooops, really didnīt notice that stuff Smeagol :/ , the report ended up being a long (although not a HUGE one like many around here ;) ) and some stuff slipped out like that one :S (along with the HTML thing but thatīs probably normal for newcomer), anyway, great thanks for the help and comments guys =) that surely makes me want to keep it up ;)
#37 Woah[156258]
I tend to have a really evil lack of punctuation on the internet TT, that actually makes sense but there is a lot of . and , missing there and some explanation, for example, "When you rise an upkeep - to lose units, drop to the previous one, and start winning more money again.

Both players, employed these principles (tt grammar error? not sure how to write this) quite well, although (ARGH, always miss the h, must make a search for the work without h xP) the first one wasnīt respected (this part just slipped :S) mostly due to (lack) of scouting from both players.

Etc Etc Etc, I think Iīll change the br again, these are somewhat stupid mistakes that can be easily corrected now that Iīm aware of them, must unset the div sizes (probably cause by me enlarging the report so it would be a screenīs size without doing it directly on the code, didnīt know it would cause these problems :P)
#38 [156259]
Nice first report, although with a single serious problem. Consider this sentence.

"Although the hero advantage is cleary on Skinīs side, with a lvl 4, half to lvl 5 Warden (fok lvl 2 / ss lvl 2) and equipped with a scroll of town portal, scroll of the beast and two 300 mana healing items, the unit advantage has switched to Lastīs side, due to especially wyverns and to an extent grunts being pretty cheap for the food they use and their effectiveness, what means that with Orc you get the unit advantage really fast but will also spend more on upkeep later on due to all units eating big food, his heros are lvl 2 and 1 without any good creep-items however and he is still pumping out the same combo while Skin has just started to pump out hippos to clear the skies of wyverns, what gives him some advantage still."

There are plenty of these seriously long sentence without a single real stop in the action. This hurts your writing in a big way, and almost overshadowed the brilliant game and nice presentation.

Some really basic tips are:

- Vary sentence/paragraph length, and never have them even half as long as the one I just quoted. Never.
- Less paranthesis, look at your own #37 comment for another glaring example.
- Read more. This can probably be applied as good advice to anything.
- Differentiate your AIM writing from your report writing more :p

Anyway, real potential here once you get the writing polished - I was surprised Eldritch didn't come down on you like a hawk on this :-) He's slacking off I guess ^_^

Either way, have another 8.
#39 Woah[156265]
They are centered actually but this mess up only appeared after I justified the text some time ago...weird :|, three bridges, righttt :P I was thinking about paths to the enemy, my bad :)
#40 Chris[156270]
What do you mean Elated?
#41 Asmodues[156284]
I'm a legendary proofreader (1 report and counting >.>)

Anyway, I'd be happy to proofread reports for you. Just send me the text for the report, and I'll go over it with a fine-toothed laser (Because lasers are cool). is my email, or IM me on AIM at Asmodoues
#42 [156394]
Huh? Praise for me? *Secretly bumps score up 1/10000th of a point*

Anyway good job, this was a much better first report than many others have done I think. I did like the closeness of the game and many of your strategy posts were interesting to read. Your insights on the map were also useful.

As the others said, your writing was full of errors and runon sentences which did make reading difficult at times. The easiest method for you to clean up your report would probably to have someone proofread it for you. Many times writers can't see their own problems because they assume the text says what they want it to mean rather than what it really says.

Overall the report looks fine to me other than the picture and text widths being different but since you asked I'll just tell you how to fix it. The following should also fix the pictures being outside the table for some people. With your container being smaller than the pictures, they may have burst out for people whose browsers wouldn't stretch the table.

In the "Container" section of your css, change "width: 600px" to "width: 760px" (width of largest picture) or "783" (same size as the table). It doesn't really matter which, just depends on how much you want the text/pictures to be the same. Just be aware of that the style of your css makes the text left margin 25 and the right margin 50 pixels regardless.

Your pictures were decent but rather plain, you can fool around with some borders if you want. Its quite apparent that I don't try very hard with my borders so I won't talk anymore about this. =P The action shots were nice but some of the pictures could've been reduced in size so you could show more of what was happening for the "same" picture size.

Initially the report made me think somewhere between 7 and 8. The writing did make the report less enjoyable at times but since english isn't your primary language we'll lessen it. I did enjoy the game and your commentary so I'll combine it with your secret bonus point fraction and give you an 8.

About your Frontpage: You should be able to change the language selection for it. I'm pretty sure Office is supposed to be multilingual, try looking in your help section under language (or portuguese equivalent). There it should tell you how to change the settings to edit other languages or where you can download a patch for it.

P.S. After reading your post #29 it made me wonder if you emptied your screenshot folder in your War 3 program folder. When you press printscreen in war3 it places a copy of the picture in your screenshot folder. If you don't empty it out you might have a couple hundred megs of wasted space.
#43 Woah[156399]
I keep the pictures of the report and the html version of it on the disk and cleaned the screenshot page (to free up space of course :p), indeed proofreading would have improved 10000 times the report as it was, indeed, confusing at some times (you just have to look to how I write these commentaries :| must change it tt).

Iīm not really sure how to make borders for each small picture inside the big ones, maybe doing it for each particular part of the big screenshot will work.

I reported this game because it was good :P, I have that feeling that reporting a sucky game makes the report itself sucky and that is something to avoid.

Glad you liked it (I liked yours too as mentioned above ^^) and I hope that, with all these HTML corrections, the next one will be smoothier, thx for the tips :D
#44 Voulain[161399]
loltraktor nice report

lol people.. have any of u ever had the strange idea, that maybe u whine too much when it comes to spelling errors.. its nothing serious and its still easy to read, so leave the poor guy alone ;D kthx
#45 maareek[162065]
Damn this was quality, I wish Woah would post another one (I must be desperate, I`ve never even played war3).

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