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"... if I was going to bet money on Mark4 vs [9]NTT I'd put my bread on the man with the M-16 and the malt liquor!"

#1 wakiki[156102]
#2 [156104]
word up
#3 [156105]
#4 [156108]
#5 Some_God[156112]
Fo Shiz
#6 C_TiMe[156113]
#7 [156114]
Very, very well done.
#8 DredNicolson[156115]
Nice Frenzy report, haven't had one in a while.

For the record, Penguins are currently bugged, to where they can only attack buildings and heroes. This is a known issue and should be fixed next release.

In my theory, when I tech orcs, I get their armor up to 11 (for 40% reduced damage), crank money into their hp upgrade, and hire a Goatzilla early to buff their damage without need of many weapon ups. Taurens do most of their damage through Pulverize, not their primary attack, so high attack upgrades do not benefit them as much as they do aboms or knights.
#9 [156116]
will read later. Looks like a possible 10.
#10 Desert Demon[156117]
Double digit > u.
#11 Convider[156118]
#12 wakiki[156119]
Haha, I didn't finish it. It made me go play Footy Frenzy instead. ;)
#13 BlueRibbon[156120]
I've seen that video in the beginning before, and it is by far the funniest thing I've seen in awhile ^_^.

As for the report it was pretty good, but I liked some of your others better but I can't put my finger on why. Still a solid 8.
#14 [156121]
This is a gem. Nice report on a great mod made by some guys from the community! (That are currently enraptured with WoW) =)
#15 [156131]
I really liked this report. Your graphics actually impressed me sometimes, despite the (relatively) poor formatting, your text was easy to read and no-nonsense, and, in particular, your strategic thinking/analysis was, as always, impressive. 10.
#16 [156135]
buying war3 because it's about as good as sc is a good idea though :]
#17 [156141]
get an editor or proofreader.

grammar mistakes make me sad

still, amazing

#18 Napoleic[156142]
#19 Meatwhad[156144]
Shameless Frenzy plug:

Since CB and Hato have falled for WoW. =[
#20 Meatwhad[156145]
"falled" gah.
#21 endersshadow[156147]
I was excited that I was about to read a LSN report when I clicked the link, but was pleasantly surprised to find a frenzy report. As always, your strategic approach was very helpful and I found some of the treant humor...humorous. Nice job.
#22 Dibbler[156151]
Like Kevin Costner said to Madonna's show: "Neat".
#23 Desert Demon[156152]
Man Costner talks to the weirdest things...
#24 Chris[156155]
Bill Kazmeier is a good hero?

#25 BigD[156168]
No wands of negation for the DR's ghouls? (Or by anyone else for your treants, for that matter). I always earn more money then I spend on it, and it eliminates summons from the game essentially.
#26 snowyday[156175]
WTF? 558 hits and only 27 comments?

Something needs doing.
#27 Ravage[156184]
cute report

bad play though; that sort of massing is sign of subpar play
#28 Desert Demon[156197]
Hahaha I just read Mark's newspost...

"more inside jokes than you can shake MCFTB's you know what at" :D
#29 Desert Demon[156198]
#30 Woah[156202]
This report got me hooked on FFrenzy on deteriment of DotA and 1x1 ... again :P, really nice report, too bad people on pubbies always mass leave or noobout making games never more than 10 min long :(

Maybe I will start going to nohunters now that Im no longer a stranger I hope (me shy boy k) :p
#31 Napoleic[156213]
Bill K has always been great. Forget call of the gods and items though, just let his auras win games by themselves while spending money on making your troops pimp. You can ransack anything with a lvl 18 Bill K maxed auras and an army of tier 4 heavily upped melee.
#32 Chris[156248]
I've always wondered, since my friend complained that he got "a shitty hero with all auras."

We'll try it next time.
#33 [156348]
Hmm, its been awhile hadn't it?

First off, thanks everyone for the comments/ratings so far. Feedback is good. =)

Thanks for the 10. =D

I see you're not a big fan of "Reading the report title" or any other such nonsense. =P

Edenclone used his Black Arrow on and off and generally his Ghouls weren't a big hazard during the game. As to why others didn't use them I don't know. Team 1 might not have bothered since they could simply steal them if necessary. For Team 2 they weren't really a threat to them until the end.

Yeah, I know this game wasn't the best but it had a lot of interesting elements so I decided to go with it.

Yeah, I was originally intending to go that route but kept getting tempted away by shiny items. At the end of the game I think Bill was carrying 2 Crowns besides his Cloak. I think its a good idea to have at least 1 point in his ultimate though to pick off certain heroes if things are going badly.

As a side note: I did notice that when Edenclone's Dark Ranger (who had teched Undead) was charming some of my Taurens late game (I suppose I should've mentioned that in the report shouldn't I?), when the units switched they received the equivalent amount of race upgrades for Orc (as he had done for UD I assume). Which is to say after he stole my ~1500 hp Taurens they became ~1640 hp when on his side. I don't think he teched to Orc and did any race upgrades so its an interesting side effect of Charm.
#34 Dark Lord of Chaos[156696]
#35 sir_skum[161011]
hahahahha ravage you joker # 28

this is footy frenzy you know???

or was that a joke?

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