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#1 [153625]
First. Looks real good, will rate tomorrow.
#2 second[153626]
may read tomorrow
#3 Raider[153627]
fux that was me
#4 Turbo_Noob[153629]
Damn this is going to overshadow my report
#5 Turbo_Noob[153630]
Err I mean, very nice report from what I've seen
#6 Crazster[153634]
#7 MuLepton[153635]
I haven't had time to read it all yet, but it looks like a very solid report to me - and FFAs are nasty to report on. One suggestion would be to use another font and colour scheme, though.
#8 PeaceableGhost[153638]
I like very much. Nice job on a FFA - about the middle of the game, I was sure blue was going to win because of resource advantage - but then he ran into all that trouble with purple... nice suspense.

#9 BlackTerror[153641]
Hmm, I set the background to #dddddd, a light grey, because I agree about being ugly. Doesn't look like it went through for some reason -- I even surrounded the report in a table. I also set the png compression to 9 in Gimp; doesn't that mean maximum compression, or is it mislabeled? Actually, even lowering it to 5 only increases size by a few KB. I guess Gimp isn't very good at image compression.

Err, actually, it seems that even a 1.00 quality jpg takes up less than half the space of a 9 compression png. Crazy.

Yeah, I probably went overboard with the images. I definitely won't be doing another of this breadth any time soon, but whatever my next one is I'll try to be more descriptive and use smaller, more specialized, informational shots.
#10 [153642]
well, I read the whole thing, while I was supposed to be browsing through Hobbes. The images were pretty, but could have been better. If you're using Photoshop, do a quick sharpen on your pictures, and use an image background that matches with your report background.

Text was really good, substantially better than average. I liked your format with the times and such, it allowed me, someone who's never really played wc3, to follow along perfectly. In addition, I really liked the game, and the sheer length of your report grants you a 9 in my book.

Oh, and since the whole thing loaded for me in about 10 seconds, I don't have any problem with the size.
#11 [153645]
While the web standards guy within applaudes your choice of PNG, the rest boos.


There, now, that's over. Images were nice, as Dag said, but could use some borders. Borders make everything better. Writing was good, too. Nothing to fault there.

Hard coding was a wee bit shaky -- you had a couple instances of quad-spaced text next to images, stuff like that. Nothing major.

The length and "goodgameness" of the report was stupendous, as I didn't know who won until that last fight -- much like the observers. However, your description of that battle left MUCH to be desired. Why did he die so there? How did the battle go? It was the last one, and I think could've used some description.

I'm gonna give you an 8 out of 10, and eagerly await your next report.
#12 BlackTerror[153652]
Now, read my report, as it was MEANT to be read. I went in, fixed the font (apparently my default is Times New Roman, while's is Arial), the background, PLUS the images' non-JPGness. Now, you puny modem users, too, can enjoy.

About that last battle, yeah, I know. The five screen shots I took didn't really tell what happened, and my notes... Lemme show you what I wrote: "57:30 P)soft cuts into B)nYw's attack force; raises 2 taur 1 abom 1 bers 1 WD; P)soft obliterated". I'm sure I had a good idea of how that battle played out when I wrote it, since I had spent hours that day going through the replay and pausing it and having to restart it if I missed a good shot (text messages not being paused when a replay is paused is a HORRIBLE DESIGN DECISION, take note Blizzard). And because I've been working on the actual report for over three weeks, I just wanted to get through with it without having to go in to the game and replay it again, even at x8, speed to see what happened in the last meaningful battle of the game.

So, sorry about that, but at least I'm definitely going to do some things a lot different next time, whenever that is.
#13 [153653]
Good to hear. Report is all nice and pretty now.
#14 TwistedNecro[153654]
Hehe... Looks good, but I just skimmed. I'm a little short on time because I'm supposed to be doing hw, but I'm not. I've stayed home about two days thanks to (what is most likely) my case of mono... >_< Not having much fun, I'll tell ya that.
#15 Crazster[153663]
Thankyou, I absolutly hate white backgrounds, it hurts my eyes :). The frey is much nicer, and I like your report.
I agree witht he people before me, the last fight was like after an hour of battles clearly explained it,s like saying the end. The TNR and grey background go well together.*
#16 Smeagol[153694]
Wow 2 really good wc3 reports in 3 days... after 2 months of nothing... thx man ^_^.
Only problem i had with the report, was you sometimes went into too much detail, which may not really be a bad thing (as in most of Augury's reports), but when the coverage of the last (and most important) battle was very brief, it felt as if all that detail was unessessary as the report suddenly ended after a long a close game, with little explination why purple lost.
Ah well pity we cant watch the replay :(
And plsplsplsplspls write again, apart from a few reports from Augury and maybe Dialtone, no one on this site does wc3 reports, which is weird considering the game is much newer and makes for much pretty picturedness in a report.
#17 [153764]
This was a nice report but overall it has a somewhat unpolished look to it. Picture borders would help and the wide variation in picture sizes didn't enhance it either. Small solitary pictures in wide collages sometimes left big gaps between text and pictures. Many of the pictures were alight with effects but it was difficult to determine what was actually happening in some. Messages in the pictures were also sometimes annoying, especially with busy backgrounds, text running off the picture edges, and changes in the size of the font.

If you don't feel like cropping or reducing your images, you can also widen the size of your report table. The thin strips of text alongside some of the wide pictures didn't look so good, especially since you used spread the text across the column with "justify". The wider the area for text, the less chance of having those gaping holes between words.

The text was decent also but it was sometimes difficult to associate what was happening and where. Sometimes units also suddenly appeared that hadn't been mentioned for awhile (JerkyMcCoon's Firelord suddenly appears alive and leveled in GosuWosu's base). I did notice while messing around with the picture code that you had 4 consecutive paragraphs start with "Meanwhile".

As also has been mentioned already, you shouldn't provide lots of detail in the buildup battles and then just skip most of the climatic battle. Btw. The Death Knight also raised a Shaman (Yeah, he's pretty inconsequential but he was there =P )

The report was about 7.5-ish to me, I'll give it a bump for being first report with the new hero. So 8.
#18 BlackTerror[153820]
Yeah, I realized that many of the complex pictures lost a lot of clarity when they were resized. By the time I considered increasing the width of the report to allow for better ones, I was about a fifth of the way through and I'd have had to go back and change most of the old formatting, text, and possibly images to fit the new width. I wasn't exactly sure at the time that I could resize the table to accomodate a larger width anyway, and outside linking seems pretty counter-intuitive to me.

Yeah, I didn't do a great job of keeping track of everything in the game. I tried to highlight important events rather than keep tabs on every hero in the game, which unfortunately means less interesting factions disappear from the radar for long stretches before suddenly appearing briefly. GosuWosu barely did anything, for instance, so he's barely in the report. The "meanwhile"s were intentional, though; all those things were happening at the same time, overlapping each other, and I thought emphasizing that in the intro of each paragraph might be kind of funny.

I'm thinking of different ways to present the next report, whenever and whatever that might be. I can almost guarantee I won't have another FFA any time soon; I definitely need a new type of note-taking, especially for another one of those. I'm not quite sure what the problem is with images without borders, but I'll have a more consitent visual style next time. At least I got better at the editing as I went along.
#19 Chris[154040]
Work on your organization. The way your paragraphs bounced around in your report was distracting.

They were too narrow anyways.

Great job.


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